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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Hubers, Wonder if you can help me out? My service management/estate agent has recently advised that I should rent my BTL property to a corporate company to do what’s called a “corporate let”. The idea behind it is the the corporate let would basically sublet the property to contractors and possibly through AirBNB. My questions are; What are the caveats to doing this? Would I need a special contract between myself (landlord) and the corporate company or would a contract between myself and the lettings company be enough? Would the building insurance have to be notified that the property is being sublet to a business? I take it the mortgage provider would also need to be notified which could mean having to change product or would I just need to notify them on remortgage only? If anyone’s been in this position, I would love to hear from you. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi everyone, I am relative new to the forum, and enjoyed the property podcast for a few months now. I am currently working for a big multinational and holding T2 VISA in the UK, as a UK resident, but not as a permanent resident. I am thinking of getting my BLT property here but wondering if it could be done. Any mortgage broker is able to help and can arrange a call with me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dennis
  3. Hi All, Given the current climate, a property investment in my mind is increasingly compelling. Ideally looking for studio in London zone 1/2/3 around ~£300k. I'm 27 and hoping to get some input from you seasonned investors, regarding my financing options. I'm currently working hard and full-time building a tech company, from which I take a tiny monthly salary of £1,700 net. I own an apartment in London outright, value is approx £800k and I have £60k currently invested in stock/crypto which I could put into a deposit. The aforementioned property is a three bed, I rent the other two bedrooms for a total of ~20k per annum and live in the third. My question is; given my low, risky and irregular income would a bank realistically provide me with a mortgage? If so, how should I go about framing this application? Remortgaging, would be an option but not my first. If not, are there any other routes I should be exploring? I'm primarily looking for long-term appreciation rather than monthly income. Thank you in advance. PS; Would love to connect with property investors for knowledge exchange and coffee (at safe distance); I have deep expertise in software and digital assets PM me
  4. Hello , first post! Firstly just like to say what an amazing resource this is for newbies like myself! Although I do have a question that I just can’t seem to get my head around, with regards to going either LTD or sole trader, and I hope someone maybe able to explain. Could anyone explain the differences in tax’s, albeit roughly, assuming average for rates etc on the following for ltd and sole trader: Income: £30kpa BTL propertys x 2 bringing in pre tax: £12kpa Difference would be on future property’s obviously. TIA
  5. Hi, I'm starting to look at a number of different cities to build my property portfolio this year. I've got one in the pipeline in Liverpool and starting to research where next. I like the look of Sheffield and planning a trip up in the spring to have a look round. I live in London and I would love someone who has a bit of local knowledge to provide me with a bit of advise on particular areas to look. I'm concentrating in the city centre and have a budget of £100k. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Laurie
  6. Hi Guys, I'm new to the property scene, so trying to gather as much information as I can from any source. I have money to buy a number of properties, looking to create enough residual income to almost retire... hopefully. thanks Shaun
  7. Hello there, I already have a personal BLT, but since I also own a holding company [with SIC 70100] I'm trying to get the Ltd company to buy the properties instead. So far so good, the challenges I have are: Many lenders do not operate in Scotland so most of the information I can find on the net seems very rest of UK focus I like to use the holding company for this, however it seems many lenders require a SPV to do property investment and nothing else. Many specifically require a Ltd company registered with these SIC codes and to operate on those only: 68100, 68209, 68320 Has anyone come across these and... any suggestions? My biggest pain is having to create another company (more accounts, more fees, more things to remember for HMRC...). Since I already have a company and in theory I can register 4 SIC codes in total, I was hoping that should be enough but have been told by some lender brokers that it needs to be a SPV Has anyone had similar experience? Any feedback would be great! Thanks Eddie
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