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  1. Hi all, I get my 1st BTL on tues and have spent ages checking out various companies for quotes, is there a company that does them all for a decent price? Buildings & Contents Landlord’s Ins Emergency Cover Public Liability Appreciate any feedback ✅
  2. Good evening, all. My thanks in advance to anyone who can provide any guidance on the below. I own a new build property, which is subject to latent defects cover. I purchased this property in 2016 and opened claims under the late defects insurance policy with my adjoining nextdoor neighbor in 2017. These claims have been kicked around by the insurer for several years now but have been accepted and will be actioned in the next year or so. The works relate to structural defects. In short: the property will need to have its ground foundation strengthened. The open insurance claim w
  3. Hello I set up a boiler cover with 247 home rescue! I can't stress enough how bad they are. The day before the tenants moved in my cleaner noticed the boiler was leaking, they turned it off and contacted me. I called to make a claim with the cover plan and the rejected it as I could give them the pressure of the boiler. I explained to them I was 140miles of the east coast on an oil rig and they didn't care. I then had to get an other engineer out who I paid £120 but he couldn't sort jt. So I then called up to make a claim again as there were t
  4. Hi There Fellow Landlords, i’m looking for some advice. My landlord insurance is up for new renewal. Two of my properties will require building insurance and a further two do not require a building insurance so cover will only be for damage etc etc. I would like if possible to put all my properties on one insurance policy. I would appreciate any advice that people have to offer from their own experiences. Is it worth insuring the two properties that do not require building insurance (building insurance is handled by the management company) what are the pitfalls if I do not? Thank you
  5. Hi guys so my journey in to property has taken a bit of a wild one, I am now managing about 5 properties with some family members and need advice on best way to insure them going forward. As the properties are in different names (all one family) would putting all the properties under a SPV be a good option in terms of getting discount for all being under same name? If not who would you recommend for several insurance deals (2 properties per person)? Had a little look online but as always I try to get the opinions of the guys in here.
  6. Hi All! I'm new to the forum and was looking for some advice on recommended insurers and covers. I'm planning on letting out a residential home to three tenants and want to ensure I have the correct level of cover and go with a trusted insurer. Any tips/ advice please? Thanks.
  7. Hi All, Given the recent uncertainty created by Coronovirus and 'fake news' stories about insurance companies not paying out on policies I wanted to provide you with some clarity on the situation direct from our protection team. Please take a look at the link below for more information... https://www.privatefinance.co.uk/news/blog/2020/03/25/coronavirus-covid19-and-your-protection-insurance I hope this is helpful to some of you, given the current situation. Stay safe! Best regards Nathan Cole
  8. Hello, i gave previously used Simply Business to do my landlord insurance. I have nothing against them, however would appreciate any suggestions of alternate providers to consider. I have three properties that I would like to insure (standard construction house / flat). Thank you for your time.
  9. Hi I am looking at rent guarantee insurance does anyone know the best policy to go for and what company. I have looked at oops insurance rent guarantee and Alan Boswell insurance.
  10. Hi - I'm Jack, although lots of people know me as Brum - whatever you prefer is best! I have been to a meet up in Manchester and thought that this would help plug the void between contact at events - and enable me to access a number of other people who could help me in my property journey. I found my way here through the podcasts, which I have listened to religiously for a good while now, and made my way through the back catalogue in my long drives up and down the country... this is the first forum I have been a part of so I dont know the manners, so apologies if I make mistakes, just let
  11. Hi I am in the process of buying a house that needs some work. I will get electrics and boiler fitted by qualified tradesmen but most of the other stuff I will do myself - new kitchen/bathroom/decorating (nothing structural). An insurer is quoting for the place to be empty for 3 months whilst being refurbed. However, they have said that I need to take out a £1M public liability policy as I will be doing some of the work myself - they also don't offer this and say I need to get it from another insurer. To me this work is no more than any competent DIYer would be doing but I don't k
  12. Hi guys, I was wondering if any land lords insure the appliances across their portfolio or just pay for repairs/replacements outright? If anyone could recommend a landlord specific white goods/appliance insurer that'd be great! Thanks in advance, Jordan
  13. Hi Tribers, My solicitor recommended I take out director's insurance against cyber crime as part of my limited company purchase- reason being its apparently increasingly common for company directors' details to be appropriated (simple companies house beta search) and frauded. Wondering if anyone else in the community has opted to take this up as part of their ltd co borrowing (or is it a bit of a red herring)? and whether the costs is reasonable? Thanks
  14. Hi guys, just a quick few questions on tax that come up less often. BTL insurance claim, if you claim on your insurance for damage to a BTL property, do you claim the insurance payout as income and claim any contractor repair costs as expenses or do you claim neither as its an insurance payout rather than earned income? If you withhold some or all of the deposit due to losses of time, work, rent, damage or whatever, either for actual contractor costs or for your own time and hard work to clean and repair etc, does this need to be claimed as income or not as the deposit
  15. Hello, I have two questions regarding buildings insurance that i would be grateful if you could answer. I am currently renting out my flat (unfurnished), I contacted the factors regarding this and they told me that i do not need to notify the building insurance provider regarding this and stated that I should take out additional landlord insurance. I was under the impression that both buildings and landlord insurance were both very similar and you only need one, is this correct? I am not worried about contents insurance. I also asked the factors, if i coul
  16. Hi, some advice please. A tree in the back garden of a single let property has split and fallen and damaged the tenants contents inc kids trampoline, swingset, and paddling pool. Luckily no damage to house and thank god no-one was hurt. Issues to address: i have half a tree that needs to be cut down. half a tree that needs to be dispossed of. tenants personal belongings damaged. now im guessing im liable for the tree to be cut down and the removal of what has fallen. but the tenants contents are they covered by my buildings insurance? Is the t
  17. Hi All I am wondering if anyone could recommend a property insurance broker. I am starting a rent to rent business so it would be great if anyone has experience of working with a broker that understands the model. No problem if not I am sure a general property insurance broker would work as well. Thanks in advance! Josh
  18. Hi there Do Hubbers have any views on whether tax investigations insurance is worth it? My accountant has just offered it to me for c.£100 per year. Interestingly, it includes 24/7 legal advice on commercial matters, employment and health and safety. Has anyone else had this insurance and ever used it i.e. had a tax investigation the costs of which were then covered? Jeremy
  19. Dear all, I have been letting out a couple of properties in Scotland for nearly three years now. I have been using Simply Business from the outset, finding them to be pretty competitive. My issue is that the insurance for one of my properties (a small 1 bed tenement near the city centre in a relatively good area) has come up for renewal however the quote they have given me for this year has gone up by over 60% on last year (up from £100.09 to £166). This seems a ridiculous and drastic increase, despite nothing having changed with my quote or property, however I have shopped around
  20. Hi guys Would appreciate your comments / advice here please. I have an opportunity to lease a property from a neighbour while they move abroad for a couple of years, and would operate it on a rent to rent basis. My query is - who is responsible for what in terms of insurance? I obviously don't own the property (a lot of insurance companies ask for details on ownership etc.) so keen to get your thoughts on this. Many thanks GM
  21. Hi, My insurance wants locks conforming to BS3621 or a 3 bolt multi point locking system. From what I understand this means a key lock on both sides of a front/back door lock. However, from a fire safety perspective a turning knob to lock from the inside is safer. I feel like I have to go with the insurance requirements but I can't help but feel my hand is being forced at the expensive of safety. Has anyone else managed to square this circle? With thanks S
  22. Hi, My insurance wants locks conforming to BS3621 or a 3 bolt multi point locking system. From what I understand this means a key lock on both sides of a front/back door lock. However, from a fire safety perspective a turning knob to lock from the inside is safer. I feel like I have to go with the insurance requirements but I can't help but feel my hand is being forced at the expensive of safety. Has anyone else managed to square this circle? With thanks S
  23. Hello, I currently have a property via a LTD company that’s insured with legal and general. I had to claim last month for a water leak. The claim is still open. A property I own in my own name which is also a buy to let, the buildings Insurance runs out in a few weeks. It’s insured via Towergate. I’m struggling to get insurance quotes because I still have a claim on going? One company said I don’t have to mention the open claim because it’s in a limited company and the house I need to insure is personal. However, their insurance don’t p
  24. Has anyone come across an insurance company increasing the premium because you, the landlord, have rented to a tenant who is in receipt of some sort of benefits? I have a client landlord who had his insurance increased by 40% because a full time carer was determined by them to be unemployed and so the insurance premium went up from just under £200 to £275 pa & he was also no longer covered for accidental damage. As you can imagine he was not best pleased and made him think of his approach to renewing the contract. if any of you Hubbers have any words of wisdom on this matte
  25. Hi all, I have over 15 years experience in insurance claims and would like to help anyone who is making or thinking they may need to make a claim. Hopefully no one ever has to claim but chances are some of us will, let me know if you could use any help Best wishes Andy
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