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  1. My Father recently passed away and has left his 6 BTL properties to my Mum. Some of these are unencumbered and others have high interest rates. We would like to transfer these to mine and my Brother's company and pay my Mum a wage from the rent. With the obvious cost of CGT and Stamp Duty will we have to purchase the properties? If so can she 'gift' us the deposit without physically transferring us the money i.e. buying the property at a 25% discount? I'm on the waiting list for Property Hub Tax but if anyone has some useful advise I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks Laurie
  2. Hi all, I have recently found a property that I would like to purchase to live in but to a cash buyer and be more appealing to the seller my uncle said he could loan me the money but would need the money back into his business which I was planning to get a mortgage after 6 months - a year of having the property so I would only be paying 3% interest max on the loan. Would I be able to then get a mortgage to pay off the loan he is giving me, if so how would this work? Should I be speaking to an advisor? Thanks in advance, James.
  3. Hello Everyone. I am completely new to the property hub forum, but I have been listening to the podcast for well over a year. I currently live in Weymouth in a 4 bedroom semi detached house, of which two of the rooms I rent out to my mates. I am starting to build up a good amount of capital and I am looking to invest ideally within a 30-40 minute drive of where I live. I have a budget of between £130-150k. I have seen a some opportunities in Weymouth, however most deals I have looked at struggle to achieve much more then a 10-12% ROI. Was wondering if anyone else lives around this area or has any tips or advice regarding potential hot spots in the Dorset/Devon/Somerset/Hampshire area that has the potential for higher returns for this sort of budget? Many thanks
  4. Hi Everyone, can anyone shed some light on the HMO licensing laws in Gateshead? Im struggling to find any clear info on what Gateshead Council would consider should be licensed. Article 4 info is clear which is helpful but licensing not so. Any help gratefully received.
  5. Hi All, My tenant has messaged me this morning as one of the neighbouring flats continue to smoke week and stink out the hallway which has gotten progressively worse and now its entering adjacent flats. My tenant has tried to deal with it by putting up signs but to no avail. Also my tenant is wary of speaking directly to the smoker as he doesnt want to cause a massive problem as they are taking drugs. Does anyone have advice on how to rectify this? Can the building service management step in if i contact them? Thanks Eamon
  6. Hi team, Been sneaking around on this forum for a while now reading all the great content so would like to introduce myself. I'm currently based in Hong Kong and am looking to add to a 2 bed terrace I have in Plymouth (my hometown) which I own outright. My aim is to move back to the UK in around 3-5 years time. Currently I have around 100k good to go for deposit(s) and I'd like to invest that in some 2-4 100K BTL properties during the next 12 months before gradually adding more to that fledgling portfolio before I return. I have my eye on one more flat in Plymouth and am also open to investing through agents elsewhere. My long term goal is to buy a holiday let setup to move back to in around 3-5 years time (whether that be a campsite, hotel/B&B, or cottages), at which point I could also do some develop and flip investing at the same time (as I could take a more hands on approach). As many expats here have also found, a big snag to phase 1 is financing whilst not in the UK. As an expat so I'd love to hear the thoughts/tactics of any other expats who have managed to successfully finance whilst away. I'd also be interested to hear if any expats have created Ltd companies or anything of that type to help them buy. Finally, I'm also lucky enough to have my parents who could act as guarantor for me whilst away - does anyone know if that would help with finance? Really enjoying the forum and am planning to attend the HK meetups in future!
  7. Hi, Just got a letter from my current mortgage provider offering me 1.69% for 2 year fixed or 2.09% fro 5 year fixed, plus no fees and charges if I change the deal now. My current fixed rate is 3.09% ending this September. What's the current market at the moment for mortgages? Should I wait until my current deal expires or should I get the offer from my provider? And if I stay with my current provider, should I take 2 year or 5 year fixed? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. We are looking for a Home Buyers survey for a semi detached house purchase in Chelmsford. Please can any one suggest the best surveyors around Chelmsford (I am told the it is better to have the survey done by local surveyors with local knowledge). Many thanks for your help. Regards, Sam
  9. Hi All, My name is Victoria and after reading the 100 property investment tips, doing my own research and saving a little deposit I am now ready to embark on my first buy-to-let property. But I would like to find some one here to take me under their wings. Someone to mentor me and share with me their experiences and knowledge. I'm from Essex but I'm interested in properties in Manchester. So if you have any valuable advise for a newbie please feel free to share and I promise to be good mentee lol Thank you in advance Victoria
  10. Hi, I am 20 years old and live in London/Essex. I recently read a book called 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' - arguably the best investment I have made in myself to date - which then lead me to read 'Property Investment for Beginners'. After reading these books, I have immediately started saving to make my first property investment. It seems logical to make my first investment more about 'learning the trade' as opposed to making huge and/or immediate returns, with the intention to increase my appetite for risk in line with the more experience I have (open to arguments for/against this idea). Firstly, what literature, websites or events would you personally suggest? But here's the real questions: Hypothetically speaking, if you were in my position, but had the knowledge and experience you have now, what type of investment would you make, and why? I am extremely grateful to anyone who takes the time to give there advice/questions/comments - thank you! Enya.