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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am looking to sell my property in York. I moved to Australia three years ago and I'm looking for a reliable solicitor that can handle the legalities on my behalf and who can work remotely and completely online, as I will not be returning to the UK in the near future. There is no outstanding mortgage on the property and the tenants have recently left so it should be a straightforward process with no chain. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance, LJ
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone who has invested in the South Yorkshire region who has a good idea of where to invest in properties that are fairly cheap and therefore have a fairly high rental return? I live in Sheffield and just bought my first buy to let in Rotherham without really knowing too much of the areas. I am looking to buy one more property before I move away to Australia in about 5 months time which leads me on to my next question... has anyone got experience of buying properties in England whilst living and working abroad? Could this affect my abi
  3. Hi all, I have started my investment journey over the last 2 yrs as an expat living in Melbourne, Australia - as I rarely get back to the UK I have been working remotely with sourcers to purchase a house and an apartment in Manchester. To continue with my next investments in 2018, I am currently jumping through all the hoops needed as an expat to get a mortgage, but will hopefully complete on the first one in January. Then I will be looking at Manchester or another northern powerhouse city for either multiple 2-3 bedroom properties or a small freehold block of flats.
  4. Hi all, I may have asked this before as it has been an ongoing issue but I am looking to see if anyone knows why I am struggling to find a lender who is happy to touch ExPats who live in Australia for a remortgage. It wasn't an issue before as I have tapped equity in this property twice in the last 5 years but now it seems to be a big issue. I have plenty of equity at about 55% LTV which I could easily use to carry on building a portfolio if I could only release it. I guess second question might be that if I sold the property to release the equity what capital gains
  5. Hi, I live in Australia but will shortly be buying a flat in Salford Quays, Manchester as a BTL. As I pay tax in Australia on my income, I will be able to claim depreciation on the property and much of the contents: - Value of the property (as it’s a newer property) - Plant & equipment - Renovation costs To do this I need to arrange for a Chartered Surveyor to carry out Depreciation Schedule. I’m guessing as this isn’t something that you can claim for in the UK, most will not be familiar with this. Has anyone else had to get a
  6. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on my issue? I live in Australia but want to buy property in UK but cannot find a way to finance it. I have approx $50,000 to invest but cannot afford to buy property outright, so need either mortgage or bridging loan to invest. At the moment I am more interested in buying to sell until I can build up funds to buy to let, but cannot find a lender to finance properties if you live outside the UK. I had heard that HSBC do this type of financing but they have told me this isnt an area they get involved in. There must be a way through this withou
  7. Hi I'm heading back to England next year to start my first project, I'm currently studying in Sydney and want to do some face to face networking. If anybody is in Sydney at any point and wants to join me for a beer and a chat about property just give me a message!
  8. Hi everyone, I need some advice on obtaining a mortgage as a foreigner. I've finally saved up a deposit and am ready to get the first BTL property of my (hopefully) future portfolio. After speaking to a couple of brokers however, I've come across quite a challenge. As I am not a British or European, I am being told there are no BTL mortgage products available to me. I'm a New Zealander living and working in the UK and a full time UK resident. I'm here on an ancestry visa that lasts for 5 years, of which I'm in year 4. In spring 2016 I will have Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)s
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