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Found 3 results

  1. hi! I'm just looking for a bit of advice on first time buyers investing in property. I can imagine it will be a lot harder for a first time buyer to get accepted for bridging or buy to let finance, but if there's any mortgage brokers (or anyone who has applied for investment mortgages being a time buyer) that could give me some advice on this topic i would be very grateful. Many thanks Scott
  2. My names Anthony and I am a huge fan of the property market. Most of my time is spent looking at deals, doing due diligence and crunching numbers. I'm aware of the multiple options and creative ways you can close deals for massive beneficial results and also buying at below market value. This knowledge is wasted without being able to raise capital to put into these deals. I don't and have never had a mentor or "Rich Dad" to educate me, I taught myself. Being part of a young 90's generation I quickly took advantage of the powerful tool I have that we all call the internet and will admit that Youtube and online training courses have been my guide. Okay This is the part where I explain my situation. Im looking for a Long term investor that will allow me to take action on these deals. I understand that with the right formula and a good eye for deals in the market this will can develop into a quality property portfolio. Most successful property investors start with nothing and work their way up. This is exactly what I intend to do! I realise that to invest in someone or someones idea would require some type of track record but since I don't have one my only option is to explain myself. I can say that taking that action of investing in me will result in positive returns once the deal is executed. I would really appreciate it if anyone can suggest an Investor or point me in the right direction of where I can start & build relationships and hopefully a career in the property business. If You would like to email me that feel free to send them to Info@AnfAnthony.com Thank You. Anthony
  3. Hi, Ryan here, Sorry that this is my first post, but I thought I would give it a go. I am currently a full time science teacher and I am 90% set on leaving the profession at the end of this academic year. Reason being that I currently let out 7 properties and would like to expand. My only reservation is how not having a full time job with 25K salary will effect my ability to get BTL mortgages in the future. I have quizzed as many Mortgage brokers as possible about the idea and they all say that there are still mortgages out there. Is this is case? Are the BTL mortgage products available much worse than thos available when you meet the above criteria? Any information on this subject would be absolutely great Thanks
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