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Found 25 results

  1. Hi All Fab Forumers I have just launched a True Crime podcast - the story of my sisters encounter with a serial conman. Think Dirty John 2.0! Here is the link to the trailer or you can find it anywhere you listen to Podcasts - Apple, Spotify etc. Just search Conning the Con. https://open.spotify.com/episode/3qvqvZSX20kpSPHwRm9i5R It is a totally bonkers story and you may even learn something along the way as we are joined by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Sophie Muir, who sheds light on the workings of the criminal mind. Appreciate your support and if you like it please share far and wide. But the other reason for my post is now I have finished creating Season 1 I am looking for stories for Season 2. It. may be that they will be one episode per con story - unless it is another epic tale like the first season! So I wondered if there are any Hubbers who have a con/fraudster story they would be willing to share. The aim is to expose the different techniques the world's oversupply of fraudsters use so it makes it just that much more difficult for them to operate. If you have a story or would like to get in contact you can find links find the links on the shows website : https://shows.acast.com/conningthecon/episodes/5ff47bb17393965393176133 Or contact me on the podcasts socials: Twitter @conningthecon1 Website https://shows.acast.com/conningthecon Insta @conningthecon Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sarah.ferris.52012 Thanks in advance for your support Hubbers!
  2. Hi Everyone, Rob and I have put together nearly 50 episodes of The Property Podcast and many of the topics we've covered have been suggestions from you, the listeners. We have a big list of topics we want to cover but we want to make sure you're getting the topics you want. So our question is.... What topics would you like us to cover on the podcast?
  3. Hi, my name is Stephen I'm 22 and live in the Midlands. I've recently (last month or so) have been looking into property investing. I have next to no experience or knowledge or Captial. so it's looking to be a good few years before I can do anything. in the time while I think of ways to make the Captial to start. that gives me lots of time to Learn as much as I can. this is what brings me here. been listening to the podcast and love it! (any help is greatly appreciated) I plan to be a good active member on here not that I can offer much I'll try my best!
  4. One of the things that commonly happens is you get more and more successful, as you become more and more the author of your own story and are actually out there producing results and people are watching this happen, you're living your life. What happens is people want more of your time. They want more of you. They want more of what you have. These are the demands upon your time are gonna become greater than ever. If you're a business owner, this is very, very true, because people not only want your lifestyle they always want to know how to do your business. And so your demands are gonna be great, not only from your staff and your team, but also the people around you. A few tips on how to deal with the high demand to protect yourself. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY*** This is the AYS Daily Growth Hacks where we provide you with growth hacks, insights, and inspiration to bring you closer to becoming the Author Of Your Own Story. Today's show is up at: https://www.authorofyourownstory.com/demands-on-your-time/
  5. The teams at RMP and Yellow have both grown in this past week. RMP have said hello to Julia and Christa, and Yellow have welcomed Donna and Nicole. So that's been a pretty busy week for us all round really! We've also been creating some more free courses this week. Check out the ones that are there already here, and look out for a brand new course in the next few weeks. The Spring Budget This is a mini-budget, if you will. We've had to dig pretty deep to find something to say on this as The Chancellor did not mention housing at all. Here's a brief summary of points you might want to note though. Nothing about mortgage relief or stamp duty...in fact, nothing about housing at all! As before – Corporation tax will fall to 19% this April, and will then fall to 17% in April 2020. So good for those holding properties in a company The tax free dividend allowance for company directors will be reduced from £5K to £2K from April 2018. Extension until 2019 until landlords need to keep digital records and send quarterly updates to HMRC Rent-a-room relief – The government will consult on proposals to redesign rent-a-room relief, to ensure it is better targeted to support longer-term lettings. This will align the relief more closely with its intended purpose, to increase supply of affordable long-term lodgings. Check out more right here, including a news story which could not be more up @rob bence's street.
  6. Hello I'm looking for the best app to listen to podcasts on? It's for an iPhone. Also, what is the best audio book resource? I'm tempted to sign up for the 30day audible free trial. However you only get one free book a month, I'm looking for something like Netflix for Audio books if anyone knows of one? Thanks Howie
  7. Hi All I listen to podcasts via an App called "Podcast Addict" - on an android phone. I have done this successfully for years. Recently - within the last couple of months or so - "the Property Podcast" has not been appearing in my new episodes available section. Looking back it seems that the last episode which comes through is #178. Has something changed or do I need to do something to start getting these again ? Really miss them and not sure what the answer is. Cheers Matt
  8. Last week, we launched a brand new podcast - called Property Investment Tips. We know you love to get your information in audio form, often when you're on the move, so we've put together a 10-minute weekly show which brings all the wisdom of our experts on the Property Hub blog straight to your ears. However we need your help! If you haven't already, could you please review Property Investment Tips on iTunes? It'll only take a minute, and it makes a huge difference for us: the more reviews we have, the more likely iTunes is to promote us. And promotion from iTunes means more people like you discovering the Property Hub community! Yes more nice people sharing knowledge >> To leave a review just click this link << Thank you so much in advance! We're really proud of the content that we release through The Property Hub every single week, and we really appreciate your support in helping us to spread it further. I've linked to the Beatles Help video, so you can listen to some smooth scouse tones as you say nice things!!! Thanks
  9. This week Rob & Rob are talking about one of the hottest trends in property investment right now - serviced apartments. You can listen to the latest podcast right here. So, have you considered or tried out investing setting up a serviced apartment? What have been the major bonuses and downsides for you? We'd love to read your thoughts here. P.S - There's a little tease in there ref a Northern Summit (which I know will please a LOT of you!)
  10. In this special episode, Rob & Rob give their immediate reactions to what Brexit means for property investors. Listen here and we'd love to hear your thoughts below.
  11. Listen to this week's podcast here: This week R&R unpack the often-repeated claim that property prices double every 10 years. Have they done in the past…and most importantly, can we expect to see it happen in the next 10 years? They talk about: The true pace at which prices have grown in the past Why property prices tend to go up over time The case for why prices will continue to grow aggressively over the next decade The arguments for why they might not Two key points that are often missed out from this type of discussion: regional differences, and the property cycle As investors, to what extent should we let these ideas guide our decisions? What are your thoughts on this one?
  12. Listen to the latest podcast here: http://thepropertypodcast.com/2016/06/tpp170-how-to-make-hmos-work-for-you/ Many investors are drawn to HMOs by their seemingly high returns, but then deterred (us included) by the amount of work they seem to involve. And there’s no getting away from it: HMOs are more effort than your standard single let. Nevertheless, there are steps you can take to boost your chances of making HMOs work for you – including some handy “HMO hacks” to automate or delegate a hefty portion of the management. This week R&R talk about: How to identify a suitable HMO location Why you need to think very carefully about the spec and the services Options for outsourcing the management Some self-management systems you can put in place to drastically cut down your time input What might be ahead for the sector So, are you already successfully managing HMOs, and what are your tips for making these work for you?
  13. http://thepropertypodcast.com/2016/05/tpp167-supply-and-demand-explained/ This week we’re delving into one of the invisible forces that guides the property market: supply and demand. It’s not the only force that operates on property (we’ll be looking at some of the others in the coming weeks), but over the long-term it’s one of the most important. We discuss: What the laws of supply and demand actually are The role it plays in driving the property market The supply-side challenges that mean the UK is constantly missing its housing targets The various sources of demand that are adding extra pressure What this means for the long-term prospects for UK property…and for the country as a whole
  14. This week we’re featuring another interview we recorded at the Property Investor Show – this time, R&R are talking auctions with Rob Marchant from Clive Emson auctioneers. Rob tells us how best to prepare for an auction in advance, if it’s really still possible to find a bargain in a post-Homes Under The Hammer world, and whether investors should consider selling at auction too. http://thepropertypodcast.com/2016/05/tpp166-auctions-from-pis/
  15. Hello Later this week we are recording a podcast all about buying at auction. We'd love to include any tips you have (we'll credit you of course!) and any experiences (good, bad or downright ugly) that the audience could learn from. Please do post your auction tips, success stories, and anything else here! Thank you in advance.
  16. Hi, Still relatively new to the hub and working my way through the previous podcasts - does anyone know if there's a consolidated list of all the resources of the week? I can't remember the name of a couple of them and wanted a quick way to browse a list (rather than go through each show note summary individually to find the ones I'm after). Thanks, Dave
  17. For the first podcast of 2014, we thought we'd be highly predictable and talk about predictions for the year ahead! We invited some guests (including this forum's own Mark Loughnane) to stick their necks out and say what they thought would happen to house prices this year, and of course we chipped in with our own. Take a listen here: http://thepropertyhub.net/predictions2014/ Your turn: What do you think house prices are going to do this year? Feel free to join us in predicting national trends, or say what you see happening in your particular area of expertise.
  18. The first ever guest on The Property Podcast could only ever be one person: Dan Andrews from Tropical MBA, AKA the man to blame for everything we’ve done during the past year. It was our shared love for Dan’s podcast which brought the two of us together, and we proceeded to rip off its format fairly comprehensively. Dan began his entrepreneurial journey by quitting his six-figure job and moving to South East Asia…where he started a new business designing and selling cat furniture online. From there he and his business partner Ian branched out into several other niches, and built a well-oiled operation which now barely needs Dan’s involvement to run at all. In his spare time, Dan launched another six-figure business – a community for entrepreneurs called the Dynamite Circle – as well as inspiring tens of thousands of people through the Tropical MBA Podcast. Listen to the episode here: http://thepropertyhub.net/danandrews We shared on the episode what we took away from Dan's story - but what was your main takeaway? Let us know below!
  19. This week we go into full Officer Brody mode, and patrol for property sharks: those people and companies with dubious intentions who are out to separate you from your money. Common schemes include: Overseas property schemes that never get built Portfolio building companies who disappear with your money Letting agents who run off with all the deposits And a whole lot more too depressing to get into! We talked about how to spot the signs of a shark, and how to protect yourself without being overly paranoid. Listen here: http://thepropertyhub.net/tpp045-spot-property-shark/ Join the discussion: Have you been the victim of any dodgy property schemes, or had a close call? Got any extra tips about how to keep yourself safe? Let us know below!
  20. How on earth did we make it to Episode 46 without talking about HMOs? They’ve become a hot topic in recent years as investors have started to focus on cashflow rather than capital growth, so we thought we’d better correct our omission and give them a full episode. Listen now: http://thepropertyhub.net/tpp046-hmos-big-returns/ What are your views on HMOs? Do they fit with your investing strategy, and are there any benefits or drawbacks we didn't mention? Let us know below!
  21. This week we were talking about how to take advantage of cash deals. What? The guys who are always preaching leverage are talking about buying in cash? Well, there’s nothing to stop you refinancing a little down the line - but buying in cash in the first place can allow you to do fantastic deals while your competitors are all twiddling their thumbs and waiting for a mortgage offer. We discussed: The benefits of buying with cash Two ways to find the deals (depending on whether you’re buying from an agent or direct from a developer) How to move fast enough to get the deal done Take a listen here: http://thepropertyhub.net/cash Question: Do you have any experience of cash deals that have worked out very well or very badly? Let us know!
  22. For our Christmas special we thought we'd list some of our favourite things of the year: books, resources, things we've learnt, and so on. Listen to the episode to hear all the lists, but these were the books and resources we agreed on: Our top 5 books Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson Get Up To Speed With Online Marketing by Jon Reed (and see our case study!) The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg Our top 5 resources of the week Trello Evernote Hipchat Buffer Google Drive Join the discussion! Do you have any books or tools you discovered this year that you'd recommend people buy themselves as a Christmas present?
  23. There's no such thing as a risk-free investment, but there are lots of levels and types of risk. So that's what we talked about this week: how do you calculate the risk/reward balance that suits you and find an investment approach that matches? Listen here: http://thepropertyhub.net/tpp44-risk-reward-property-investment/ Question: What types of investment do you consider particularly risky that others might not? And how much did you consciously weigh up risk and reward when choosing your approach to property?
  24. Everyone seems to be talking about interest rates at the moment - will they rise? When will they rise? And what can we do about it? So this week we discussed how worried you should be about interest rates over the coming years, and what you can do now to protect your cashflow if borrowing does get more expensive. Listen here: http://thepropertyhub.net/tpp43-worried-interest-rates/ Question: What do you think will happen to interest rates over the next couple of years? Are you doing anything now to protect your cashflow for the future?
  25. This week we donned our protective clothing for another property-related duel. Just like we duked it out over Landlord v Investor back in Episode 4, this time we went head-to-head over North v South: Where’s best to invest? With Rob B repping the North and Rob D in the corner of the South, we battled it out over five rounds: Yield Recent performance Capital growth prospects Rental demand Impact on investment strategy Who emerged victorious? You’ll have to listen to find out! Click here to listen to the episode. Join the discussion! What are the main factors for you when deciding which part of the country to invest in over the coming years?
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