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  1. I currently have a great deal on the go, a 5 bed HMO bought as a lease option. But it's in a bad state and in need of a renovation. The property is located in Great Yarmouth any contact details to good reliable builders in this area would be very helpful.
  2. Can anyone offer advice on boiler specification when installing a new combi? As part of a refurb on a 2bed flat I am intending on replacing the rather antiquated boiler, and removing the hot water tank and associated parts. A plumbing & heating engineer (recommended by a friend) has priced to install a new Worcester (32 CDi Compact) Combi boiler, which all seems fine, however, following subsequent conversations with another plumber it seems that Worcester are the Rolls Royce of boilers and he recommends something much more keenly priced for a rental property. Now,
  3. I live in London, and am about to start investing in property in the North (I'm relatively new at this). Depending on what deals I find, I may wish to refurbish them to add value. - When it comes to builders, how feasible is it to manage a building project from the other side of the country? - To what extent do I need to be physically present? - How would the builders get access to the property without me being there with the keys to let them in? - If I needed to pay someone to keep an eye on the builders and let them in, what kind of people should I be looking for?
  4. We've come across a great opportunity on a repossession property in North London that having done the research looks like we can make money on it by refurbishing and then selling on. There is an extremely tight deadline though [ a few days ] and the vendors have said the purchase must be cash. We are selling a more expensive flat in West London with £400k equity and a mortgage agreed. We have the money to refurb the property if a purchase were to go ahead, my partner is an architect and able to do a high spec refurb in keeping with what people would expect in the area; this could b
  5. Hi all, Does anybody have any recommendations for short-term light refurb mortgage lenders please? I'd be looking to get finance on refurbishing a run down property to sell. It'd be a light refurb as I wouldn't be extending or adding rooms etc. I'm building up my experience in this area (I've just done another light refurb on a house which I've recently sold) so that I can work my way up to heavier refurbs. I've come across Shawbrook - does anyone have experience of lending from them or any other similar lenders? Many thanks
  6. Hi All, I'm looking for someone to do a refurb in the Newcastle area for me. I work full time so am not able to be on site alot. Ideally It would be someone I could entrust the project management side of things to also. Can anyone recommend anyone please? Many thanks in advance Al Robinson
  7. Hi Guys, Wanted to get your thoughts about BRR strategy to get majority of money out with Article 50 looming. Doing a full refurb to force appreciation and then seeing prices drop due to Article 50 would be devastating.....do we think this is likely?
  8. Hi all, I need a bit of advice around remortgages. I'll set the scene for you first: - 3-bed, first-floor tenement flat in Marchmont, Edinburgh (the ones with the high ceilings, ornate cornicing, and bay windows) - bought in Nov 2014 as a dingy student flat, which we've been living in and renovating simultaneously (not recommended) to a very high spec. - remaining work is sanding and painting window and door woodwork, lining and painting the walls/ceilings, putting down carpet, and attaching new light fittings, curtains, and maybe some small other bits - fixed rat
  9. Hi guys, Looking to hear from investors who adopt a buy - refurb - refinance BTL strategy. What are your expectations and experiences in terms of the % of money you can get back out of a deal? I'm looking at 1970's terraced, 2/3 bed, requires light refurbishment (£10k max - maybe a new bathroom or kitchen) and buying around 15% - 20% BMV. Refinance as early as possible (6 months but my broker believes we could do it earlier) and recycle deposit. You may not be able to judge my deal without more area info etc, but keen to hear what normal returns
  10. Hi All, I am wondering if anyone knows of any regulations for front door locks on a standard BTL flat? I am currently getting quotes for composite doors to replace an ageing wooden door. (FYI They seem to be averaging between £850-£1050 supplied and fitted) Apologies that I don't know the term for these types of locks so I will explain. The First lock type works so that when you close the door, you are then unable to move the outside handle and the door is 'locked' from the outside (much like a night latch). You would then need to lift the handle and lock the door with the key
  11. Hi all, Going to see a property in North London which, by the looks of the photos, is in need of some work (probably new kitchen, bathrooms, plumbing??? etc) on Friday and was hoping to take along a builder to get some initial costings. This will be my first "fixer-upper" so wondered if anyone could recommend someone / a company they've worked with before that they trust and could help me ask the right questions and perhaps answer some of mine too? Thanks Jonny
  12. Hello All I am new to property investment hence I am still building my Power Team. I need to add value to my home so I am looking for a Plumber, Painting and Decorators in the house or a recommendation please. Your help will mean a lot to me. Thanking you in advance. Best Wishes Stella
  13. Hi all, I am just starting out in the property game, and in the middle of completing on two single let BTL properties. The position I now find myself in is that my savings have run dry. I am now looking at OPM, and buying BMV in order to add value to refinance or flip to get the JV's money back to them. As I am just starting out, I would like to know if there are any reputable builders around the Manchester area that will be able to project manage and complete work in a timely manner. I am looking to get a great team together now so that when the right BMV deal comes along I can move q
  14. Hi All, i'm looking for a builder in the Gravesend / Kent area and have had some quotes and they have all come in far and between £11k - £21 and the timescales between 4-8 weeks. I know the main cost is due to Labour however this is a one bedroom flat and isn't a major refurb. The kitchen will be completely gutted out and new windows and Central heating is where the bulk of the cost will go. Can someone tell me as to what type of price I should be looking at for the following works. This will be my first light refurb I intend to live their for no more than 6 months but will ren
  15. Hi Sorry if this is a really stupid question but re buying a property with a view to force/add value by extending and presuming that it's not Grade II listed or in a conservation area... How can you tell/find out what development is allowed? Is there a general rule about certain works? 1. For example, if it's a terraced house with a side return, can you extend the back of the house on the ground floor to fill that width, and even do the same with the first floor? 2. Or if it's an end terrace and there is a side gate with a path down to your garden, can you extend the house w
  16. HI, I'm looking to buy my first property/refurbishment, with the idea of gaining at least 20% once it's complete, but I want to do two things before I put in an offer: 1: How do I get an estimate/quote for the refurbishment? - surely the tradesmen will need to view the property too? 2: How and who do I get, to give me the current market value and an estimated value once the work is done? I assume these are things that need to be addressed before I put in my offer.
  17. Hi again guys! So I have luckily found myself a mentor to help me gain more experience on property, which I'm really excited about! I'm still learning lots from the podcast and reading book after book, however I am eager to start to get some hands on experience. My now mentor flips property and has agreed to bring me along for the ride, taking me to auctions and letting me see how it all happens. My plan is to go with this for a while and learn as much as I can along the way. I have this idea which I don't know if it is viable or not so here goes. For those of you who have read my ot
  18. Hello there, Please bear with me as I am new to this forum, I am 24 years old and I have accumulated enough savings over the last few years for a deposit on my first property, with hopefully a significant amount of savings left after for home improvements / safety net. I am relatively cautious when it comes to large investments and will not invest my money anywhere without a great deal of research. I am currently living at home with parents and my girlfriend, I am hoping in the near future to accumulate a modest portfolio of BTL properties to help fund / achieve the goals I have in life.
  19. Hi I'm just in the process of purchasing a first investment property. It needs a light refurb (rewire,new kitchen, bathroom, decoration). Could anyone recommend a building/property services company that specialise in residential refurbs and renovations. I am looking for a 'one stop' service. We will be looking to purchase/refurb 3 properties a year and would like a reliable & reputable company that we could continue to use. Thanks
  20. Hello all Rather than give up £3k to an estate agent I have decided to try sell a property through an online portal for less than £350. So Far So Good but on the run up to Christmas enquiries are obviously running low. There are also two other properties up for sale in the same street with local agents, which have also not sold just yet. My property has a for sale board up so all those interested locally will be aware, online interest will see property online with all the required details. I am also Tweeting notes about sale. Would anyone else have any more recomendations on sou
  21. Hello all, I'm just getting prices for a (attempted) low-cost refurb job on a BTL property. This involves many things but in the kitchen, mainly just new units and surfaces, as opposed to a complete refit. I am debating whether to go fitted or free-standing on the oven-hob. Other appliances will all be free-standing so aesthetically it'll be a bit mixed, which I've accepted. The existing cooker is gas, free-standing, and I'm not sure that wiring is suitable for a fitted electric oven and hob as a replacement. This will result in extra fitting costs if I go fitted. I've found lots o
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