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  1. Hello Hubbers! I hope everyone is safe and well in these weird times. I wanted to see what people thought about leverage, I know this is a bit of a random topic but I wanted to know where people's 'safe zones' are. In my opinion, being able to use the banks money to leverage up on an asset is one of the best things about property as an investment vehicle. What % LTV do you think is safe? I appreciate everyone has different risk tolerances, but it would be great to get an overall picture. I personally don't see an issue with leveraging up to 75% LTV, but would that
  2. Hi there! Just wanted to know whether we are missing something obvious!? Or if someone else is asking this same question? With BTL mortgage borrowing rates at 3.4% in a Limited Company, how is leveraging favourable inside a Ltd company? Compared to 1.4% rates on a personal BTL mortgage? Mortgage rates are significantly different (higher) for Ltd Companies so affects the ability to build a portfolio with basic leveraging? Any insight / thoughts / strategies / lender recommendations would be fabulous! Thank you
  3. Hello everyone, I'm Matt a 23-year-old based near Norwich seeking financial independence by 40 (no need for the 9-5 gig). My current strategy has been through investing stocks and shares in the form of an ISA. At the moment I am saving around 70% of my net income and stuffing it into stocks. I invest in selected stocks that I am very familiar with. I try to limit my portfolio to around 10 companies, which I use and can keep monitor their news and developments closely. So far I have had some good success and I think continuing to grow my stocks & shares ISA is good idea. Eventually I in
  4. Hi all, I am a complete newbie and would be grateful for as many people's thoughts and suggestions as possible. I have £250k to invest and would like to take advantage of leverage and get Buy to Let mortgages. However, I am struggling to do so as I do not meet many of the lenders' criteria (I'm not a homeowner, I earn under £25k base and I'm under 25). I'm considering buying somewhere for cash renting it out immediately. This would take my salary over £25k, and I would then be able to apply for a Buy to Let mortgage on another property. Alternatively, I could buy a prop
  5. Good morning all, I have just written this on the way into work on the train, I am hoping to really get started in property and it would be a dream to eventually do up and sell on properties full time. I have never purchased a place before and I wanted to use this forum as a starting place to meet people and gain knowledge. Can anyone recommends some reading firstly on how I can get started? There is so many questions like how much do I need, do I buy post Brexit? Do I hope for another crash and then buy? Is help to buy good etc? If anyone can point me in the right direction as a starting of
  6. Guest

    Hello From London

    New to investing in London & greater London areas, UK. Previously invested in US prime areas, bay area, SF, Manhattan with success on capital appreciation and yield. These properties were leveraged, some I purchased to live in and one as 'investment' property - I have lived in London for 2.5 yrs now and am looking to cash out of a few properties in US and buy investment properties in London or greater London areas - goal will be yield-based investing with at least 10-15% YoY capital appreciation.
  7. Hi all, I am currently going through a remortgage on one of my properties to release some equity to buy two further properties (thanks for the inspiration and motivation from The Property Podcast Rob and Rob! ) I have a good idea that I have valued the house right myself from the research I have done and as such I have submitted this number to the mortgage provider. Should I have got a professional valuation first to avoid the risk that the valuation comes in lower? Any advice on how you normally handle this would be appreciated. Thanks, Wes.
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