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  1. Hi! My partner is considering a job in China. We have one property in the UK where we live. It's on a residential mortgage and currently 3 years into a 5-year deal. We need to run the numbers to understand where we will stand if we go ahead with the move. I'd appreciate any feedback on the initial checklist I have... Speak to our mortgage broker about options to switch to a buy to let or getting permission to let. Speak to an accountant about the income tax that will be due on the property given my our circumstances (working/paying tax in China). Check-in with a f
  2. Hi My name is James. Bit of a back story; My dad bought a 2 bed flat near where I grew up in `97 after reading rich dad poor dad. He was terrified of making a loss and its turned into a gold mine. When he died in `04 my mum used the money from his life insurance to buy more property and now has a small portfolio. Two flats in South East London near where we live, a flat in Preston and a student pod in Loughborough. She built this up as her pension. It has had fantastic capital growth and great cash flow with a very low loan to book value. A little over a year ago my m
  3. Hi all, I bought a 2-bed flat in Edinburgh, lived in it for a few years then moved-in with the better half who I've now married; so we're living together at hers and I'm renting my place out. Since doing this I've become slightly obsessed with the idea and am looking to build more capital and thus buy more properties. The end goal is to quit my dull accounting job and renovate & let-out property full-time across the UK (and possibly further afield if it really goes well). What I'd love to know from anyone out there who has walked the walk, is how you bui
  4. Hello I'm Matt, I'm currently reading the '100 Property Investment Tips' book and thought I would give this forum a whirl. I'm from the Greater Manchester area and first became an 'Accidental Landlord' in 2007 when I left the country to work abroad. Initially I was just happy to have a tenant pay my mortgage, (in fact I never even considered profit) whilst I worked away however I was naive and made some mistakes as I literally rented out my 'Home' cheaply complete with top of the range furnishings and products. Yes how very stupid of me because when I arrived home 4 years later and aft
  5. Hi everyone, I'm an accidental landlady of 2 years - renting out my former family home after losing my husband. What I learnt during that process was what works for your own home (huge garden, complicated eco heating system and vintage kitchen) certainly does not work for a rental...finding tenants was tricky, keeping them over the cold winter months even harder. Despite that I enjoyed the income in provided, I enjoyed the management, dealing with with people and the contrast it provided to my day job (self-employed designer and brand consultant) so over those two years I decided that
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