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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! My partner Julia and I are based in Edinburgh, both work full time (although I'm currently furloughed!) and want to start building a new future for ourselves and have landed on property as the route we want to go. As a rough idea of our plans we want to start by flipping properties to build up some capital and then look to build a bit of a portfolio. To achieve this I'm looking to quit my job and attempt to do most of the work on the properties (barring any complex electrical/plumbing/structural work). I've not done that much before but i'm pretty handy and a quick learner whi
  2. Hi all I'm Nicole, Based in Manchester and looking to start my property journey in my home city. I have some money to invest and been told by many people property is the way forward. My goal is to have a few student properties under my belt in the coming years. I bought my first flat ( first time buyer with mortgage ) in a great student area which i am currently living in. My partner also has a flat in the same building which he rents out to students. We would like to buy a house together in the future but don't want to sell our properties so would like to rent them both out. The o
  3. Hi My name's Rohail and I'm from Accrington, Lancashire. I'm currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. I want to get into property investment and have been trying to learn as much as possible through online resources. I'm a qualified solicitor so I have a good understanding of the legals and personal finances. I plan to make a move back to the UK before Christmas this year and buy my first property by July 2020. I hope to have £20,000 by then. I'm not sure what my strategy should be or where I should invest. I think I'd like to pursue a BTS strategy but I don't know anyth
  4. Hi, I'm new here and new to the whole concept of property investments. I'm based out of Abu Dhabi / Dubai, in the UAE. I manage Information (Cyber) Security for a living. I want to work towards a passive cashflow/income through property investments in the UAE and abroad as well. Doing a lot of reading up and looking forward to learn from some of the more experienced users here! Thanks, TA.
  5. Good morning all, I have just written this on the way into work on the train, I am hoping to really get started in property and it would be a dream to eventually do up and sell on properties full time. I have never purchased a place before and I wanted to use this forum as a starting place to meet people and gain knowledge. Can anyone recommends some reading firstly on how I can get started? There is so many questions like how much do I need, do I buy post Brexit? Do I hope for another crash and then buy? Is help to buy good etc? If anyone can point me in the right direction as a starting of
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