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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I'm just wondering what can actually be done if my tenant won't pay their rent and plans to leave in 1 month without telling me where they are going? Essentially they have been in from mid February and only paid 2 months rent. At no point have they claimed covid has effected them and have also consistently told me they are going to pay and have the funds in their account (they are claiming their bank had blocked them constantly for 7 months) It's clearly evident they have no intention of paying and I believe they are playing the system as no evictions can take place etc. Any advise would be very appreciated. Eamon
  2. Hello, One of my tenants is in arrears (he is one of two joint tenants on a single AST). I have been happy to give the tenant time to catch up but I am now concerned the tenant is not taking this very seriously. It is not without serious contemplation that I am now thinking of serving notice under Section 8. The rent is not fully two months in arrears so I couldn't cite any of the mandatory grounds. If I give this notice, am I them obliged to go to court if the tenant doesn't leave? Can a Section 8 notice be used this way; i.e. to make tenants sit up and realise that this is serious. Any advice gratefully received. I appreciate, if it were surrendered, the tenancy coves both tenants so they would both have to leave but I would then create a new tenancy for the existing tenant. Thanks.
  3. Probably an indelicate topic so close to the launch of Yellow Lettings, but I'd still be interested in other landlords' thoughts. I only have 2 properties and another one on the way, and my first is let to a friend, so I did not bother with an agent as a go-between. For my second I am paying an agent 10% for what has so far been to find a tenant, get references and organise the contract, which I feel I could probably manage myself (not sure about credit checks). For my third property, I am weighing up the pros and cons of using an agent, and my main concern is what I would do if a tenant defaulted on rent and we had to go through legal proceedings. I would like to know how difficult it is to sort out this kind of problem and how much help would an agent be anyway?
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