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  1. Hi everyone. My first time on any kind of forum like this, so not sure exactly how it works! I have just started a new job and a complete career change working alongside a property development manager who helps landowners develop new homes. A new avenue the company is taking is to start managing custom builds, where we would plan and develop the project from start to finish, on a fully serviced plot of land. There are a few points I need to learn on, one of which being funding for custom builds. I understand that the (eventual) homeowner can get a specialist self/custom build mortga
  2. I'm just wondering how once i've purchased my first flat for £70,000 max and am renting it out to someone for a bit of extra money, how could I afford to get another property at £70,000 to then also rent out? I am doing this so that when I have children in future I can give them everything they need. I don't really want to have this be very time consuming. I intend to save up a deposit for the first property and move into it as I pay off the mortgage, which may be several years.
  3. Hi, I'm looking to get a bridging loan for a property development project. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a decent broker that specialises in bridging loans for property development? Thanks, James
  4. Myself and another individual are looking to set up a limited company to jointly invest in property development. It is our full intention to seek professional legal (and taxation) advice in order to have correct and optimal structures in place from the onset. Further to this however, it would be good to have some initial scrutiny of our basic strategy before taking things further from you lovely people. Our intention is to buy a suitable plot of land with existing planning permission, with the view of building anything in the range of 4 – 8 properties at a time. Naturally finance w
  5. Hi All Wonderful People! I've John the Hub to learn before start full stream Property Development. Currently, I'm working as an IT Professional and looking after Microsoft SQL Server databases. I have decided to start new venture of PD for a better life style for me and family. I will be having a joint venture with my friend who will be investing for our projects. My part will be to renovate property and Prepare for good ROI on the property. I am sure this question has been asked Many times and I'm asking again: 1. Any step-by-step guid for a n
  6. Hi Guys, We are speaking to the owner of a currently undeveloped site and adjacent office. He is willing to sell both properties to the right buyer. He has looked into developing the site in the past but complications have meant he is out of his depth. I would like to introduce the site to a developer operating in the area for an introductory fee. My question is, how do I secure my intro fee? I have been told that written confirmation via email is enough to secure my fee. Is this true or does it require a contractual agreement in the form of a Heads of Terms? Any advice would be appreciate
  7. Hi everyone My name's Jonathan and I'm a full-time property developer working across Greater Manchester. I've been buying, renovating and selling properties since 2011. I source properties through contacts at local estate agents and at auctions. I project manage each development and work with a regular pool of trusted trades. I want to scale-up my business so I'm considering working with private investors or with joint venture partners, but I'm not in a hurry to enter a business relationship without doing comprehensive due diligence (as I'm sure you're not). If you're interested in
  8. Hey all, I'm Vicky Bromley I'm an aspiring property developer with the long-term ambition to run my own residential property development company and to self-build my own home. In terms of relevant knowledge and expertise, in 2014 I graduated from the University of Westminster with a distinction in Real Estate Development (MSc). Have had much experience working for a number of property companies including Knight Frank, Savills, and the housebuilder Banner Homes (now Cala Homes). Currently working as an Assistant Surveyor at Cushman and Wakefield in central London, undertaking my Asse
  9. Hello, I have been interested in getting involved in property development. I have been in the construction industry for the last 10 years and have saved up about 350k. I have land which could be used for development but I was looking for advice on getting development finance? Any tips on how to approach this.
  10. Hi Everyone, Relatively new to the investment field, however have been working in property for close to ten years in the serviced apartment and property finding field for corporate clientele relocating employees to the UK. Hoping to knowledge share with the skills I have developed in these areas and vice versa in the investment field. One query I have is: I have been approached by a serviced apartment company in London who has a particular interest in Manchester for a mix of 20 plus, 1 - 2 bedroom properties within the same development. Their wish is to take this on a ten year
  11. Hi All, I came across this site by accident and very glad that I did. I have been religiously listening to the podcasts from episode 1 - Now on ep. 15 and also just started on the propertygeek podcasts and info on the site too. A little about me - I currently own 2 rental properties, one near Bromley, Kent and one just outside Manchester. I have just bought a 3rd property at auction which I intend to rent and is completing soon. It needs a bit of work before it's ready but hopefully won't take too long. I'm looking to invest, mainly in my local area of South London and also greater south
  12. Hi guys, my name is Sef, i've been viewing the forums for a while but as i've not actually got any investment properties myself yet i've not had the need to comment - that is until now! I'm currently saving for my first investment, but while i'm doing that an opportunity has presented itself, which seems great, but is a fair bit out of my comfort zone... It involves buying some land and building a property so i'd love to hear from anyone with any experience with this. The situation is this: I've recently moved in to my girlfriend's ground-floor flat in London, which she recently
  13. Hi all! My names Harley Wilson, I am a Brighton based Property developer working on several schemes down in Brighton. I also have a broad network in London and other locations in the South. I'm looking to meet other developers, and investors interested in working with us on future development projects in the South. Lets connect!
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