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Found 10 results

  1. Hello all, I'm hopefully after some advice, expertise and experience around VAT registration for LTD Company. The way I understand it at present is: Rental is VAT exempt - so if we was VAT registered and our rent was say £500 pcm for a property we'd charge £500 with 0 VAT. We wouldn't need to charge £500 + VAT. IF we was VAT registered we would be able to claim the VAT back on all expenditure such as boilers, kitchens, bathrooms and tradesmen where applicable. Additional accounting expenses due to having to submit VAT returns. My concern is, i
  2. Hi i have a recruitment company and have built up some money that I want to lend to a new company which will be my new property company the idea being to then invest this and purchase some properties should my new property company be vat registered? Is there anything I might need to consider when setting it up?
  3. Hi all, First post on the Hub group and looking for some help on auction purchases. I’m looking to purchase a residential property at Auction and my question is do you have to pay VAT on the final hammer price? I’ve read various legal packs on properties, on different auction sites however they aren’t completely clear as to whether of not it is applicable. Is this so they aren’t liable either way? Is it common place to pay VAT? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks all, Regan
  4. Hi I am currently awaiting planning consent to change a 4 bedroom dwelling into two separate dwellings (a 3 bedroom house and 1 bedroom maisonette). The intention is to rent out the 3 bed full time and to Airbnb the 1 bedroom maisonette. Both properties will be individual dwellings with separate address etc. Does anyone know if I am eligible for a VAT refund on the building works by creating the separate dwelling? Many thanks James
  5. Hi Rob, what is the best platform to purchase an Vacant VAT elected commercial properties in order let out commercially or redevelop to residential . is it through a new VAT elected Limited company ? if I set up New VAT elected Limited company today , or buy ready made off the shelf VAT company ,will it be possible in a week time from setting up my new company to purchase VAT elected Vacant commercial properties ( aiming to let out for investment ) and most importantly is the ability to re-claim back VAT paid on completion . I understand any rent chargeabl
  6. Hi all, My first question on the forum, so apologies if this has been answered numerous times before. I did a quick search of the forum for the word VAT, but it suspiciously came up as no hits, making me think I did the search wrong. Anyhow ... I have just registered a limited company and intend to purchase my first BTL property with cash within the company (I am based in Northern Ireland and limited company mortgages are not available here yet). I want to know whether I should register the new company for VAT. My understanding is that my tenants will be exempt from VAT
  7. Hi there, I have just purchased my first buy to let property, and its has had extensive work done. since this isn't a my residential home can i reclaim the VAT for materials and labour for all the work done ? Cheers James
  8. Ladies and gents, I’m new so be gentle. I will be speaking to my accountant on this subject however I want to learn first what is needed and the route experienced developers use. I’ve been running a small limited company under the Vat threshold selling classic American cars. I have now changed my direction to residential renovations (buy to sell). I have just completed my first project/sale at £108,000.00. This puts me over a normal VAT threshold. Do I have to register for VAT returns or does this not trigger that as there is no VAT on the sale? Is there any advantage t
  9. Hi people,I am looking to purchase a freehold property consisting of 4 buildings, split into 10 separate units. 2 of the units have been sold on on a 999 year peppercorn lease, 3 units are rented out to commercial businesses. The remaining 5 units are vacant and have been vacant for some time. I am looking to buy the property as a going concern and keep the present tenants, but the vacant units I wish to convert to residential. There is Permitted Development granted already. I have been advised that I can do this and not attract VAT, I have also been advised by someone else I would have to b
  10. Hi All My first post on Property Hub. I have been investing in property for about a year now and have a few properties that are not within easy travelling distance, hence they are all managed by letting agents. Rob and Rob's company YellowLettings manages one of these. (On a side note I have been very impressed so far with the service, especially considering the low fees. I will be using them more in future). I received my rent from Yellow Lettings today and noticed that they had not added VAT to their fee. I beleive this will be a short lived as it will soon not be economical for
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