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  1. Hello, I hope everyone is keeping safe and keeping themselves healthy over this period. I am looking to raise finance for a property investment that I have secured and I was just about to purchase. I had an angel investor ready to finance the property purchase with me for 8% return. However, the angel investor has decided that he would rather put his money into the stock market...Anyway, this means that I have a cracking property deal that needs financing and I am offering a 10% interest rate on your money. If this is something you would be interested in doing or would like som
  2. I currently have one residential mortgage but I would like to purchase another property to renovate and sell for a quick profit. Last year I decided to do some travelling and I am currently working a ski season in Europe. I rented out my house before I went travelling so the repayments are taking care of themselves (and I plan on leaving it that way). I will be returning to the UK in April and would like to invest in another property, but to buy and sell rather than rent out. I am a general builder by trade so (other than gas and electric) I can do most of the work myself.
  3. Hi all, I found the HUB today after trying to find reviews regarding the Legacy Elite Training. Some interesting posts on these forums. My friend and I attended the 3 day basic training this weekend and well I'm not really sure what to say. I think I will leave it there to be honest. I am new to the property investment world and really looking to integrate with like minded folk with the same aspirations and motivation. My objective is to gather knowledge and confidence with the strategies and concepts to become a successful property investor.
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Ewa and I live in SW London. I always wanted to work for myself and achieve financial independence. I was considering various business opportunities when I finally set my mind on property. Just saved up for the deposit and planning to buy my first BTL beginning of next year. I’m a freelance web designer, but planning a full time career in property in 5 years time (that’s my goal :-)) I’ve read a few books about property, joined thepropertyhub and started listening to the podcasts, which are great source of information! I have not decided w
  5. Hi there, I am a Civil Engineer working and living in Edinburgh where I have lived my whole life. I graduated and have been working for a couple of years now whilst saving some money. I have now reached a point where I could buy a property to live in although the preferable areas are quite expensive especially for a first time buyer in Edinburgh. I have looked at other methods of investing but property is a sensible long term plan, seeing as I am only 25. The aim would be to have a property that could be let out whilst I rent somewhere else and save to reinvest. This may also be beneficial
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