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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I am looking to get started in the buy to let industry! I currently still live at home and have saved up enough money to buy a buy to let property in my area. As I am looking to run this as a LTD company as I am in the 40% tax bracket, I was wondering if this was possible to get a mortgage as I do not have a residential mortgage. I have a good credit score and my earnings are enough to be above the majority of minimum salary requirements for buy to let mortgages. I am also looking to move out in the next few years, from my understanding the benefits of owni
  2. Hi Hubbers, I'm Matt and taking first proper steps on the property 'journey'. I wanted to make a move back in 2013 but learning from the Rob's and Pete Matthew, I took a step back to build my finances and a safe base. That's now done and realigning my efforts. Based in Stourbridge West Midlands, I'm planning to create a BTL company, forcing appreciation through refurbs then refinancing. The goal is to create enough passive income to quit my job. Stretch target is 45, but at least by 50. I'm a professionally qualified Civil Engineer with construction, site management and design exp
  3. Hi guys, a little advice is needed please, Wouldbe most grateful. I have had a residential mortgage sinse 2004 and slowly been building a business on the site. What's the consequence if they find out, usually.
  4. Hello Hubbers! I am a regular listener to the excellent property podcast but am yet to post to the community so I hope you can help! I am looking for some guidance on my next move along my property journey and would greatly appreciate any thoughts on my small dilemma. so I am 36 from Essex but I live overseas in the Caribbean for work. I have 5 BTL properties in the UK with 2 in Essex and 3 in Manchester that are all rented and yielding nicely. I like many of you out there have an increasing desire to move into property investment full time
  5. Dear all I am just starting my journey as a property investor and was wondering whether anybody could share a Sample Property Business Plan with me? My email is - t006h@yahoo.co.uk - I would really appreciate that. Many Thanks Thierry
  6. Hi Everyone, I am aware this has been discussed before but what recommendations are there to open a seperate business bank account? Are there no more of the annual fe accounts available anywhere?
  7. Hi Everyone, I am aware this has been discussed before but what recommendations are there to open a seperate business bank account? Are there no more of the annual fe accounts available anywhere?
  8. Hello all, I am ready to move away from my filling cabinet and onto the cloud. I've not used Evernote or Onenote yet so this is a fresh start. Rob Dix said he was eventually going to move to Onenote... I would like your thoughts and experience of both systems. If anyone is using one note or Evernote what are the benefits to one or the other for a property business. What is the thing that OneNote does that makes it the better tool??? Rob I've message you separately on linked in but if you are able to let me know your thoughts/advice that would be great. Soon I will be getting s
  9. Hello All, A brief introduction: I am Barney, 22 years old and I work in IT as a Network Engineer. From the age of 18 my mum guided me through property flipping. I helped her flip around 6 properties until i gained enough knowledge and profit to go alone. I'm currently 3 properties down the line and really enjoying myself. I have a 10 year plan to get out of the rat race and wake up doing what I want (To run my own company and manage my portfolio). I am very grateful to have stumbled across this website after reading the book. I'm always open to learning as much as possible about prope
  10. Hi all, We are considering outsourcing the promotion of a new service relevant to Consumers. I wanted to see if anyone had any experience of outsourcing Telemarketing to an agency? Specifically Business to Consumer. If you have, and can recommend any good companies, I would be delighted to hear from you!? Thanks in advance. MacroWest
  11. The first ever guest on The Property Podcast could only ever be one person: Dan Andrews from Tropical MBA, AKA the man to blame for everything we’ve done during the past year. It was our shared love for Dan’s podcast which brought the two of us together, and we proceeded to rip off its format fairly comprehensively. Dan began his entrepreneurial journey by quitting his six-figure job and moving to South East Asia…where he started a new business designing and selling cat furniture online. From there he and his business partner Ian branched out into several other niches, and built a well
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