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Found 5 results

  1. Hi really struggling to find decent tradesmen in London. Why is it so hard to get anything fixed in the capital??? I need someone to reseal around bath as water is getting under bath and under floor tiles ....also need someone to retile the bath panel with an access hatch also would be good to have a good plumber and electrician on hand if anyone knows anyone reliable and good thank you Leila
  2. Hi all, I'm in the process of setting up a rent to rent business, operating in East London. I am looking at getting together a list of tradesmen/contractors to assist with sprucing up the properties I acquire and wonder if anyone may be able to help. Is there any tradesmen (general handymen, decorators, carpet fitters, plumbers, electricians) anyone can recommend that operate in the East London area? Being London, I can imagine there are a lot of cowboys out there and am just a little cautious. Also, has anyone had any experience with using the Task Rabbit app to help with light refurb/general handyman tasks and if so, how did you get on? Thanks for your time. Charlie
  3. Hi all I am looking for a good agent for let only or rent collection service to rent out my studio flat in Bow. In the past I have done everything myself but I want to use an agent this time. I have so far got quotes from 3 of the top agents in the area. They all seem to hover around the 8-9% mark for let only service. Some charge for contract and inventory ON TOP which I find hard to swallow. And they charge 1% less for second term and so on. Is this normal or should i be getting a better deal?? anyone got any good agents to recommend that cover Bow area?? many thanks Leila
  4. Hello Just a quick note to introduce myself I’m based in North London and consider myself a newbie although I do own three buy-to-lets. So why a newcomer? Well, two properties are with Progressive Property’s (can I mention them here? J) Hands free foliobuilder programme and the third is our ex-home in East London. We moved house for a better school for our daughter and decided to let. So we own 3 BTL’s and are now renters which I know doesn’t make complete sense but it works for us in the short term… I’m a freelance photographer by ‘trade’, which is quickly becoming shorthand for ‘not much work’ So as I have more time on my hands I’m looking to use that time more wisely and feel myself on the brink of ‘doing more’ in property. If anybody is doing viewings (particularly in north and east London) and wouldn’t mind me tagging along to get some experience then I’d really appreciate that. Also - I love my photography work (when it comes) and if any of you out there need interior photographs for your buy-to-sell flips then let me know Looking forward to fruitful collaborations Thanks Geoff
  5. Hello I wonder if anyone is able to help or point in the right direction here. My mate Dean, his mum and nan both live in separate maisonettes in the same block in east London. One is a ground floor maisonette, 3 bedroom, with ground and 1st floor plus a garden, the other is 3 bedroom in the same block but not on ground floor and no garden. They have both lived in these properties for over 30 years and have the right to buy at a heavily discounted rate. The are worth in the region of £350,000 and he believes that they can be bought for £80-£100k each. Dean doesn't have the money to buy them and has asked if I am able to help him, it is possible that I can help him here what I would like to find out is the following; 1 - can Dean buy the property or properties if it is his mother and nan living in them. (He still lives in his mums on and off himself) 2 - if he was to buy it or his mum was to buy it are there any restrictions or clauses that they have to keep it for a set period of time before they can sell them? 3 - if I were to help him is this still possible with me in the mix? Any help of suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading. Thank you, Jon
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