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Found 2 results

  1. How drones are changing the way we buy and sell property Graham Norwood 17 JUNE 2018 • 12:00PM In a world where you can jump into and view any street in the country online, and where you can soar over images of our towns and cities, it is perhaps strange that estate agents have only recently harnessed one particular piece of technology to sell homes – the drone. Now elevated photos and videos are so cheap to produce, they are not restricted to the agents selling the largest and most expensive houses. “We are yet to find a better way of showing a house in its setting than by using a drone,” explains Ben Marchbank of Bedford's estate agency in Norfolk. To read the full story, click here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/uk/drones-changing-way-buy-sell-repair-property/
  2. Hello Just a quick note to introduce myself I’m based in North London and consider myself a newbie although I do own three buy-to-lets. So why a newcomer? Well, two properties are with Progressive Property’s (can I mention them here? J) Hands free foliobuilder programme and the third is our ex-home in East London. We moved house for a better school for our daughter and decided to let. So we own 3 BTL’s and are now renters which I know doesn’t make complete sense but it works for us in the short term… I’m a freelance photographer by ‘trade’, which is quickly becoming shorthand for ‘not much work’ So as I have more time on my hands I’m looking to use that time more wisely and feel myself on the brink of ‘doing more’ in property. If anybody is doing viewings (particularly in north and east London) and wouldn’t mind me tagging along to get some experience then I’d really appreciate that. Also - I love my photography work (when it comes) and if any of you out there need interior photographs for your buy-to-sell flips then let me know Looking forward to fruitful collaborations Thanks Geoff
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