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Found 4 results

  1. Dear Hubbers HI, I'm a HMO newbie and grateful for your advice. I've got a 6 bed HMO , 2 storey in the works . All bills will be included. I've got myself a bit confused with the type of thermostat arrangement to set up. Should I just have a single thermostat in a communal area , one on each floor or one in each room ( super pricey to set up) I'd really appreciate advice on how to keep bills down whilst making sure everyone is comfortable . Having a thermostat in each room seems like the most comprehensive solution but its the most costly. Any advice on an easy -to -use brand which has worked for you and thermostat strategy would be gratefully received. I appreciate your time Hubbers!
  2. Hi there, providing all goes smoothly i am soon to come into possesion of a 4 bed HMO, most hmos in the local area have bills included. I am hesitant to do this thinking they'll be so wastefull and it's a lot of hasstle on my part. Also when i was a tenant i never had bills included. I was thinking of paying for internet only as it's such a delay waiting for that to arive and it can't really be abused. Am i missing a big advantage of having bills included as i just don't get why I'd do that except to compete, however i am confident there are plenty of tenants and lots of demand. Thanks
  3. I am living alone in a probate house, and will soon be leaving. I want to ensure that the gas, electricity and water bills will no longer be charged to my accoun after I leave. The house may be visited after my leaving by the executor, house clearers, and possibly other people. How can I ensure that the utility bills will not be charged to me after I leave. Is there a correct t procedure for closing things down, I have never done this before Thanks
  4. Hi All, Hopefully someone's been through this and knows the answer. I've just purchased a residential property in my Ltd company for flipping and am attempting to get the electric setup but I seem to be getting stuck at the first hurdle. I called M&S energy to setup my account (Free £40 voucher atm) however they want to put the account in my personal name to start with, then apparently it's possible, once the account is setup, to change it into a company name. They say they need to do this to credit check an individual. I wanted to know is this normal or is there another way? And will I have issues putting council Tax in the Companies name too? Do I just need too choose an energy supplier for businesses (even though the energy is for a residential property)? Thanks James
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