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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I'm excited to join this forum and receive my first issue of the magazine, the husband and I run our own businesses but are having to work harder and harder to make the same amount of money so we've made the decision to dive in to property. We're both totally new to this and so have no experience to share but I would really appreciate some pointers on good books, groups, blogs and any other type of resource that will help us gain some knowledge and get us started, then hopefully one day i will have some experience and knowledge to share! C
  2. Good morning all, I have just written this on the way into work on the train, I am hoping to really get started in property and it would be a dream to eventually do up and sell on properties full time. I have never purchased a place before and I wanted to use this forum as a starting place to meet people and gain knowledge. Can anyone recommends some reading firstly on how I can get started? There is so many questions like how much do I need, do I buy post Brexit? Do I hope for another crash and then buy? Is help to buy good etc? If anyone can point me in the right direction as a starting off point would be much appreciated! My final question is does anyone know of any property meet up groups in and around Essex? I'm from Dagenham/Romford if that help! Thanks in advance Solomon
  3. Hi All, My name is Victoria and after reading the 100 property investment tips, doing my own research and saving a little deposit I am now ready to embark on my first buy-to-let property. But I would like to find some one here to take me under their wings. Someone to mentor me and share with me their experiences and knowledge. I'm from Essex but I'm interested in properties in Manchester. So if you have any valuable advise for a newbie please feel free to share and I promise to be good mentee lol Thank you in advance Victoria
  4. Hi everyone I have joined this forum as I have been fully addicted to the property podcast and I just wish I knew what I know now 10 years ago lol I live in Hornchurch but unsure on the areas around me to invest in as of yet Anyway I'm looking to draw some capital out of my home when my mortgage comes free in July 2016 and start investing Just looking too fully educate myself some I'm prepared for when the day comes. So any tips, ideas etc would be great Thanks guys
  5. Hi, I'm new to this and looking to take on my first buy to let. I already own a property in Brentwood, Essex - which is where I live. I'm looking for some general advice, and if possible an investor nearby (in London where I work or Essex) that I could meet for a chat and to bounce some ideas off. Thanks! Steve
  6. Hello all I heard about this website following a podcast I was listening to a moment ago on Property Geek. I started purchasing my own rental properties in UK back in 2005, since then all properties have had very good occupancy and always tried to keep a good professional relationship with tenants. Other than on one occasion within the last 3yrs I have always sourced my own tenants and vetted them fully. So far so good. If anyone would like some FREE landlord documents please download them on my www.Essex2Let.co.uk website, and select/visit the Contacts page. Early last year I purchased a great property and planned on reselling it to raise capital but rental income was so good I kept it, and since then refinanced it to take my initial deposit out. Now im currently in the process of buy another two 3bed properties up the coast a bit where they are a little cheaper. I have full intention on selling these once refurbished. At the minute as this is outside of my own area I am sourcing professional trades via my estate agent contact in the area and MyBuilder.com website which is very convenient method of locating trades with reviews and pictures etc. Free property advertsiing is available on my facebook page/group called Essex2Let. also on Twitter.
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