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Found 11 results

  1. Me and my partner are desperate to move out of my mums house but also I want to save up for a deposit for a flat. What's the best way to go about this?
  2. Hi everyone, I plan on starting up a portfolio of HMO property's in Norwich over the next few years. I would like to go down the boutique HMO route but don't really know if this model would work in Norwich. I know this works in big cities like London and Manchester, just not sure about the smaller cities. Does anyone have any experience in boutique/high end house shares in smaller cities? Many thanks Scott
  3. Hi, Just looking for some advice on a situation we have unfortunately landed in after a very smooth first few weeks.To put you in the picture.We have a property (a flat) which we found a buyer almost instantly. The buyer is a well known property buyer in the area with an extensive portfolio and happens to also be the man in charge of managing the block of flats (the managing agent)He offered us a good price and was unsure whether he would either set it up on a buy-to-let mortgage or would use cash from his many properties he is selling currently (one being a 2.3 million house in London.)We the
  4. Hi people, I will be applying for a mortgage in the next few upcoming months and just want to know what sort of things banks will look for in my bank statement. For instance, will they look at each individual transaction (whether it be a car loan or just something bought off ebay)? How much detail will they go into my bank statement? Also, my phone bill is up and down, for example: Month A: £42.99 Month B: £54.45 Month C: £72.99 Month D: £42.99 Will they query why this fluctuates and what I did for my phone bill to increase?
  5. Hello all, I currently have a small portfolio of single family buy to lets, which I have acquired over the last 3/4 years. I now feel I am at a stage where I would like to move into the world of multi lets. However I am getting conflicting reports from more experienced landlords than myself in which area to go into. Some are saying a traditional HMO (i.e letting rooms to working class professionals etc) is the way forward and others are telling me stay well clear and concentrate on the student market. At this stage it is probably advantageous to say I am looking at buy
  6. I believe that even for single people a house is the better proposition. No need to worry about leasehold agreements, and have grounds. Do you agree?
  7. Hi All, I've got a quick and (at the moment) largely hypothetical question. At some stage in the future, my Mum has suggested that she'd like to change ownership of her home into the names of her children (me and my brother). It avoids any challenges when the time comes, etc. So that's that. My question then is: Would the banks accept a request for equity release given that there is a non-paying tenant, or even take that property into account when mortgaging against other properties? It's unlikely it could count as BTL (without a payment of sorts anyway), but I'm curious to kno
  8. had a change of circumstances and i think i now need to buy at auction keep hearing about the modern method of auction and the way ahead is to check online for the properties available then make an offer rather than bid BUT all the properties i see listed are durham/keighley/notts/liverpool and i was hoping to buy in peterborough. i did a random search online a few weeks ago and could see lots of bargains in peterborough and now they've either disappeared or i'm looking at the wrong areas my question is what's the best way to look for a flip that may become a buy to let? i am lo
  9. I need to prove to court that I had a residential property on the market in 2008 or 2009. I can't remember dates or agents or anything useful to my case. The property is in Mansfield Nottinghamshire. I live in the US. Who should I ask? Where should I go for help? Unfortunately, the sale fell through. Would agents keep records of properties they marketed but did not sell?? Desperate need of your help. Thank you. Holly Warren
  10. Hello, I am currently renting with my partner and we would like to get our first house together but we are far from a reasonable deposit. My parents have paid off their mortgage and I expect their house to have increased a lot in value since they purchased it. Is there any way we can use equity from their house as a deposit for ours? If so will we later be able to use equity from our new house to buy an investment property? I have only just started learning about the industry so please excuse any naivety. All suggestions appreciated. Matt
  11. Guest

    Selling a New Build

    Hi All, This is my first post to the site, but I have been following for quite a few months now. There are some brilliant advice and tips I have taken from here in such a small time! I am very new to the property industry, but I am becoming highly interested in the industry and hope for it to be a big part of my life going forward. I am currently living in Europe (on a two year secondment), but my contract is coming to an end. I am planning to move back to the North of England and start investing in property at the beginning of 2016 and hope to have between £25 and £30K by this time.
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