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Found 6 results

  1. I know it’s a lot to ask of a builder to come to a viewing especially if I haven’t worked with them before and considering there is no guarantee that my offer will get accepted but does this happen? If so, how is the best way to approach this? My strategy is to BRRR yet I have no experience in refurbs. I’ve found a ‘smelly’ property that is ripe for a refurb but how do I make sure there is no major structural damage or other issues which may pop up once my offer has been accepted? Is there any way to mitigate these risks prior to putting in an offer? Thanks to this wonderfu
  2. I've got a property viewing checklist (Rob D's one) in Word form that I can print out for any viewings, however, it feels like it would be easier to have it straight on my phone, especially if I could attach photos into descriptions. I've had a couple of goes at trying to create something in Evernote, Trello etc but without success, as ideally it'd need tick boxes or drop downs for ease of completion. So is anyone aware of an app that does it or a way of building a form suitable for completion on a phone whilst wandering around a property?
  3. Morning all, I was wondering if there are any legal complications of a tenant refusing to allow repair works to be done such as re-plastering due to damp (not condensation) from faulty concrete gutters. I have found myself in this situation where my bedroom wall paper has peeled off and the plaster cracked due to damp, which was not helped by the windows being jammed shut. Black mould formed and my landlord refused to do anything about it for 6 months which ran through the cold winter period. They have eventually said they would repair the gutters (I think they just cleared some le
  4. Righty ho. Now I begin to see why property investment isn't easy money. I just had my first day of viewing potential BTLs in Wolverhampton. I'd found a short list of 12 which seemed to have good fundamentals. They're all within 20 minutes walk of the city centre and I chose a range of houses and apartments (mostly 2 bed) to help me get my eye in, with a view to do single lets. I started my morning by having a quick meeting with the very helpful and kind Lee, who made contact when I posted on the Introduce Yourself thread. He warned me off one of the properties I'd thought of as a f
  5. Hi all, I have seen there has been a very similar post to this just posted in the general forum however I feel that I don't want to hijack anyone elses posts with more questions so I will create a new topic and see how it goes. I have been doing a lot of research with buy to lets in the last couple of months and recently I have started viewing potential properties. I am hoping to build up more experience and become more efficient at this "viewing" phase of the process. With that in mind I wonder if anyone would have any advice on what to look out for when viewing a property and in
  6. Hello Just a quick note to introduce myself I’m based in North London and consider myself a newbie although I do own three buy-to-lets. So why a newcomer? Well, two properties are with Progressive Property’s (can I mention them here? J) Hands free foliobuilder programme and the third is our ex-home in East London. We moved house for a better school for our daughter and decided to let. So we own 3 BTL’s and are now renters which I know doesn’t make complete sense but it works for us in the short term… I’m a freelance photographer by ‘trade’, which is quickly becoming shorthand for ‘
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