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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Not sure if this is in the right section or not but im looking for some advice on the boundary of my property. My documentation states that I own and accept responsibility for the left hand side and rear boundary of my property and that the boundary is defined by either a wall, fence or hedge. The left hand side boundary isn't an issue but when it comes to the rear its a bit unclear. At the bottom of my garden (rear boundary) a hedge runs nearly the full width of my garden and then there's a 12m+ tree, the neighbours at the back of me have placed a fence behind the hedge and tree making it inaccessible to them and within what I deem as my garden. I've trimmed the hedge right down and had plans to remove the tree as I'm looking to build a decking area at the back of the garden. The neighbour popped over the fence and said I don't have the right to cut any of it. by this point it was too late for the hedge and I suggested to him that the tree is far to big and if it was to fall down it would cause lots of damage and that if it fell his way he would try to claim from me. I've spoken to land registry and they aren't sure who owns what and advised on a surveyor to come round and clearly define who owns what. Ive attached an image to try and explain the situation abit more I was ideally hoping that someone on here may of had a similar situation and could advise before I potentially pay to solve the issue, from what I read land disputes can be a complicated topic. Thanks in advance Sketch of areas.pdf
  2. I live in a semi detached house and my neighbour is planning to extend out the back of their house. I have two concerns with their current plans which are.. 1) Their is currently a well established hedgerow running down from the middle of our gardens to where our houses meet. I am concerned that to extend out they will remove part of the hedgerow. We have large bay windows in our living room which lookout down the garden and I don't want this replaced by a brick wall (The hedge comes right up to the window). I also like to watch the birds which come right up to the window on the hedgerow. 2) The sun currently comes from my neighbours side, our bay windows finish pretty much right on the centre of our houses with 2 feet between them. If my neighbour builds to the boundary line the wall will be right up to my window blocking all sunlight into the living room. There would also be a large shadow cast across the lawn\flowers affecting what I can grow and I would have to move my seating area for lack of warm light.
  3. Hi All, I live in a semi detached house and my neighbours are planning on extending out the back of their house. As a bit of info the living rooms are located at the back of the houses and have large bay windows that look down the gardens. The distance between our bay window and the neighbours bay window is around 3 feet, between the windows and running down the garden is a well established Hedge which forms the boundary. I have two concerns regarding their planned extension which I'm hoping you could advise on.. 1) Can they remove the hedge without my permission? I have checked our paperwork (land registry) from when I bought the house and the boundary is classed as unknown in terms of responsibility. The hedge is fantastic as it provides a green boundary used by many animals etc and I don't want a brick wall towering over my bay window. 2) Sunlight comes from my neighbours side and the extension will cast a shadow blocking light from my living room, change my view from hedgerow and trees to a brick wall, affect my lawn and flowerbeds in terms of light for growing and sunlight for lawn drainage and I will be forced to change my seating area due to lack of warm light. Is there anything I can do? Thank you for any advice.
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