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  1. I am looking into flipping a property, but given that it normally takes up to 6 months for a new owners details to bet registered in the title in land & registry (from what I have read), how do i sell a property if I am able to renovate it within 1 month after purchasing it? Wouldn't the fact that my details haven't been registered in Land Registry as the owner affect the ability to sell the property after renovating it? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, Listened to the podcasts/ Rob D's audio books for over a year to prepare for investing. What triggered this was being faced with the decision to keep or sell a property that was my main home, once I bought a new place with my partner. With reading all about Section 24... I decided to sell, set up a limited company and get started! It started as educating myself to make sure I was making the right decision, but has developed in to something much more... where I have a 10 year plan to build enough passive income to replace my current income. I am currently refurbishing my own residential property with the support and guidance of more experienced family members (trying to learn as much as possible) and conveyancing on the sale of my old house. Investment wise I plan to work mostly near home in Leeds/Surrounding areas and primarily buy... refurbish... let... refinance, but also do some flipping to raise more capital. As far as skills/knowledge goes, I guess I am going to be learning more than I am helping at the start... but you've got to start somewhere I guess! Thanks for reading, Richard
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a property to flip in Birmingham and was wondering if anyone else either flips or invests there? If so I wondered if they would be able to help me out with regards to areas to avoid, or potentially good areas to look at? By budget is really around the 100K - 120K mark and I am looking to make 20% profit at the end of the project. I am currently analysing the area and viewing properties in various locations but obviously it is a big place and this can be very time consuming so I am looking to try and speed up my next deal and be more efficient with my viewings. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Aaron
  4. Hi all, my partners and I are going in to the "flipping" and want to set up a limited company to do this, but I can't find if an SPV limited company is suitable for investors who want to flip/renovate properties to resell, rather than just buy to let. Do you have any ideas please gang? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I'm Charlie from Bury in North Manchester. I'm a complete novice in the property game. Working very busily through life and realise pensions just won't cover my retirement plans. Have been talking about going into property for several years particularly following a redundancy back in 2015 however I found myself back in a full time demanding role. Looking to initially flip to raise some capital and also build a rental portfolio for the longer term. Areas of interest are local - so North Manchester towns including Bury, Ramsbottom, Tottington, Heywood, Norden, Bamford, Rawtenstall. Plans are to get stuck in and get my hands dirty - I have a good supporting family who are also willing to help out. My biggest fear - I'm very risk averse and constantly hold back where money is involved - what if I lose my savings! Would love to hear from others who are holding down a full time job and family and managing to fulfil their property goals too. Any advice welcome.
  6. Hi, I'm keen to know if any of you flippers out there have had to revise your strategy in the short to medium term with all the uncertainty around coronavirus? I was thinking about venturing into flipping in July/August and felt I had a strategy that would allow me to reinvest profits over time into BTLs. I'm now not sure it's a good idea and wonder if it's better to research and focus on a different approach. Keen to know your thoughts and plans. Best wishes, Kris
  7. Hi all, So myself and 2 other friends (All aged 23) are looking to put our funds together to buy a 3 bedroom property (£180k-£210k) next year, that is in need of interior renovation/modernisation - A relatively easy flip in terms of work to the house. Once flipped, we ideally would like to rent this property out and use a letting agent, possibly with full property management, and split the profit . However, my questions are all mortgage related queries: - How easy is it to swap from a residential Mortgage onto a BTL? Bearing in mind 2 of us are in the RAF so receive several exceptions to common mortgage restrictions. - Is it better idea to split a mortgage 3 ways or have one of us put the mortgage in his name? - Any other advice around this strategy? Thanks S
  8. Hello All, I have been working my butt off for the last two years on flips in the South. I work a 9-5 and have carried out nearly all the work myself, so i have learnt A LOT. Luckily the flips have been really successful and I am now in the fortunate position where i am able to withdraw some of the profits from those flips to invest in BTL properties. The next step is completely new to me. I want to keep my 9-5 (for the time being) and find BTL properties up North with decent yields but i am more focused on long term growth. Two questions; should i be looking at areas that will benefit from the HS2 line? Realistically how many properties will 60k cash get me?! I don't want to waste all the valuable lessons i have learnt flipping properties, so I will still be flipping properties in the South to hopefully generate more income to purchase additional BTL properties up north. What do people think of this strategy? Love the podcasts and visiting the forums here! Thanks in advance! E
  9. Hi PropertyHubbers, I'm new here and wanted to say hi. A short summary of my situation: I'm currently living abroad and own a property on the outskirts of London. Thinking of moving back to London in the summer and weighing up possible strategies that would enable me to work part-time and focus on property investment/trading the rest of the time. There seems to be a lot of knowledgable members on here and I would be keen to listen to any advice that might help. Initially, I was thinking about focusing my time on flipping property and then reinvesting profit into BTLs (I appreciate this is harder than I've just made it sound!). Given everything that's happing with COVID-19 though, I'm wondering if I'm better continuing to work full-time and investing in property to hold onto for the medium term before trying to add value and sell. Another couple of things one of you may be able to offer advice on: 1) I'm still trying to get my head around tax implications with owning a property already and whether it's worth setting up a ltd company? 2) The property I own is mortgage free. Would I have difficulty releasing the equity it if I was working part-time? Thanks for your time guys. If you have any thoughts, experience or suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Stay safe. Kris
  10. Hello everyone!! I am 25 and have recently quit my job to flip property full time. My fiance has a well paying job so is happy to support us in the mean time. We have a family investor who has offered us £200,000, though this doesn't go a long way as we are in the South East. My biggest problem is confidence. I have found what i believe is a very promising property but am struggling to find the guts to do it. Any advice on confidence (or anything flip related) would be amazing!! Thank you
  11. Hi folks, I am new to the Forum although have had a keen obsession in all things property related for many years now! I've finally decided to do something about it & am in the early stages of research - listening to the podcasts & reading up on all things relevant. I live in Edinburgh & my initial plan was to refurbish properties & sell on - flipping - the new term I have recently learnt! I had planned to start off in Edinburgh as I know it extremely well, buying at around £150,000, refurbish & then sell on & repeat. I had planned to try & raise the money myself through a combination of equity in already in our home, selling a property we already let in Edinburgh (bought by my husband in the winners curse period 2007 & valued at less than he paid for) & various other sources. However, having listened to the 2 Rob's I am now rethinking my strategy (leverage, inflation, opportunities etc) & feel perhaps I should go down the lettings route initially, starting off with one property (around £150,000) on a BTL & then another one in 6 months time once I've learnt a bit more & hopefully a 3rd after that. Perhaps moving onto flipping after that. I will be focusing on the Edinburgh area but will also consider East Lothian, Fife & Stirling. I'm looking for some advice on the following: Do you property investors out there think I've missed the boat for flipping in/ around Edinburgh area? (I have listened to the intriguing 18 year cycle podcast)! Does anyone know of a resource that summarises all of the key financial considerations I need to factor in for purchasing, letting, selling properties (i.e. stamp duty, estate agency fees, Solicitors fees, management fees, tax charges etc)? I have a lot of these noted already but want to ensure I don't miss any in my calculations & also to help me decide on my strategy. I am keen to set myself up for success - so any other information you think may help me decide/ determine my strategy would be much appreciated! Thanks :-)
  12. Hi all Im a surveyor by profession but totally unfamiliar when it comes to tax. I’m looking at the viability of buying and flipping properties as that is where I feel my best expertise lies. I know my wage, I know the capital I can put in but there’s so many taxes I’m wondering if there’s any spreadsheets out there that will churn out some basic numbers. Any advise will be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi, New to property investing and very interested in flipping a property to fund an HMO (and build from there). I recently left my job, and have enough savings to keep myself afloat for a fair few months before a new source of income is required. It's during this time I'd be keen to refurb something and sell. I don't own any property, nor have I ever, but was wondering if I would be eligible for "bridging" finance, including refurb costs? I always assumed bridging involved selling an existing property during the bridge-loan term, securing the loan with your current property as well. Anyone able to clarify please? If not bridging, would any general short-term lenders work given my circumstances/profile? If useful, I'm 28 years old with no real credit history (certainly not any bad history). Many thanks, Jord
  14. Hey guys, I'm looking to do my first flip up in Leeds on a property between the £80k - £100k mark. I have approx £25k cash for deposit, fees and renovation but I'm just a bit unsure which route to go down re: financing. I want to try and get this flip down as quick as possible (within 2/3 months) so I'm not sure if this will affect how I finance the flip. Bearing the above in mind is there a clear route to go (mortgage or bridging loan)? Would really appreciate any advice anyone experienced can give on this! I know lenders don't like loaning to people flipping, but I've read you can work round this. I'm new to this and don't want to make any big mistakes! Thanks so much guys!
  15. Good Afternoon all, I am looking at buying at auction renovating and selling on to build up my pot of money so I can start my portfolio and eventually mean I can stop working. Whilst doing this I will only be working part time and will aim to get each property completed in approximately 4 months, has anyone come across any issue when selling a property in this speed as I know quite a few mortgage companies won't agree to a mortgage for the buyer if it has been previously sold within 6 months Thanks in advance Sam and Kirsti
  16. Hi there History I have got hold my hands up and say I have introduced myself before on here and then been caught up in a Tornado of life/renovation and moving house and haven't been back on the forum, so apologies first of all for not replying last time to anyone who messaged. I really would like to get involved on the forum as I know how much help and information is on here. I am on my third own home renovation and also just completed my third flip/buy to sell property. Last time I was on here I was living in a different area (Oldham) but have now moved closer to family where I have been doing my last few projects. Outskirts of Rochdale Skills: Renovating and flipping houses own homes and projects Styling/staging houses to sell (just my own) I used to work in the textile industry as a stylist I renovated an auction property last year that used to be two terraces years ago, I converted the property back into the original two. I came across many hurdles along the way especially with planning. I learnt so much from this project, I am no expert but am happy to share my knowledge on bits that I learnt on this type of project. Current: I am currently looking at my first Single occupancy BTL property, I currently use a family member who invests in my flipping properties, his ROI is set up and works well, (It differs each time depending on profit made) however for my BTL investor I am thinking it would be slightly different as I am loaning less from him and his money will be tied up for a shorter period of time. 65k tied up for 6-8 months Basically the 65k buys the house I am paying for the refurbishments then I plan to refinance after 6 months. Neither of my investors have invested in property historically so I have been doing the research to see what works. would I offer a % per month on the 65k or just a flat rate ROI % for that amount? Do developers give higher ROI % on higher amounts invested, is there some average rates floating around that people tend to stick to for this type of set up? Also the property has flooded previously and is in the high risk area, I have been told that insurers will cover these types of properties but the premiums are higher, but as long as the mortgage company knows you have this cover in place they will re finance. Any advice much appreciated. hope the above makes sense. here are a few pics below of some flips I have done. Thanks Carly
  17. Hello Everyone, I'm new to property and am in the process of trying to take in as much information as possible before taking the plunge and buying my first property. I've been stacking some deals, trying to include all the costs and not miss anything, with the intention of flipping. However one thing i have come across is some confusion over the selling costs. Question: Should I allow for the selling solicitor and estate agent fees in my initial capital needed to invest? Or can i use the money made from the sale of the property to pay the solicitor and estate agent. Some clarification from someone with experience would be fantastic. Thanks alot!
  18. Hey Fellow Investors Enthusiasts, I find myself in a scenario where I have 2 options both with their own pros & cons. I would be intrigued if you could provide me with your opinion on the matter; the 2 options are as follows. Option 1 Should we extend our townhouse house for ourselves 3 people & convert the other part of the house into a 3-bed ensuite 1st-floor apartment to rent out. Pros; add value, impressive yield, Cons; couldn’t sell the house Or option 2 Buy a 3 bed for £50.000 to rent out, at this moment in time we don’t have access to credit, at this stage. Pros; sell the house if needs be, access to credit, Cons; not as lucrative. Just to note; we have a small flat on the grounds that provides a rent. Along with a commercial business in the front room of the townhouse that provides a rent also. The idea would be to compile these 3 identities into an Ltd company in order to build a portfolio & access to credit. Is there any other alternative? Thank you for viewing, Regards Tom.
  19. Evening everyone, I'm Adam, I have always been floating around in the back ground reading forums, listening to podcasts but never wrote into the forum myself. (first time for everything I suppose). I see a lot of helpful people and answers all over the forums, I'm hoping now I have the courage to write a comment myself that this will give me the kick I need to just go for it. Right so hear goes. I have a annual salary of around £30k and I currently have one property which I am deciding to rent out after a light referb, due to moving in with my girlfriend in her property. My property is currently on a residential mortgage as I used to live there but I am hoping to change it to a BTL mortgage in June 2019 when the fixed rate is up. My property is currently valued at £105,000 and I have £60,000 left on the mortgage come June, I am wondering what the best route forward would be come June….. do I go into flipping... do I try take equity out to use as a deposit on another BTL... I am split after reading all the info on the forums, I would be thankful for any info and advice. Thanks Adam S.
  20. Hello there I am having difficulty in deciding what the best plan is to flip and would be grateful to get people's opinions on it. My objective To flip residential properties to build a capital-base rapidly. Background I am able to devote a large % of my time to building this portfolio and have access to cheap finance (up to £750k) and plan to do this through a company. I am geographically agnostic, although having spent the last 10 years in London I know it pretty well, especially south-west London. I am new to the property development game so realise I have a lot to learn and mistakes will be made I have strong financial modelling skills so will be OK with the numbers Questions What do people think about flipping in London in the current environment? Are there other (geographical) areas I should be considering? I am thinking of converting houses into flats in emerging areas in London with all the usual boxes ticked to deliver something for first time buyers - is this sensible? Any pointers, or recommendations of what NOT to do would be greatly received. Thank you!
  21. Hi. If we buy a property to flip with cash, can we sell it on quickly or do we have to wait 6 months? Thank you.
  22. Hi there, I wonder if anyone had an opinion on using ones CGT allowance when flipping a property. My accountant has said I should avoid using this allowance when buying a property with the intention to sell it (flip it) once refurbished as the profit made from the sale are income and not a Captial Gain. Does anyone have any experience with this? If treated as income tax, I am going to move the property into a Ltd Company (it is mortgage free) and take the Corp Tax hit. That way building up some history in the Ltd Co which commercial lenders like to see. Apologies if this topic is covered elsewhere. if it is please point me in the right direction. Thank you Alistair
  23. Hey Fellow Investors Enthusiasts, I Need to start a Business! Either Flipping at the begging or HM0 cash Flow model. If I start either scenario I have got a Goal Firstly What I hope to do then,I have got a questions to ask, I would be delighted if you Guys could Help out. So Option 1 Is it viable when I say, With £90000-100000 in the begging could I start by buying £40000-£60000 Pound Houses in the Northwest Flipping for at least 10-20% Do this 5 times, Then with the original sum plus the additional funds from Flipping Get into the Cash Flow Model & acquire 7-9 BTL Houses IE: Interest Only Mortgages Or Option 2 Do I use My £90000-£100000 now and seek 4 Houses HM0 (4 deposits) and scale up with cash flow model. Allow Management to oversee things for 3 years and hopefully by then have saved enough to scale Up. Few things to know about me No assets Currently not a resident, I am aware That could hinder my chances at first getting loans. I have experience where I Cosmetically Renovated A 30 sqm Sitting Room into a Great return & a Bleak space into a Smart flat. This was on My Parents property in order to create extra income. (Just to Note) Mild experience I could afford to subsidies My income as regards the Flipping side. Question 1. What are my chances of creating a Cash Flow Model business in the short term? Question 2. Are BTL Interest Only Mortgages Hard to Acquire Conclusion; I might have to try the Flipping starting out but Within 3 years have built a worthwhile Cash Flow Business. Thank you for viewing, Regards Tom. P. S. I believe Career First.
  24. Hi Everyone Long time reader but first time poster looking for advice about a potential career change. Bit of background on me... currently working as a project manager for a consumer goods company and have 3 years project management experience in a business setting. In property terms I project managed my parent’s new build home and so far one project of my own; the extension and renovation of my current property which I’m in the process of flipping. Fallen out of love with the 9-5 and want to take my property ambitions full time. Until I can build up the capital to generate enough rental income I’m looking to use my project management skills and help others with their projects. Target customers would be investors looking to refurb properties to flip, refinance or just add value who are perhaps time poor, based elsewhere or just don’t want the hassle of managing trades and projects but want the benefit of valuation gains. Questions I’m looking for help on: 1- Is there a demand for such services? 2- Is my background and experience enough to be taken seriously? 3- what would a reasonable fee be for such services? I’ve seen % of total spend mentioned but that seems conflicting if a project manager is trying to limit the budget. Thanks for reading and appreciate any comments.
  25. Hi Everyone, I wanted to say hello to the online property community and introduce myself to the network. I am a recent graduate working in the west midlands area. I have a very keen interest in property and have been reading, listening and watching property related education over the last 12 months. I wish to begin my property portfolio by starting with a flip to increase my capital to help me expand my portfolio. I am looking for advice and to build contacts to help me acheive this project. I am particularly looking for any reputable and trusted sourcers in the west midlands area and any bridging finance contacts. Any advice would be most welcomed! TIA KP
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