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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I could do with some help, this is my very first time investing in a property. I have decided to purchase two new build flats in Luton, due for completion at the end of June. I have already paid the reservation fee to reserve both plots for a £1000 EACH. I have also instructed my solicitor to carry out the searches on the property and check through all of the finer details. My solicitor has notified me of the following. The property or an area within 25m has been assessed to be at Moderate risk of flooding.
  2. Hi everyone, Looking for some advice/insights if anyone can help. Fallen in love with a property, very old, lovely large garden, great location. Ticks all our boxes aside from needing some work, as to be expected with an old cottage. We were told upfront that a claim was underway for low level, localised subsidence and work would be complete before we finalized purchase.. The work includes strapping and re-filling cracks and the subsidence is categorised as low risk, caused by tree roots. Our bank were aware of remedial works before their own survey but in light of the work, the
  3. Hello everyone, I am fairly new to property investment, am in the process of buying my second BTL property and the environmental searches have come back with a moderate to high risk of natural ground subsidence (I have not yet had my survey done). Has anyone else had the experience of dealing with this finding? My solicitor is very dismissive of the issue, my broker not so much. Thanks for any comments anyone has! Vanessa
  4. Hi I am considering buying a property with evidence of historical subsidence. The property is built on sand with a high water table, a large single storey extension built 30 years ago has settled to the outside edge. The fall across the floor can be sensed as you walk across. I estimate it is around 1 in 100 fall. The vendor reports it was like that when they purchased 20 years ago. There is no sign of any cracking in the walls (inside or out) or other signs of continuing settlement. I am a Structural Engineer so am confident I could obtain a report to say any settlement has stopped. Th
  5. Hi, I just had a buildings survey come back with a history of subsidence. The house is a victorian terrace and was built over an old gravel pit. Half the houses in the road were knocked down as they were council owned and rebuilt into smaller properties in 2005 as the cost to fix the subsidence was to high. The council published the subsidence report on the internet and it stated that it is highly likely that the subsidence will continue on the houses that remain. I walked away from the deal as the vendor refused to drop the asking price. The estate agent even suggested that subsiden
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