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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I have seen this detached house in Gorsgoch SA40 9TE on John Francis website for auction, and I have seen this house, my question is that I haven't bought a house in Wales before are there any different rules? I know they don't have stamp duty but have a cheaper land tax but apart from that are there any restrictions? The house has a new roof and plans for a loft conversion (2 extra beds and a bathroom). Any advice? Thanks JL https://www.johnfrancis.co.uk/pages/auction_property?lid=160083
  2. Does anyone here think COVID-19 genuinely changes the long-term appeal of owning and renting urban property in the UK? The rise of homeworking and closure of leisure could seriously cause massive shifts out of crowded expensive cities. Interested to hear people's thoughts on what to do in light of this, how is everyone dealing with this? Anyway, whether its "counter-urbanisation" or just general sentiment improvements, UK housebuilder shares are doing well!
  3. Just wondering as a newbie to property investment, is letting a barn conversion a good choice and if so why? The main reason I am considering it is with my estimated numbers it is substantially cheaper than buy to let in a town or city. on the other hand the problem I see is that the demographic that rents property is not willing to live rurally due to commitments (work, school) in the towns and cities. Any more input is appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone, I have just registered with the propertyhub after listening to half a dozen or so of the podcasts and really enjoying the style and approach of Rob & Rob. We (my girlfriend and I) bought as first time buyers at £160k in 2012, spent a whole lot of money and 18 months getting planning (nightmare), renovating and extending (if you can name it we have had to do it in our house, roof, electrics, plumbing, steelwork, sewage treatment plant, connect to mains gas, underpinning, dealing with asbestos...). We also managed to buy a little more land and build a garage on the plot we have. With all the work we have done we are hoping to release about £70k when we re-mortgage later in the year with the property value being estimated at £375k, so I am in the process of educating myself as to the best way to use the money to start the ball rolling investing in property. Although I love our house, I am not sure as an investment whether I would want to take on the kind of project we have completed again as it was high risk, involved some unconventional financing arrangements and required a significant amount of time, but it has taught us a lot. So now I am trying to pin down my property investment goals and develop a strategy which will hopefully mean in 10 years or so we can earn a significant income from property which gives us options and more control over our working lives. Would be great to hear from anyone else in a similar situation or who has been there and done it? Also, very happy to share what I have learned from our major renovation project with anyone else thinking of taking the plunge! - David.
  5. Hi folks, I have been working in the private rental sector for 7 years now and I have experience a wide range of aspects within the lettings and sales side of the industry. My current role is as the Lettings Manager for an independent agency in one of Lincolnshire's market towns looking to grow the business based on quality of service before quantity. I am passionate about all aspects of the letting industry, particularly getting to grips with the diverse legal aspects and encouraging client landlords to do it right. I also get a kick from helping clients, family, friends and acquaintances select buy to let properties and find a property solution that will maximise their investment requirements. I found PH via Twitter and I've joined to get involved in discussions, share knowledge, learn new things and hopefully help others with resources I've found that will help them with their property portfolios.
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