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  1. Hello everybody I am new to this forum and have enjoyed reading some of the very interesting experiences of other members. Thank you all for sharing your wisdom with us newbies... I consider attending the National HMO Network Spring conference next week in London. Would appreciate to learn about your experiences with it. Useful to get started? My background: I have been looking into purchasing my first property. I am interested in cashflow over capital growth at the moment. I am interested in HMOs as I very much like the idea of offering a good quality living environment and community on relatively small space, for professionals or mature students. And I am fortuntate enough to be able to have a depost and a mortgage offer. However, I suffer from analysis paralysis (very nice term I learned here :)) As I live overseas at the moment, I have to have the HMO managed. On the bright side, this gives me the opportunity to invest anywhere in the UK. Particularly for HMO's the north seems to offer better ROI than for example the midwest, as far as I can tell. However, it appears that local knowledge is required and that good HMO sourcing and management agencies seem incredibly difficult to find, at least if you try to do everything online. So, what strategy would you advise? Is the HMO conference a good place to start? Or a property hub meeting ? I just wish they weren't all at the same day or teleporting was already invented. Something else? As I cannot travel to the UK too often, I want to make sure I choose a relevant event and get the most out of a few day visit. My aim would be to talk to a few people who successfully manage HMO's, understand if my hopes and wishes for offering nice living accomodation and get decent cashflow are realistic, and possibly get some recommendations for sourcing/managmenet agencies or good deals on offer, or general location advice. At the moment, my reserach brought me to Liverpool, although, locationwise I am very much open. Looking forward to your responses and thank you already for reading this far. Alex
  2. I hope someone can help me with some advice. I've had an offer accepted on a house, on the Mersey Bank estate in Chorlton. It's around the Caldervale Road side. I like the house it meets my needs, neighbouring houses look like they have been taken care of. I love that I can walk down to the river in a couple of minutes. But the more I walk about the rest of the area the more I feel it's pretty rough. I don't know if it's just deprivation but ok or if it is actually rough. I know historically it's had its issues but can't tell where things have been better. My mortgage offer is based on five year fixed so I would have to wait it out if I didn't like it - not sure whether to pull out of the sale or not - baring in mind I'm currently in a difficult living situation and this is the first house I have managed to get an offer accepted on after 11 months of hunting. And I'm dangerously close to my forties and I'm first time buyer so running the risk of not being able to borrow beyond retirement age. I've spent ages looking around Stretford, Firswood, Withington sparingly so with Chorlton and Didsbury and now that I'm close to sealing a deal my experience walking around the area doesn't feel as great. Any advice to help me decide would be much appreciated!
  3. So on the recent ask Rob & Rob episode 246, Chris asked how to get local knowledge without having to look into every single street to work out the best streets to invest in, or to visit every estate agent asking them which streets are better than others. Of course streets can vary massively even within a few hundred yards as one Rob said, and they suggested speaking to other investors in the area etc. The question I have is how does one actually go about developing this local knowledge from your desktop, so that when you go to speak to estate agents and other investors in your chosen city, their tips serve to reinforce the knowledge you've already discovered, rather than going in blind and having to trust everything they're telling you without doing your own research? Is it just a case of jumping on Google maps street view to get a sense of where the best types of properties are that suit your strategy? Are there other ways that you've developed this knowledge online before you started exploring your investment city in person? Thanks so much for any ideas!
  4. Hi All, I am interested in investing in Hull, but wanted to get a gauge of the areas to avoid or focus on. Goal is to purchase a single btl aimed at the professional market. I will be taking a wonder around the city in the coming weeks but wanted to gain some local area insight. Thanks in advance! Steve
  5. Hi All, I am currently exploring Sheffield as one of the cities to invest in this year. I would be very much appreciate some guidance on which areas to focus and avoid with any supporting rationale. My strategy is yield (short term) and appreciation (long term). Tenancy - ideally professionals I look forward to your thoughts. Thanks!
  6. Hi All! I am super keen to build out my small BTL portfolio in Leeds. I found a stunning new build of townhouses but the developers say they won't sell to BTL landlords - is there any way around this? If not, does anyone have some advice of new builds/areas in Leeds city centre where I should be looking? Ideally 2/3 bed, unqiue feature(s)? Thanks in advance Nick
  7. Where in the country would you head if you lived in London and wanted to invest in the following: Within 2 or so hours drive if possible Needs high enough yield to pass new lending restrictions at 75% LTV Good fundamentals and demand as an area Potential for some Growth and not purely yield. Some suggestions: Peterborough / Wellingborough Luton Swindon Basildon Chatham Any others??? Any favourites ???
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