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  1. Hello every one! My name is Cathy and I'm from Hong Kong. I'm a newbie to property investment and I'm planning to get my very first BTL by the end of this year! I'm gonna need a lot of advice from you all and can't wait I'm 29 years old and I'm working in Hong Kong right now as an estate agent specialising in commercial properties. Is there anyone from Hong Kong? Would love to say hi and get together in the upcoming meetup! Very excited and looking forward to learning from you all! Best regards Cathy
  2. Hi My name is Herman and my main goal right now is to crawl out of the rat race by building my own property portfolio though mostly BTL. I found this site through Rob’s property geek podcast, very amazing stuff, already purchased one of the books too, just to get a more feel of the routines, success stories and basically how to go about everything such that I can avoid some of the expensive rookie mistakes. I would like to start off through a limited company in the UK. I am very open and thankful for any tips or information mostly everything concerning international landlords with limited companies, from financing to finding local sourcing establishments, hot areas etc I have not yet picked a specific area yet, however, just looking for where there is a demand and prices are not so exaggerated. Hopefully I have come to the right place to widen my knowledge and give back however I can through my experiences J
  3. Hi everyone - I am a newbie to BTL property investment - my husband & I currently own our home in London but am looking for opportunities to make our income grow. My husband is an architectural designer and I am an interior architect/designer. We would ideally want to buy up properties to renovate in London in the future when we have more capital although properties in London are probably saturated. We are therefore looking at buying BTL properties elsewhere that do not need work. We were thinking to start with buying something in Manchester as one can get a decent 1-2 bedroom for very little compared to London prices. However, we are slightly worried by the impact of Brexit and am thinking Edinburgh could be a safer choice since they could have another referendum? What are people's thoughts on that and if anyone has experience investing in Edinburgh? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi I've just become a member of Property Hub today - looks like a great thing to be a part of - and I'm excited to be making my first post! I'm living in Bergen, Norway with my Norwegian wife and children. I've got 4 flats in Ealing, London which I rent to young professionals. I'm hoping to learn as much as I can in order to maximise the income from my current flats and to hopefully to expand my small portfolio at a sensible rate. Hopefully, I might even be able to pass on a piece or two of useful information to other members. I used to be a solicitor in London and the surrounding areas before I moved to Norway. I have practised in several areas of law and ended up in family law specialising in financial matters. In my spare time, I'm into running, hiking (plenty of mountains to go up in Norway!) and supporting Liverpool FC (fortunately they show a lot of English football on Norwegian TV!). I look forward to being an part of Property Hub. Richard
  5. tom gayler


    Hi everyone My name is Tom and I am 27 years old. My aim is to be able to live off property by the time I’m 40, replacing my current job as a primary school teacher. I cannot see myself being a teacher when I get into my 50s/60s and I just don’t think I will be able to cope with the demands of the job. I first got my passion for property from watching Homes under the Hammer (I don’t know if that is blasphemy on here), but it showed me how quickly people could make a large amount of money from something relatively straight forward (ignoring some of the idiots that go on there). I am currently living and working in Dubai, saving as much money as possible to start my property dream. However, it was acquiring this job that my father suggested and basically forced me to get on the property ladder before I left. He could see prices were just beginning to rise and wanted me to get my foot on the ladder so I would have something for when I returned in 2 years. I borrowed the deposit and fees from him and was able to get a 95% LTV 40 year mortgage! I agreed to purchase my mid terrace for the full asking price of 130,000. I know what you are thinking, this kid won’t last 2 minutes, but it was because I was asked to give my best offer as another couple were battling it out with me for the house. I wanted it badly as it was the perfect place to rent a couple of rooms to students at the university 5 minutes walk away. The location is second to none, you can’t really live in a better part of town. The house itself was a fixer upper to say the least. Once surveys and everything was carried out, I negotiated the price down to 126,000 due to some damp proofing work that needed to be carried out. They also fitted a brand new boiler as the previous one didn’t pass a safety check. Like I said, I borrowed all the money for deposit and fees from my dad (who owns quite a few houses himself). I also used a combination of cash credit cards, normal credit cards and finance to get my house up to scratch. Full damp proofing downstairs- £1,900 Plaster all the downstairs walls- £500 Fully decorate the whole house- £900 New carpets- £1,000 (finance) New kitchen- £2,000 (finance) Kitchen fitted- £800 New radiators fitted- £500 So for roughly £7,000 I managed to turn a pretty run down, tired house into a really nice home. I also furnished the whole place for less than £1,000. I turned one of the reception rooms into another bedroom so I could have 2 student lodgers while I was away. They are currently both paying £350 a month each and covering my costs. The total price I have paid for the house is roughly £133,000 and it was valued recently at £144,000 so I am really pleased and happy with my first little project. I’m hoping to save enough while I’m working aboard to have a deposit for when I am back and I will also be able to remortgage my current home. I then think I would ideally like to save enough money to buy 1 property every 1/2 years. I have read a lot recently on property strategies and really enjoyed Rob and Rob’s course on ‘the ultimate property strategy’. I have built a plan around that, so once I have purchased 8 properties, I am hoping I will be able to leave my job and enjoy working in property full time. Thanks for reading everyone, looking forward to being part of the community.
  6. Hi All My names John and I have been a silent listener of The Property Hub podcast and reader of the forum for a few years now and I need to introduce myself! I live and work full time in London in a field unrelated to property but like most on here I have a passion which gets me consuming anything property related. I'm 31 years old and got my first step on the ladder 7 years ago purchasing a residential property for myself here in London. Since then I have invested in a vanilla BTL in Manchester which delivers a decent passive income yielding 8% whilst being fully managed. However through educating myself I have learnt of many strategies that produce a far higher financial return that I want to explore in my next investment to take me towards that magical place of financial freedom. I will be continuing to invest in Manchester so anyone with knowledge of the area free to drop me a message. I will also be at the meet up on January 5th in Kings Cross with the expectations of meeting likeminded people and growing my property network, again if you'll be attending feel free to drop me a message. Intro complete, look out for my progress journal... John
  7. Hi all - we're starting our property investment journey very soon. To begin with we're selling our 3-bed terrace house in Streatham, South London. It's currently listed for £545k but a nearby home which was in a really terrible state recently sold for £530k. By contrast, ours has had a new kitchen, two new bathrooms and extensive remodelling so we're hoping that a lower than market price will encourage a quick sale. If you're interested, you can check it out here; www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-63471848.html Our plan is to then buy a house a little further out of town that we've found which has an annex out the back we are hoping to rent out. With the sale and purchase, we should then have a deposit for a flat of our own which we then hope to rent out. We're looking at somewhere with 2 bedrooms in an attractive location outside of London for roughly £100k - suggestions of good locations where the rents are around £600+ would be welcome! Best of luck everyone, Joyce & Mark
  8. hargrave


    Hi all, I became an accidental landlord in 2014 and very quickly fell down the property rabbit hole, love it. We have 2 x BTLs in London (Archway and Crystal Palace) and are in the process of purchasing a 3rd. Thinking about mini-HMOs for the future. Also currently trying to achieve the impossible, find a flat in London for 200k....please contact me if you have any hot tips - at the mo I'm focusing on Thornton Heath, Croydon, Newham etc. Thanks Muna
  9. Hi, I'm new here and new to the whole concept of property investments. I'm based out of Abu Dhabi / Dubai, in the UAE. I manage Information (Cyber) Security for a living. I want to work towards a passive cashflow/income through property investments in the UAE and abroad as well. Doing a lot of reading up and looking forward to learn from some of the more experienced users here! Thanks, TA.
  10. Can anyone help? I have gotten in over my head here. I've been trying unsuccessfully to be a property sourcer as a way of getting out of my job, and been blessed with a deal that seems too good to be true. I'm trying to put it together, I have buyers in the pipeline. (potential other deals too) Vendor needs cash. So I'm looking at bridging loan or similar (buyer can put money in escrow account, so I can buy and then sell. This means I need to deal with Bridging loans, registering for VAT/Stamp duty/SA tax and that is all getting a bit daunting. I have found potential brokers, but the rest is all beyond me. Especially as I work long shifts and am trying to figure things out in what little off time I have. Any advice? Help?, will profit share.
  11. Hi, I'm a complete newbie, looking to purchase my first property which will be buy to let. I've called Which? mortgage brokers which to have a good service. They assure me that my figures work with the majority of lenders' requirements and I'll definitely qualify but can't tell me rates until I've made an offer (hopefully this weekend). I always like a recommendation though! Does anyone know a broker that has access to good deals? Thanks!!! R
  12. Hi All, I found Rob and Rob's podcast about a week ago and have listened to nearly 30 episodes already, can't get enough of it (thanks guys). Thought I'd introduce myself and show how green I am in this world. Hopefully one day I'll be able to help somebody else out, but at the minute it will probably be me just asking stupid questions. Anyway, here it goes: What you've done in property so far: Nothing other than develop a few goals for the long and short term (although I do own my own home). What areas you invest in (or want to invest in): The north west (Wigan, Liverpool, Manchester) and possibly the midlands (Coventry, Hinckley, Leicester). What your plans are for the future: Same as everybody else really, run my own company and one day own a yacht (everybody wants that, right?) Any skills or knowledge you've got that other members might benefit from: I'm a security systems engineer (CCTV, Access Control and alarms), so if anybody needs help either designing or installing a system, I can help out. Looking forward to getting involved in some of the topics on here. Simon.
  13. Hello There, I have had an offer accepted on a house in Scotland which will be lovely. Currently it is very much in a state of need. Is there a really good way to get like for like quotes? Do I have to stipulate exactly what I want doing? How much of a lead do I need to give. - Obviously I need to say where and how many sockets I need in the re- wire but for the roof work?? How will I know if contractors are adding things which others don't feel is necessary. How will I know who is right?? (scary) If I cant be there every day, how will I know they are doing what I want, need. By biggest fear currently is rising damp and I have been told such different things by about 6 different people... Then there is the roof which my building surveyor said needed considerable work, but not replacing. Do I then need to draw up a contract stating these things or ? I am not hopelessly naïve, I just don't want to make costly mistakes. Thanks Guys Wren
  14. Hello All, I am new to property - and this site so will take a brief moment to introduce myself; My brother and I live and work in London but plan to build a property portfolio up north. We are currently exploring Sheffield, possibly Rotherham, to start with because its our hometown - but are very open to other location recommendations? We have in region of £40-50k to invest, are both time poor and so will not be managing these properties ourselves. We are potentially looking at Private Sector Leasing to Local authority as an option to get the ball rolling with the intention to eventually do some multi-lets for higher yield. So, to my inaugural question! We are the process of reading all the books and getting together the 'Power Team' - brokers, accountant, solicitor, agents, etc I wondered if anyone could offer advice on where these ideally be located; London close to us - or up-norf closer to where we are looking to invest (and most likely lower fees)? Any recommendations for individuals also welcome. Like most people new to this game I have lots of questions buzzing around my head, but wish to keep my topics simple rather than overload with multiple points.. Over to you all - any help, guidance, advice most, most welcome..!! Thanks in advance, Simon
  15. Hi Everybody! Just a quick note to say hello and to express my excitement to be(come) part of this amazing property community. I am totally new to property and haven't got any property of my own yet. However, I have followed the property podcast up to episode 60 as of now, I have read 'Property Investment for Beginners', 'The Complete Guide to Property Investment', I'm in the middle of 'Rich Dad Poor Dad', half way through 'How to win friends and influence people' and in the middle of 'Beyond the Bricks'. '100 Property Investment Tips' and several other books from the TPP resource sections are already in the shelf/on my kindle ready for studying. Think i'm going nuts at the moment as i don't know where to take all the time from to get deeper and deeper into property. All my life I've never ever had any remote interest in anything finance or investment, let alone property (investment) which appeared to me as one of the most unsexy things I could ever imagine. However, to my surprise it only took a couple of TPP episodes to get me not only interested in property but, even more than that, totally excited after I started listening to Rob and Rob's Property Podcast episodes. In the last three weeks I have - set a super goal (a total novum for me!) - set a financial goal for the next year - read the books listed above - packed all my free time full of podcast listening and forum reading - been driving all around london in my employer's car (which i usually hate doing) as it has bluetooth and I can listen to the podcast during work times - changed my financial attitude from wasting to saving (it is - oh surprise - fun!) - changed my whole motivation and attitude towards my current job as I now know I am doing it for a special purpose for certain, foreseeable, time. For now I am just waiting for some money to sum up to a decent lump sum for my first mortgage. I know when that will happen and until then I will use the remaining time to improve my financial education further. About me. I am a photographer from Germany, work as a warehouse manager in a company in East London and I sailed from the Netherlands to the UK in 2014. I am looking forward to learn from this forum and to build up a network based on mutual benefit. Also I would love to gain skills in property photography which I can then use to help others in my network with. For now, thanks for providing this most useful platform and I hope to meet a couple of you on the London meeting in December 2016. Thanks everyone for the great work!
  16. Hi there guys, I am new to property investing and wanted to introduce myself to the Property Hub community! A bit of background, I've always been interested in property but it has been from a far as the large capital start up costs have always been a barrier to entry, I live in the Greater London area. Having just bought my own house earlier this year with my fiancé I've spent the last few months educating myself and trying to learn from others experiences within the community - after the wedding next year has been paid for I can start looking to use my cash flow to invest. Having said that I am still trying to cement a clear plan and path to follow. Ideally I would like to do property full time and have the income eventually replace my tiresome day job at the moment! During my self education period I can comfortably say that information overload has caused analysis paralysis, or not even analysis but not knowing where to begin! Here is my plan to date which I would welcome comments on: Set up a SPV LTD Company to hold properties - seems logical to do this vs in my own name as I am a high rate tax payer, thoughts? Buy 2 x BTL in the next 9 months under £125k (I have £40k saved for these to date) Investigating Midlands (Wolverhampton), Manchester and Hull for BTL investment but as these destinations are a big distance from me, unsure how to effectively source and view them? Travel distance could be prohibitive - does anyone currently invest in these areas or have advice for long distance investing? Should I look at places for students or young professionals? Once I have learnt from these two experiences I plan to look at JV opportunities and Bridging Loans to scale quickly and use the finance to flip properties which will give me more capital to invest in higher value capital gain properties. How do I learn about structuring these deals? How do I find JV partners? What are typical ROI %'s given to investors? I do not want to manage these myself so the team I need to put together would be: Solicitor - a friend in Manchester is a real estate solicitor I could approach. Accountant - anyone recommend a good accountant who also invests in property? Letting / Management Company - what are the typical % fees charged? Any recommendations? Mortgage Broker - again any recommendations & typical fees involved? Anything else I have missed? I have registered to the property meet up this Thursday at London Southbank, been putting off going as a newbie as would not know where to begin with conversations with people. Anyone going along or have advice on how things run at the meet ups to give me a better idea? A lot of questions there, but I am sure I am not alone in my mind racing with these types of things when starting out - thanks in advance for anyone who reads this and can offer their insight / thoughts on the best route to start out. Best, Sam
  17. Evening, im Andy and im a Quantity Suveyor from leeds working in the residential sector I have renovated 3 properties in the last few years and made small profits along the way, however I want to move away from living in bomb sites. I have always planned to use my connections to flip properties initially and gradually move on to larger developments and newbuilds once I have generated some capital. Whilst I have the construction knowledge I have very little knowledge of the investment side so have been reading books, listening to podcasts (rob and rob) and trawling the internet to try and educate myself. Doing the research has raised more questions than answers as I feel I should be looking at BTL instead of flipping if I want to generate a long term income. Given the impending tax changes and increased stamp duty etc I am struggling to make any figures stack up as I dont have money to put down large deposits. I am giving myself untill the end of the year before making a decision and comitting to my first foray into the world of property solely for investment so wish me luck and any advice would be much appreciated Thanks Andy
  18. Hello, New to this site (which is amazing by the way, so much information) My wife and I have been renting out properties for about 5 years now. We were able to purchase our first with some inheritance money and have built up from there, we now have four properties all in the same village in South Wales. But we are now looking to take this more seriously and want to make it our full time job, (we are currently a primary school teacher and a nurse). We're interested in buying property at auction by releasing some of the profit from our other properties. Would appreciate any help/advice people can give. Thanks Simeon
  19. Evening all, I'm Tom, living in Cardiff and along with my Dad I am looking to get into property investment. My initial plan is to look at flipping a few properties up the road from Cardiff in Rhondda Cynon Taff. Once I have some experience and some extra cash in the bank I will start to look to do the same in Cardiff a possibly keep some of the properties to build a moderate sized portfolio. I am actually qualified as a mortgage adviser although I have continued exams further into the finance industry but I work for a company that deal with a large volume of mortgages (commercial and residential), bridging and all other aspects of finance. We deal with a lot of investors especially in London and therefore I have a lot of experience in the mortgage process and various other aspect of property investment. What I could do with is some help/advice on areas of South Wales to invest in, areas to avoid etc. I do have good contacts within the certain areas of the valleys but these are estate agents so I would also like some advice from people that may have done it them selves or are still making a good living from developing property around my area. Look forward to some responses hopefully.
  20. Hi, my name is Jayne and I’m a new investor currently in the process of buying 2 BTL properties in County Durham. I became an accidental landlord when I rented out a house I used to live in 3 years ago. Since discovering leveraging I have raised sufficient funds from this to put down 3, possibly 4 deposits. After months of research I finally found my gold-mine area and have successfully negotiated the purchase of 2 properties. Surveys on all 3 houses (existing one and 2 new ones) have been carried out. I had a bit of a blow with the survey on my existing property as it has been valued at less than I paid for it 8 years ago, but on the positive side, it proves prices are staying low for buying. My first purchase should be completing within the next few weeks and I would welcome any advice about the refurb. It does need fully decorating (currently has bright red/steel grey walls) and new flooring throughout. I’m not sure if it’s best to go carpet or laminate for the ground floor. Also, what are your thoughts on staging, I’m obviously keen to find a tenant asap so happy to do this if it helps? My plans for the future are to invest in more BTL properties, sufficient to be able to replace the income from my part-time job and make a career in property. As I’m brand new to this I would be grateful for any advice to minimise the mistakes I’m bound to make along the way.
  21. Hi everyone My names James and im based in Stoke-on-Trent (does that class as the midlands?!), Im pretty new to property developing/investing,currently completing a lot of research and listening to the two Robs property podcasts! My overall goal is pretty simple and straight to the point... to have enough income from property to be able to retire early (im 23 currently) and to be able to fund a lifestyle of travelling where and when I want throughout the world! Im interested in investing around Stoke-On-Trent and the surrounding area including outskirts of Manchester. Currently saving and building up capital for my initial deposit to begin my property adventure! I would love to learn and have an eagerness to help/listen/speak with any property investors or people like me taking there first steps into property, preferably people in my surrounding area if it comes to meeting up! A Stoke City season ticket holder so currently 3pm most Saturdays is a perfect time for meeting up seeing the current way we are playing! Feel free to get in touch Thank you
  22. Hi everyone, My name is Jon, I’m 31 and from Rayleigh in Essex. I’m married with two children; the youngest being just 10 weeks old so will most likely be using this forum nocturnally, at least for the time being. I work as a Chartered Building Surveyor throughout London and the South East. Following Rob’s sticky post at the top of this page I’d like to introduce myself to you all as follows; · What you've done in property so far Not much is the honest answer. I own my own home with a decent amount of equity and very affordable mortgage payments. As soon as I am able to I want to utilise some equity to purchase a second property and see where it takes me. I’m currently spending my time outside of work researching and improving my knowledge on all things property development / investment. · What areas you invest in (or want to invest in) I wish to invest locally to where I live. In and around Southend-on-Sea would be the preference given the area appears to be thriving at the moment. · What your plans are for the future My initial plans are ‘buy to sell’ or ‘flip’ a couple of properties in need of refurbishment – something I hope I can use my expertise to do very well. Long term though, I want to build myself a portfolio of properties to help secure my retirement (hopefully somewhere in the South of France!) as well as the financial future of my children. · Any skills or knowledge you've got that other members might benefit from As above, my day to day job is basically all things property; I enjoy building pathology and defect inspection, including identifying and reporting the causes of dampness, cracking etc. in residential / commercial properties. I am a registered member of the’ Pyramus and Thisbe Club’ and therefore specialise in all things ‘party wall’ related. I write detailed specifications for refurbishments / remodelling / new build projects. I am able to design residential extensions / loft conversions etc. using AutoCAD / Revit software and therefore have good knowledge and understanding of current planning law & policy. Thanks for reading and look forward to being an active and enthusiastic member of the Property Hub community.
  23. Hello there, Do we members in this area? Hope you all had lovely bank holiday weekend. I would like to connect with like-minded people to see what's going on from investment purpose around here. Looking forward to hear from you guys. Cheers, Megha
  24. Hi All, Never written a post before so I guess this is as good a place as any to start! I'm a complete novice to property investment and my partner and I have decided to invest rather than buy our own home. A decision made just in the nick of time I think! I am hoping to make my first investment before the year is out so it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months. I am a planning officer for a local authority in London so if anyone needs any little tit bits of planning advice then I'd be glad to help! Thanks, Ian
  25. Hi, I am new to the site and realized that over the years I have been a property investor and probable by default have made many of the typical mistakes! I have made money from property over the years but now it is time to really convert and leverage my mistakes into a reliable income. I have bought cheap completely renovated two over the years and still have one which has allowed me to fund more property purchases, one in Dubai and now one in France......I have another property which I have 1st legal charge over ;-), a JV Commercial Property all of which have allowed me to make many mistakes! I now need to focus in one area and drive my investments. I have a good letting agent and believe I can spring board this in the Paisley area of West of Scotland. Looking forward to connecting with people who can assist/work with a remote property investor. Andrew