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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I'm a property investor with proven records and I'm looking for an investor that is able to provide cash finance for flip projects in South East England. I'm willing to offer either debt or equity. You can send me an email at: doorly.properties@gmail.com or a DM here. Looking forward to work with you, David
  2. Hi everyone. Thanks for having me. Looking at properties I've managed to accumulate several per week that have very good potential profits attached to them. Currently my capital is tied up and I'm currently in a JV so I'm passing them on but I'd like to become compliant. Would anyone know of the process and procedure I'd have to undertake to progress to becoming a compliant sourcer? Thanks everyone
  3. Hi all, I did try to search for an answer to this but could not find anything so sorry if i've missed it. Myself and my business partner (both 20% rate tax payers) are looking to buy our first BTL property soon. Our goals are to recycle our deposit as best as we can and continue purchasing property. The properties will hopefully be used as a pension, and eventually passed on to both sets of family members. We will not need to use the monthly cash flow initially (other than to reinvest), but in 5 years hope to start using some of it to allow us to drop down a day in our jobs.
  4. Hi All, I have a development opportunity/project that I'm good to go with in SW London (Clapham), that I would love to speak to any potentially interested partners? A brief summary of the project: In summary: • The property is located in Clapham SW4, London, directly on Clapham Common, one of the most desirable streets in one of the most desirable areas in SW London. • Planning permission is in place to convert and extend a 1 Bedroom and 1 Bathroom property with cellar currently, to a 3 Bedroom and 3 Bathroom property. • Party Wall Agreemen
  5. Hi, I was considering adding my wife to the title of a buy-to-let I have. Does anyone know the tax implications if any? If I gift here half the value is there an CGT or stamp-duty implications? We currently live overseas, and my thought process, was it was better to have her name on the title in case anything happened to me, as well as tax benefits later on if se sell the place to have cgt tax free amount in both names. Thanks.
  6. Hi all. First post, but long time listener to podcast (great job Robs!). I've recently moved to Manchester to invest in property. I'm interested in flips (but will not rule out holding if exceptional cashflow) in order to build investing pot. I travel a lot with work and would struggle to manager a refurb on the ground myself. Also fairly new to investing, and very new to area so need sourcing. If there are people out there interested in JV'ing on flip/s or sourcing with capacity and connections to manager a refurb (with flip in mind), would love to talk. I'd want to work with someone with a s
  7. Hi, I currently own a second property with a friend as a BTL. We own it 50/50. If I buy out my friend after 1st April 2016 and take 100% ownership of this property, will that incur the 3% extra surcharge? Technically, I was already an owner of this property for the last 10 years. Many thanks for the help, Don
  8. Hi everyone, We've just moved home and have rented out our old place. I'm about to remortgage to release some equity and was thinking of adding my wife to the deeds. As it was a residential property previously I don't think I am liable to any capital gains tax. Is this correct? Are there any other implications to my wife and I tax wise?
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