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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, just joined the forum! Been listening to the podcast for a year or so! Accidental landlord of one flat In Essex. Just got £30k of cash out of the existing property and considering low maintenance flat in Liverpool (or Sheffield or Leeds). Heading up north later this week to have first look at areas in city centre armed with Rightmove and Zoopla. Would be good to chat to some agents I guess but I am on step 1 of this so nowhere near ready to commit. Obvs loads of agents in liverpool, haven’t a clue if they are good bad or indifferent. Any advice/ recommendations welcome... looking at circa £100k city centre to buy and rent out (and indeed same for Sheffield. I’m from Leeds so know it a little better). Think liverpool hits the spot financially for growth and income, Sheffield less so Leeds might be 10/20% too expensive to get decent modern flat. Looking forward to chatting. Matt
  2. Hi I have recently bought a btl in Liverpool, and carried out a light refurb ready for the property to be let out - which is complete now. I understand there is a landlord licensing scheme in Liverpool and intend on getting a licence, but I figured I would get a tenant in for @ 6 months before I would purchase a licence as this seemed to be one thing that I could put of paying until I got some money coming back in to my account....? So, I have used an agent on a tenant find only to find a tenant - which they have done but are now asking for my Landlord License, which I have never been asked for before? I told them I was hoping to stagger this until I receive some cash from the tenant, however they are after the licence before they will move the tenant in.... which is no problem... but is this the agents responsibility to police this..??? Is this normal procedure as I have a few properties that I have used the tenant find service but have never been asked this before...??? I must say that I am encouraged by the agents credibility and can see that they are doing there job, it’s just is there another motive...??? thanks, Neil
  3. Hi guys, at the risk of sounding like an idealist- does anybody know of any letting agents that offer individual property management services on a piece-meal basis, as opposed to the full suite? For example ONLY tenant vetting or ONLY marketing. It seems as though its all or nothing with most of the agents…
  4. Hi! We are about to put our property in London on the market to realise some cash to invest in the North (where we now live). We are quoted around 1%+VAT for the agent's fees which will be just over £10k in fees. Alternately I've been looking at Tepilo and Purple bricks where the full service including viewings is around £1800. Has anyone had experience of using these guys? Given our tenants may give notice and move out before it is sold the extra saving to cover any voids makes sense. Difference is fee is payable even if they don't sell it! However It may also enable us to price for a quick sale.
  5. Hi everyone, We are looking to sell a property in Bedminster and so far we are not convinced by our agent's efforts and might be looking to switch. Does anyone have any recommendations for a more proactive member of the species who has good local knowledge? TIA!
  6. Evening folks, Wondering if anyone in the Liverpool area could recommend the following: Solicitor Property Specialist Accountant Mortgage Broker New to the city and hoping to begin investing ASAP, would be great to meet those with experience in the city that can help guide me along or indeed those who are like myself starting off. Catch up over a coffee and share ideas. Have £20,000 saved so would also be interested in a JV, ideally with more experienced investor who can help introduce me to their network. If you would rather contact me directly, please email mwhestates@gmail.com Look forward to any input, and thanks in advance! Matt
  7. Hi all, Looking at two developments up north where the developers are asking for 25% and 35% deposit respectively. Is this standard for a development? Lawyers have said developers shouldn't require more than 10%... Pretty much everything I'm seeing on the market is 25%+ however. Sincerely, Confused member
  8. Hi all, I'd love to hear your experiences and advice. I have six BTL properties, four in different parts of London and two in Liverpool. They are all managed by estate agents. I find dealing with different agents for all the properties a nightmare, different systems, difficulty building decent relationships with the agents, etc. I've tried using one agent for all four properties in London but that's difficult as one company doesn't have a physical shop in each location. This makes last minute viewings difficult plus one of my (dream) tenants saw the property in the estate agent windows and went in to enquire. Wondering if anyone else has a similar experience? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, I wonder whether any forum members can direct me towards a service whereby I can advertise properties for sale on Rightmove (and maybe Zoopla etc) but in a very self service fashion. There are of course many internet based agencies that provide the ability to advertise on Rightmove etc but I would very much prefer: a self service portal with no or very low human input from the agent to slow things down (muck it up!) I have a professional property photographer contact so I prefer to do this independently I'm happy to arrange floorplans, EPC etc myself and above all I don't want the internet agent intermediary to answer call / email enquiries (or fail to do so!). I'd prefer calls / emails to come directly to me as I then know they have been dealt with professionally. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Tim
  10. Hi everyone, Would appreciate your advice.... I am planning to sell a London flat I have owned for around 12 years. It has been rented out through a local agent for around 8 years. I am not resident in the UK, so using an internet agent is probably difficult as I would need a local agent to show people around. I am fairly experienced with letting and buying property - but I am a complete newbie when it comes to sales! So I would greatly appreciate advice on 1) whether I should ask several agents for valuations or just the current managing agent (they are local and deal with sales and lettings)? 2) how to get the best fee? 3) the property is tenanted, so should I wait until the tenants have moved out or go ahead? All advice would be very welcome! Many thanks hubbers!
  11. Hi everyone I'm considering the possibility of buying a furnished holiday let somewhere on the Norfolk coast - I've chosen that area because it's within relatively easy reach of home (2-3 hours drive) and would be a good place to take the family for holidays. My plan would be to outsource all the bookings and management as far as possible and so, as a first step, I would like to have some initial conversations with local specialist FHL agents. Does anyone have any recommendations as to good agents to contact? Many thanks Jeremy
  12. Probably an indelicate topic so close to the launch of Yellow Lettings, but I'd still be interested in other landlords' thoughts. I only have 2 properties and another one on the way, and my first is let to a friend, so I did not bother with an agent as a go-between. For my second I am paying an agent 10% for what has so far been to find a tenant, get references and organise the contract, which I feel I could probably manage myself (not sure about credit checks). For my third property, I am weighing up the pros and cons of using an agent, and my main concern is what I would do if a tenant defaulted on rent and we had to go through legal proceedings. I would like to know how difficult it is to sort out this kind of problem and how much help would an agent be anyway?
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