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  1. Complete beginner and currently going through Touchstone training as well as Property Hub, YouTube etc. Interested in commercial property as well as Serviced Accommodation.
  2. Hi there, I am a Civil Engineer working and living in Edinburgh where I have lived my whole life. I graduated and have been working for a couple of years now whilst saving some money. I have now reached a point where I could buy a property to live in although the preferable areas are quite expensive especially for a first time buyer in Edinburgh. I have looked at other methods of investing but property is a sensible long term plan, seeing as I am only 25. The aim would be to have a property that could be let out whilst I rent somewhere else and save to reinvest. This may also be beneficial as I might move abroad for a year or so in the future. As you can tell I have no experience in property but would like to invest somewhere nearby (to begin with at least). I have been making my way through the pod casts although still have a few more to go but so far they have helped me to gain a better understanding of what is involved and whether or not I should pursue it. As some of my questions get answered others arise but hopefully these will be answered in coming episodes. My current barrier is ‘building a team’ as this is a little daunting with no experience. I have more questions regarding mortgages (85-90% LTV - £140K loan) and options in terms of living in a property and being able to convert that to a BTL (max 75% LTV - £100K loan) but can post any questions in the forum section. My plans for the future... Well as is said in one of the podcasts, dream big so that’s what I’m doing especially as I still have time on my hands. In the short term I hope to start in the coming months otherwise I feel as though I am wasting time doing nothing. If anyone has any words of wisdom or encouragement or general pointers and tips then that would be great. Cheers Mikey
  3. Hello all. I’m 22 and have just started my property investment journey. Although I have not actually invested yet, I have begun reading and researching as well as focusing on saving as much money as possible for when the time comes to finally make that first investment. As you will all know, there is a lot to learn and so I am eager to speak to people who are further into their journey than I am. One of the main areas I wish to further my knowledge in at this stage is the amount of money I realistically need to start investing. I earn an average wage working a 9-5 job and currently do not have a huge amount saved. To anyone willing to respond and offer their advice, thank you in advance.
  4. Hi Everyone, I came across this site from researching on google. I am looking to educate myself on property and see if property investment is for me. Looking forward to engaging with you all.
  5. Hi guys! I'm new to property and I'm eager to get started. I recently attended Tom Heaney's free course this weekend and I want to know if anyone has done the same course or has paid for one of his further packages. I have only just stumbled upon property hub and I am really taking in their advice about watching our for scam courses. It is great to see the free content on this website. As I want to secure a deal within the next free months is it possible to do so without paying for extra help?
  6. Hi, Background: I had been saving money since about 10 years old, initially for university costs, until I suddenly realised there is something called the student loan company when I was about 17 years old. More recently I have bought my home a couple of years ago, with some help from the help to buy ISA, and now live in the South East Essex region. At present: I am in my mid 20s and happened to find the property podcast when I decided I want to be more productive on my commutes to work. The property podcast is one of my favourite podcasts, and has been the most inspiring thing I have listened to because it sounds and feels realistic. Just feels a shame that I only found it after 300 episodes. So far I have listened to about 225 episodes and can't wait to get up to date. Meanwhile, I looked and done all the courses on the property hub university. Goal: I wish to start investing to secure extra income for me comfortably support a family in the future, because I feel one source of income alone is not enough to achieve what I want. As a beginner investor, I would like to start on easy mode first and look into professional lets to secure about at least £1000 per month net yield as my first milestone, and then see how my goals change as I build more experience. I hope to achieve this by about 2 years, though I am not sure whether this is too ambitious or not. In terms of location, I am not too concerned at the present, though I feel cities and satellite commuter towns would be a safe bet. I would greatly appreciate any support and mentoring help from the more experienced landlords out there. Many thanks, GP
  7. Hi everyone. I am keen to get started in my investing career. Before I begin purchasing investments for myself, I am aiming to source deals for other investors. I would like to know more about property sourcing as I am very much a beginner. A few things I would like to know include: - What information should I gather from potential investors? i.e. areas they are interested in, types of houses/flats, number of bedrooms, strategy. - What do I need to budget for? - How to avoid being cut out as the middle man when the investment opportunity has been passed on to the investor? - Should I seek professional advice regarding sourcing as an individual or as a company? - What professionals am I required to use? Thank you in advance Adam
  8. Hi all, What have I done in property so far? - Attended plenty of local talks - Researched about HMO's online - Listened to this podcast and a few others. Plans for the future? - Own a 2 bed house by 2019, after uni. Live in it and rent out other room. Skills or knowledge I possess: - Digital marketing - SEO I wanted to ask all of you, what do you think are the next best steps for me to take? I'm thinking that for me it's really important to find a mentor? But I'm struggling to find one. Any ideas? Thank's folks. Simon.
  9. hi all my name is Terry I am in the process of exchanging contracts on my 1st buy to let property. i thought it would be simple getting buildings insurance, but there are so many options and levels of cover i feel a bit lost tbh. While i obviously would like the best cover for security reason i don't want to purchase a product i really don't need. I'm sure this seams like a silly question to many experienced investors but as this is my first any advise would be grateful. Kind regards Terry
  10. Hi everyone! I am a 17 year old from Liverpool wanting to become entrepreneur and I have a drive to be successful in the world of business. Luckily finding entrepreneurship at a young age allowing me to change my mindset with the help of books ; Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Property magic by Simon Zutshi I know now I want to start my entrepreneurial journey in property investment to build something substantial and be the absolute best I can be. I have a personal goal to become financially free and a millionaire before the age of 27. I am looking forward to learning from everyone and hearing everyone's stories, successes and just learning from like minded individuals in general. Anyone feel free to contact me especially from the Liverpool area get in touch with me as I want to establish good relationships from people in the industry from my city and build a network of people. So do get in touch if from Liverpool and anywhere else also to discuss possible business ventures, opportunities or just to talk about property and any topic to do with it . Thanks , Dan.
  11. Hi all, great to fine such a fantastic resource at the tip of my fingers. It seems like there’s some excellent advice given. I’m pondering property investment as a place to put my savings and create a secondary income. Once on my feet I’d like to give more time to it and perhaps consider doing full time but for now it would be a side project. Current Situation Both my partner and I have about 50k in saving and are currently renting in London. We’re considering what to do at the moment, we’re both keen to get on the ladder soon and don’t want to rent for much longer, I’m consious however that a lot of our additional money will go into our house once purchased. I’m pondering what to do. Do we buy a house toward the bottom end of our budget and get back to saving to put aside money to get a deposit together for our first buy-to-let? Do we stay where we are and invest our money in x2 buy to let’s? All whilst continuing to pay London rent. We currently can save about 25-30k p/a and still live comfortably. Goal I want to be in a postion of having created £3000 worth of passive income in the next five years, whilst continuing working full time. Once this is done I’d like to go into property full time and work on my portfolio. Is there anything anybody could suggest? Also on a side note, what are the constraints/risks to using residential mortgages on buy-to-let’s, both my partner and I are in a position whereby we can get x2 separate residential mortgages. I know this is obviously not the done thing but any guidance on this would be welcome. Thanks in advance, Niall.
  12. Hi all, I'm in the process of researching a deal. I think I have found a really good one with the only issue being the lease has 98 years left on it (126 years from 1990). Now being a podcast listener , I've heard from Rob and Rob that I should be looking for at least 100 years. RMP even state they look for 125 on their fundamentals screening. What do people think? Is this a deal breaker? How easy would it be to extend the lease and how do i go about enquiring? Thanks in advance. Bob
  13. Hi all, I'm Billy, just turned 30 from London and now living in Essex. I've been renting for the past few years and now along with savings and money from family I have around £30k for a deposit on a property. I'd really like to start buying and flipping and eventually build a portfolio but I am a complete beginner. So any advice what so ever would be excellent eg. books to read, websites to look on or just general tips for beginners. Thanks for reading, hope to see some replies
  14. Hi all, I found the HUB today after trying to find reviews regarding the Legacy Elite Training. Some interesting posts on these forums. My friend and I attended the 3 day basic training this weekend and well I'm not really sure what to say. I think I will leave it there to be honest. I am new to the property investment world and really looking to integrate with like minded folk with the same aspirations and motivation. My objective is to gather knowledge and confidence with the strategies and concepts to become a successful property investor.
  15. Hello, I’m 22 years old from Sheffield and currently working as an architectural assistant before beginning my master’s degree in September, with the intention of becoming an architect in the future. Having read rich dad poor dad and richest man in Babylon when I was around 18 my mindset towards money was altered early, but I stupidly failed to implement any of the principles whilst I was at university. I unsurprisingly have an interested in buildings/construction in general but from an early age it was programs on TV that sparked an interest in properties specifically. I have replaced listening to music whilst at work with a variety of property/entrepreneurial podcasts about three weeks ago, having started from the very beginning I am literally years behind with them all but I think it is important to educate myself as I know so little about the legalities etc. and time is something that I guess I do have. I don’t personally own any property, I have little savings and I am returning to university for 2 more years, BUT I am determined individual and will continue to educate myself/save as much as I can so that when I can finally make the plunge I will do. My very top goals in property is to be able to buy land and develop on it and to carry out high end renovations/conversions of properties also. To achieve these goals, I would like to have built up a portfolio of rental properties with solid yields for a good monthly cash flow, and I would love to flip properties for extra capital along the process (and to familiarise myself with renovation). I am unsure which type of rental property I would specialise a strategy for, as I keep learning new things which leads to frequent changes in my approach. I am more inclined towards the investor route rather than being a landlord as but I am open to either. I would like to go to one of the property meetups to be able to talk to like minded individuals that can provide advice, all of which I am sure is valuable and I believe I would benefit greatly from having a mentor so this is something I would consider also. Feel free to make contact as it would be great to chat to others and start building up a network. Thanks and regards, Lewis Wake.
  16. Hello All, I am very new to this group and I am so happy to find a property investment hub based in the UK! My name is Margaret Boukadia and my aim is to invest in a property portfolio with very little cash. I aim to make a lucrative career out of property investment and would therefore welcome any experienced advise people have on building a property portfolio. My focus is on purpose built flats in the London/Croydon area and I am aiming for couples and small families. Apart from gaining useful information/guides/tips from this group, I also expect to build great working relationships with other investors, private financiers, surveyors and other professions related to this field. Please drop me a line and introduce yourself Kind regards, Margaret Boukadia
  17. Hi Everybody! Just a quick note to say hello and to express my excitement to be(come) part of this amazing property community. I am totally new to property and haven't got any property of my own yet. However, I have followed the property podcast up to episode 60 as of now, I have read 'Property Investment for Beginners', 'The Complete Guide to Property Investment', I'm in the middle of 'Rich Dad Poor Dad', half way through 'How to win friends and influence people' and in the middle of 'Beyond the Bricks'. '100 Property Investment Tips' and several other books from the TPP resource sections are already in the shelf/on my kindle ready for studying. Think i'm going nuts at the moment as i don't know where to take all the time from to get deeper and deeper into property. All my life I've never ever had any remote interest in anything finance or investment, let alone property (investment) which appeared to me as one of the most unsexy things I could ever imagine. However, to my surprise it only took a couple of TPP episodes to get me not only interested in property but, even more than that, totally excited after I started listening to Rob and Rob's Property Podcast episodes. In the last three weeks I have - set a super goal (a total novum for me!) - set a financial goal for the next year - read the books listed above - packed all my free time full of podcast listening and forum reading - been driving all around london in my employer's car (which i usually hate doing) as it has bluetooth and I can listen to the podcast during work times - changed my financial attitude from wasting to saving (it is - oh surprise - fun!) - changed my whole motivation and attitude towards my current job as I now know I am doing it for a special purpose for certain, foreseeable, time. For now I am just waiting for some money to sum up to a decent lump sum for my first mortgage. I know when that will happen and until then I will use the remaining time to improve my financial education further. About me. I am a photographer from Germany, work as a warehouse manager in a company in East London and I sailed from the Netherlands to the UK in 2014. I am looking forward to learn from this forum and to build up a network based on mutual benefit. Also I would love to gain skills in property photography which I can then use to help others in my network with. For now, thanks for providing this most useful platform and I hope to meet a couple of you on the London meeting in December 2016. Thanks everyone for the great work!
  18. Hi Folks, So for those of you who are keeping up with me, you'll know I'm searching all ways of building up my capital to start my own portfolio, so here's my next potential scheme, that I'd like your advice on please! So me and my partner are looking at getting our first home in the next 8 months, looking to get settled and secure before investing. The original plan was to find a nice house that's ready to live in, however! Now I'm learning more and more about property, my thoughts are as follows; could we, buy a BMV home, refurbish it, settle in for a year maybe two then address any further refurbishments that might need doing, then sell on for a profit. I don't know how long we'd have to wait for the property to raise in equity? The general thought is that, If we can make a decent profit out of something we are doing already, this will get us to our starting capital goal faster! Pleas let me know your thoughts and if there's any potentials gains I've missed. Looking forward to the replies! Thanks, Brian.
  19. Hi there, fairly new to property investment and recently joined property hub. I have 3 properties of my own but have recently setup a limited company to start working without the personal liability and to take advantage of all that a company gives you. Atm, I am waiting to complete on a 50k 2 bed semi in chorley. Cash buying. The intention is to do it up and sell again as soon as pos. 3 questions - Do mortgage lenders make it difficult for a prospective buyer if the property was already bought in the last 6 months? - The property is a terraced house but the only alternative access to the back garden is through the neighbours garden? Therefore a prospective buyer will need to bring bins etc through his own house to get to the front OR through the neighbours back garden and down the alleyway. My solicitor has struggled to get an answer on the access? Any tips? Been waiting a month for this simple question. - I set up the limited company last month and so far I have only payed for a property survey report (£790) through the company account. If I don't complete before end of tax year, do I still need to pay for the company accounts to be done for this tax year or can I just claim the property survey report in next years accounts? Any other tips or advice would be most welcome - the do's and don't's! Many thanks, Andy
  20. Hi Property Hub, I had a look on the site when it launched and am looking forward to joining the community now it's full steam ahead. I'm at the start of my property journey and I own one property in Newcastle and have bought one off plan from RMP (anyone heard of them? ;-). My goal is to buy two more properties by the end of the year in the North east with my 2 brothers as JV partners. Despite Rob and Rob saying "never invest in the north east" we're doing well on our first property and are confident about taking small steps. Ideally I'd like to meet people with experience in investing in the North East of England particularly in Newcastle and Durham, can anyone point me in the right direction of anyone interesting? I'm looking forward to being involved in this community. Tom
  21. Hi, I recently read a book called 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' - arguably the best investment I have made in myself to date - which then lead me to read 'Property Investment for Beginners'. After reading these books, I have immediately started saving to make my first property investment. It seems logical to make my first investment more about 'learning the trade' as opposed to making huge and/or immediate returns, with the intention to increase my appetite for risk in line with the more experience I have (open to arguments for/against this idea). Firstly, what literature, websites or events would you personally suggest? But here's the real questions: Hypothetically speaking, if you were in my position, but had the knowledge and experience you have now, what type of investment would you make, and why? I am extremely grateful to anyone who takes the time to give there advice/questions/comments - thank you! Enya.
  22. Hi, Just a quick intro. I am new to this all. I've been listening to Rob & Rob for a while now but I have had my own obstacles to overcome. My wife and I have recently taken the decision to get in to property investment. We've just came off the back of our fixed rate with our own property and have remortgaged to take out some of the equity which is allowing us to put down a deposit on our first rental. We're based in Scotland (West) and have taken the decision that, although there are some really good deals further afield, we want to look local just now so we're having a look at Ayrshire and its surrounds. The good thing is there are some really good priced places here which leads to some really good yields. I have a background in business, corporate finance and both my degrees were in finance so I understand a real difference between cost, value and most importantly opportunity cost (as an economist would say, the true cost of something is that which you give up to get it). We've identified a few places around the £50k mark and are now speaking to the agents to get us some viewings and take our first steps. I'd love to hear from people who are experienced, who have ANY advice to offer (I'm about to start the Property Hubs Tax Classes) but I'm interested in how you might force down a price, what I should be looking for (and avoiding) with the properties (internally I mean, we've researched the external stuff - i.e. schools, industry, area etc - as we've only ever bought one house before and we live in that - luckily we also understand there will be a quality difference. All thoughts are welcome and I look forward to joining the ranks of landlords
  23. Guest

    New & ready to go!

    Hello everyone! My name is Leone and I am a Teacher from Liverpool! Having no faith at all in my current pension scheme, I am looking to start investing in property so that I can enjoy my career without worrying too much about my future! Having bought Rob Dix's book - Property Investment for Beginners, I feel I have a better understanding of how property investment can work for me. I am now ready & excited to start this adventure with my deposit in hand. I am a complete beginner to the property world and would like some advice on how to get started! My aim over the next few years is to build up a good portfolio of BTL houses. Although I am a 'First Time Buyer' I am exploring the option of 'Buy to Let' which is proving difficult as most lenders would like to see a mortgage already in place before they give a ‘Buy to Let’ mortgage (one lender already told me this couldn’t be done!) Can anybody suggest a good independent mortgage broker? I am looking to invest in the Liverpool area to begin with and looking at properties around 100k, aiming at young professionals/families. . Thanks, Leonie.
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