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Found 5 results

  1. Good evening, I apologise for how long winded I feel this may be. I feel like I am all over the spot and would appreciate the type of professionals that I could use to achieve my goals (accountant with experience in property investing, tax adviser etc) and even better specific companies who would be recommended. Ok, so I am currently a director of a ltd company which includes me and my senior director based in the North West. We have had a good few years business and have managed to survive lockdown with a reasonable pot of money in the business account. We have decided to take
  2. Up to now I have successfully self managed my property affairs without the need for an accountant. I now come to submit my first CT600 for my property company (for its first full year). I have come across the following obstacles on the HMRC web site after I logged on for my Property Co.: Unable to submit rental income more than £5200 per annum Property expenses cannot exceed the rental income My rental income in the first year is more than £5200 (good) but I also had a lot of expenses so I made a loss in that first year Please can anyone help with how I submit my
  3. Hi, I have just purchased a commercial property in Kirkstall, Leeds and wondered if anyone here had any experience in converting a commercial property into residential as this is what I am hoping to do. I am also looking for an accountant who specialises in property tax around the West Yorkshire area to manage a small portfolio of properties. Thanks in advance, Emily Jackson
  4. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good/knowledgable property accountant in central Scotland? Ideally West Lothian/Edinburgh but would consider Glasgow. Thanks
  5. Hello, I am new to property investment but I have been learnening and I am very motivated to start. The question is how to! I have idea of my strategy but any input would be very valuable. Strategy: buy BMV or opportunity to add value and to remortgage and let, withdraw money for next deposit! Or sell and move on to next bigger project, possibly in Spain Company structure: SPV 2 directors 1 director put cash in ( unemployed but with passive income coming in from USA) 2 director- take out mortgage ( as a second director I am unemployed at the mome
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