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  1. Hello people, I'm looking for advice on whether I should open up a ltdc ompany. I have just had an offer accepted on a property which is why I am planning to open the Ltd company now so that I can purchase the property straight in to the company and avoid a double stamp duty by buying it in my own name, then selling it to the company once formed, which I believe the sale price must be at market value? My future plans are to expand my rental portfolio as much as possible aswell as possibly doing some flips. I also have one more property in my own name which I would like to put in the compa
  2. I'm 64 years old and my wife is 61, both in reasonable health, however, we are hoping to retire in 2018. For the last 30 years, my wife and I have run a Guest House. The building is quite large over four floors including a converted basement area with the land taken away from the gable end creating a large patio area for the basement. As you can imagine, this is a life changer for us; once we close the doors we stop our income. Scary. That's why I've joined this forum. The building is worth around £850,000.00 with no mortgage attached. The locati
  3. Hi all, Due to remortgage and I'm thinking ahead. Have you obtained consent to let on your residential mortgage? Was it 1-year, or until the end of the fixed term? Situation: due to remortgage, but unsure how long will remain at current address due to work reasons. Looking to keep the property as it is in a good area. Would like to get consent-to-let before changing to buy-to-let. Question: who are best lenders for consent-to-let? which lenders offer 'until end of fix term' rather than just 12mo consent? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, Hoping for some landlord advice as my parents are in a bit of a tricky situation. They’ve been renting out a 3-bed house (30mins from York, 50mins from Leeds) for £1,200 PCM to a family for just over 2 years. To date, they’ve been perfect tenants and we have a good relationship with them. However, they’ve not been able to pay rent this month because of the self-employed father losing a contract. He’s looking for other jobs at the moment but no guarantee he’ll have a reliable income in the near future. My parents have a couple of ideas for what to do
  5. Hi guys, any oracles out here that can share/direct me to stats showing: rental demand per room across the UK regions? Thank you
  6. Hi, I am in the middle of purchasing a property in Manchester M5 area. My solicitors have just advised me that in the lease there is a provision which states that the ground rent increases with RPI. Is this something to be worried about? Thanks, Nimesh
  7. In the process or reasearching and planning my first project. So far I have found a plot of land that has planning permission for 2 3 bedroom semi-detached houses. I'd like to build these properties sell one and rent the other. I'm doing this with my dad who lives overseas and will only be involved in a financial form. He will fund the protect I will run the project. This is my first project and is my dad giving me the opportunity to prove to him I can follow in his foot steps in property development. He is too busy in Kuwait with his own projects to mentor me. So anyone with a lo
  8. Hi all, I'm looking to move to Birmingham in the new year from London. I'm going to be relocating to the HSBC office in Birmingham and I'm looking for a letting agent in Birmingham, who specialise in city centre apartment. I've seen http://fleetmilne.co.uk/rent/ but I was wondering if there were any agents people would recommend. Thanks, Jay
  9. Hello I'm in the process of remortgaging a property to a buy to let. I will have 100% of the property in my name. As everyone knows, over the next few years the tax relief is changing. I was looking for information on splitting the rent. As I'm a higher rate tax payer, I'm going to get hit with 40% which is not ideal. My mother has recently retired, so is it possible for her to rent out the property and get taxed on her rate? If possible, would she have to be on the title deeds? Thanks Howie
  10. Hi All, New to this. I am 23 from Northern Ireland, live and work in Dubai and recently bought an off-plan city center property in Birmingham. After graduating from University i secured my self a job in Dubai and have been here for 1 year. I have always been passionate about property and educated my self a lot about this industry (which i work in also) Can i just have your thoughts on this investment and future predictions of the Birmingham market: 1 Bed apartment - 550sf Fully furnished to a high spec Build completion - Q4 2017 Rental Package - guaranteed 5 years of rental inc
  11. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice - I'm about to put a tenant into my property and have now completed credit checks (references to follow) with a view of getting the tenants signed in soon. I've identified an opportunity though... The property is letting unfurnished with no white goods. The tenant did ask whether we'd be willing to take an extra £50 per month in exchange for putting in a washing machine / fridge freezer. We've refused that as we don't want the hassle or immediate outlay, but we're unsure as to whether another option isn't available. Does anyone have experience of let
  12. I am looking to rent out my place for the first time. My place is in Clifton, Bristol a very sought after and desirable area for both residence and tourists. The decision I have been battling with and one that I was hoping to get some advice from you all on was whether to rent my house out residentially… I do like that it will be rented out all the time and turn over of tenants will only be once every 12 months max but have been advised that renting it out short term on airbnb can get you DOUBLE the revenue if managed well I have heard of a company called Air 360 based just around the corner w
  13. Hi I am purchasing a buy to let appartment, which is unfurnished. I live abroad at the minute and want to know if there are good services (in London) who would basically furnish the place for me without charging the earth. Any tips on where to look? Thanks!
  14. So just nearing completion on my first BTL and have a tax related dilemma. The house is being bought in a family members name and I am providing the funds for the deposit, for various reasons that was my only option at this point in time. When I get the property rented out can the rental and mortgage payments be made to and from an account controlled by me, or do they need to be made from an account controlled by the person who "owns" the house on paper? If they cant come from an account controlled by me, could the family member pay me all of the monthly profit to "manage" the pro
  15. Hello, I have ambition to invest in property through my business in London. I'm currently operating in pools in schools and communal areas and I would also like to use pools in private residences. In future I look forward to owning my own pool in my place of residence. However the idea of property investment and ownership is exciting, but I have no idea how to organise this as part of a business portfolio. Any advise? Annalize
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