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  1. Hello My aim is to create a space to discuss HMO/SA/BMV/BRRR deals in Oxford.
  2. Hi All, I just wanted to introduce myself. My names Michael, I’ve been utilising theProperty Hub content for a few years now but admittedly I do not engage on the forum as much as I should! I operate a sourcing business in Edinburgh and the Lothians, helping source properties for investors that match their investment criteria. i do this through direct to vendor so focus on discounted (bmv) deals. Where a property requires refurbishment I am interested in Joint Venturing with investors with either an exit strategy of re-sale or Rent out. If any of the above is of interest then always keen to chat as well as discuss what other investors are doing in the central Scotland market. Thanks, Michael
  3. Hi all, Boris said earlier today he expects the Covid-19 Pandemic to last around 12 weeks. I understand it’s early days yet but what (if any) effect do you think it will have on the property sell market? I’m in the process of purchasing a property to move into, renovate over a period of 12-18 months and then sell on. Also I’m purchasing through a 2Year fixed rate mortgage. The application was submitted the day before the BBR fell to 0.25%. Is it worth re-applying/seeing what (cheaper?) products are now available or will lenders be more restrictive of who they lend to? Thanks in advance for any advice! Rich
  4. Hi all, Very new to the world of property investment and even newer to Property Hub. What areas around Liverpool and the Greater Manchester areas would you recommend for strong yielding BTL houses or flats. Full Market Value of the properties would be anywhere between £80,000 - £110,000 (flexible either direction), would be looking to buy the properties BMV and refurb accordingly. Capital Growth potential on the properties would be ideal but not of utmost importance from the outset. I realise it is a big net I'm casting here but any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated from you guys and gals. Kind regards, Ian
  5. Dear all, Has anyone used https://www.oneandonlypro.com/, they claim to have AI that provides BMV deals for property investors. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Best regards Tim
  6. Hi Everyone, I am brand new to the world of property investment but have been involved in construction all my adult life. I run a Refurbishment/Renovation business in the South East. My goal now is to start a portfolio that will allow me to have more free time. I am keen to learn and eager to succeed but would greatly appreciate any help or advice on offer for someone new to the game. My strategy would be to buy BTL's that require some renovation so I can add value and keep the cash flowing. I am self employed and so is my Fiance although we have equity in our current property our employment status has limited our lenders. I would love to hear if anyone has had a similar situation or any advice on getting started. Thanks in advance. Scott
  7. Hi everyone. Thanks for having me. Looking at properties I've managed to accumulate several per week that have very good potential profits attached to them. Currently my capital is tied up and I'm currently in a JV so I'm passing them on but I'd like to become compliant. Would anyone know of the process and procedure I'd have to undertake to progress to becoming a compliant sourcer? Thanks everyone
  8. Hi all, First of all- I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this forum. I've learnt so much just by reading through and I believe I will continue to spend countless of hours on here getting myself educated. This is my first ever post - so please excuse if my question seem silly. I've read a few books and listened to many podcasts about buying properties BMV, refurbish it, rent it out and re-mortgage after 6 months or so. My question is: How are investors funding these deals? For example if you have £100k cash, and a property up in Manchester is £65k with a refurb cost of £8k, do you buy it with cash completely and re-mortgage it after 6 months to get as much of your money back out? or do you just put down 25% as deposit, get a mortgage, fund the £8k refurb cost with cash and re-mortgage after 6 months? Of course, I understand there are pro and cons or being a cash buyer, but from an investor point of view, what is the best way to invest the cash you have in hand and what are the norms that other investors are doing to 'recycle' their cash? Many thanks!
  9. Hi am a new property investor currently have 2 buy to property’s signed up to this place cause looks like a great place where can get information and hopefully help me on my journey and just figuring out where I can find some information that will point me towards some great deals here is my criteria below IF ANYONE COULD HELP POINT ME IN RIGHT DIRECTION WOULD HELP !! I am currently looking for cash flow investment propertys for buy to let’s in the Liverpool area here is my criteria Areas in good location with strong rental demand and ideally with good long term capital growth 3 bedrooms or higher houses no apartments my price range is 100-170k I don’t mind if house needs renovations or not I am looking for motivated sellers who are eager to sell for below market value I offer percentage amounts varies on discount to property which I will pay estate agents or sources finders fee in cash I just exchanged contracts on a house in wavetree which market value was £160k which my surveyor confirmed and the owner wished to leave the uk and was eager to sell so gave a 20% reduction in price for a no hassle straight forward sale So I got the property for 32k and gave the estate agent 4K in cash finders fee ! If these deals you sometimes come across please reply back and we can speak further
  10. Hello everyone i have recently setup a company called Hesford Real Estate Limited and I have a couple of BMV options that sellers are in progress accepting. I have a potential buyer. I am not sure what to do next if the buyer accepts. My training only covers up to the point of buyer accepting. I guess the next phase would be to get the cash off the buyer. So a question Do I need to involve the buyers solicitors for the TR1 form for transfer of deed or is that something the buyer does?
  11. Hi everyone, I have been meaning to do this for a while. I am a Belfast investor who having moved to the city this year am enthused by the dozens of cranes in the skyline that havnt been here in such numbers ever. I prefer professional new build apts in central belfast areas. I will be in the position to buy another property towards the end of the year and at the minute the north of England is the most appealing as frankly I cant find the deals here at home. I have tried to contact developers as an individual investor to get bmv deals to no avail and tried negotiating a price reduction as part of a multi purchase with my dad again to no avail. But I did get further with the latter approach and was wondering: a ) Is there a property club in belfast, an inner circle as such. PM me if you don't want to share publically. b ) If not, I would like to start a club or business that might specialise in approaching developers with a group of investors as a negotiating tool to get bmv deals with new build apartments/houses. I have tried to get Rob to consider Belfast to no avail I also would love to get some of your views in starting up such an enterprise and what pitfalls I need to consider. Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from everyone. Cheers Eoin eoinmcg66@hotmail.com
  12. Hi There, My fiancee and I have recently gotten into property investment and are finding our feet. It is an amazing journey thus far and this community has been very helpful. Through some hard work and persistence, we have found three very desirable properties that are part of a deceased estate. There are four siblings which have turned over the properties to a solicitor to handle. We have made contact with one of the siblings and are now preparing to contact the solicitor directly. Any pointers on how to get these properties before they go on the open market? They all need a bit of refurbishment done to them (some more than others). We would appreciate any wisdom and experience anyone may be able to offer! Thank you, C&L
  13. Hi, Following on from my other thread, how do you guys go about finding a bargain property deal these days? Probate property has worked for me in the past but as I mentioned it's hard to find. I know nothing beats building relationships with agents and I'm working on that but I guess I'm looking for more of a desktop approach to work with alongside that. thanks
  14. Hi all, I'm looking to start expanding my portfolio after being an accidental landlord for the last few years, but am struggling with sourcing purchases. Have gone through through the training on thepropertyhub and propertygeek websites, which both have been really useful, but am still wondering if the properties I'm finding are good choices and what I should be paying for them. I came across Susannah Cole's website thegoodpropertycompany after listening to her interview on the propertygeek podcast (which I really enjoyed and can happily recommend btw) and have seen that she does a workshop in Bristol entitled "Sourcing Discounted Deals". I wondered if anyone has attended that and whether they would recommend it? Or if people have any other workshops, books, podcasts or even general advice on how to improve my sourcing skills I'd be grateful to hear from them. I appreciate it is probably just fear that is holding me back, but I am hoping with a bit more education and guidance I can overcome that and take those first few steps. Thanks all, Nick
  15. Hi all, I want to set up a HMO within the next 12 months between 5 and 8 rooms for the professionals close to a town. Good spec and furnished as I want to get the most out of my investment. I live in cannock and I would be willing to sent one up within 20 miles of this area, I'm thinking a big old end terraced property that is in a really bad state. I'm just finishing off my first flip and it should be on the market in 2 weeks time. Im in the building trade and have good people around me I just need to get all the info together now so I'm not hanging around so I can get started ASAP. I think I no most of it but I'm always after more info and what procedures do I start first when setting up a HMO. If anyone does no anything then could you please share some info on this as I need something to follow to so it all flows nicely. Many thanks Jamie
  16. Hi Guys, I'm new to the property scene, so trying to gather as much information as I can from any source. I have money to buy a number of properties, looking to create enough residual income to almost retire... hopefully. thanks Shaun
  17. Hi guys, So I've done enough reading about property investing, BTL and HMO's. It's now time to start investing but want to get your views first. I have around 120k to invest and I'm looking to get in a position where I'm earning a good residual income (above 2k a month after expenses). I don't have much time to manage any properties that I purchase, so need a plan which wouldn't take up most of my time. Is 2k possible a month (after bills). So questions. What property would you look for in my position? BTL or HMO's? I've been told that I could only buy up to 4 buy to lets 25% LTV mortgages as many lenders will not lend any more mortgages than this, is this true and if so, how do I overcome this? I live in the North West and Manchester is I'm told the place to invest, I've often looked at Liverpool but been told that some areas of Liverpool are not a good investment. So what area's are and does a 3 bedroom rent better than a 2 bedroom? I'm itching to buy my first property in my new venture but sometimes find myself nervous in taking the plunge, I viewed a number of properties but haven't seen anything that attracts me but then am I looking at it the wrong way. thanks Shaun
  18. I would be very interested in talking to anyone who has experience of flipping properties around the Guildford area (10 mile radius). As per Rob’s suggestion, I’m happy to buy lunch for anyone with experience who would be happy to talk about their successes! Thanks, Charlotte
  19. Hi all, I am new to this forum but a big fan of the podcast and online courses. Thanks Rob & Rob, I've learnt so much from you already, really glad I came across your podcasts when I first started learning about investing. I wonder if you can help me. I live and work in London as a TV producer (not Homes Under the Hammer don't worry) but I am from Leeds and looking to invest there. Currently looking for a BMV single let in Leeds and am hoping you might know of a trusted deal sourcer who can help. I am looking to invest around £70 k - £80k for a 3-4 bedroom house that will rent for around £600 - £700 a month. Not really interested in doing any kind of refurb but I am happy to decorate if it's worth it for higher rent. This will be my first BTL property but all funds and lender are in place and good to go. I am of course happy to pay a sourcing fee. Once I have this property up and running I would like to start investing in HMOs and/or Serviced Accommodation. I would love to hear from anyone on here who might be able to help source this for me? Or possibly point me in the direction of someone who can. Many thanks Katie Horbury
  20. Hi Everyone, I am a full time investor and landlord with a portfolio of HMO's in Luton & Bedford and single let's in Manchester. I even got a mention in the propertyhub magazine, thanks Rob and Rob! I am currently expanding my Manchester portfolio and am viewing dozens of properties within 20 mins walk the city centre and Salford Quays as well as some other key areas with good fundamentals. I work in a very systemised way, generating extensive data and building relationships with estate agents. I am always happy to chat with and help other investors at all experience levels and look to find smart ways of working together. Thanks, Nick nikork900@hotmail.com
  21. Hi all, Looking for advice from people with experience in making BMV offers for flipping as this will be the purpose of my first project. What I'm really trying to determine here is a realistic conservative value for the below property example. Until I come to a clue I can't begin coming up with an offer price and sourcing potential finance options. Any opinions or just general advice to make the determining value process easier will all be welcome and greatly appreciated. About the property: Located in the town I grew up, on a street within two minute walk to town center so searching for 3 bed detached comparible properties even within 1 mile doesn't return many results due to its location. Most Streets close to town centre consist of terraced houses. The street consists of a mixture of mainly terraced and semi detached properties and 2-3 detached. Most of the semis are 3 bed though roughly a similar size to the property I'm intested in. A brand new primary school has been built on the street and a couple older properties have had full refurbs but not currently finished so hopefully it may bring the general value of the street up, also two new build semis mid street that have also not yet gone to market. The house istself self is located at the quiet end of the street, has been empty for years and deteriorated considerably. Windows have been smashed for years and they have now boarded up the windows and front door too. Full renovation will be required, completely stripped back to brick. I was planning on contacting the owner via writing however I happened to park outside the other week and someone was raking back the over grown weeds, the owners son, after a quick chat it turns out they are looking to sell and want a quick sale! So area stats: Potential flip: 3 bed detached, long garden, off-road parking for one car (rare on this street) 2 reception rooms, kitchen, downstairs WC, 3 bedrooms upstairs bathroom. Last sale: 2003 Price paid: £85k Identical property (mirror image) next door, this is as close a comparable house you will get as they looks the same so assuming built together: Sales: 1997: £53k 2011: £100k 2015: £130k Highest amount paid in the street: Similar sized 3 bed semi however it had potential building plot with side garden: 2014: £155k The floowing are all different properties sold prices: Street sales before 2008 crash: 2005 - £115k - 3 bed semi 2005 - £95k - ? semi (no property info) 2006 - £121k - 3 bed semi 2006 - £125k - 3 bed semi 2007 - £123k - 3 bed end terrace Street sales after 2008 crash: 2011 - £80k - 3 bed semi 2014 - £110k - 3 bed semi 2014 - £155k - 3 bed semi (Ceiling?) 2015 - £130k - 3 bed detached (identical) 2016 - £60k - ? Semi (no property info) Postcode stats: As previously mentioned searching the surrounding 1/4, 1/2, 1 mile area doesn't return many comparable due to its location so here are some postcode stats in general: Average sold prices: General average - £150k (09/17) Average detached - £184k Average Semi - £130k Obviously there is more research I can do into the area which I have and continue to do and I have not spoken to any EA's yet to get their thoughts on the area and price. At this initial stage I'm apprehensive about getting the estimated potential value as close as I can. If you managed to get through all of that thanks for reading!!! Hopefully someone can lend some advice and look forward to hearing from any of you. Dan
  22. Hi, I'm new to property investing and would appreciate some advice, accidentally fell into property 9 years ago not knowing anything, I have two joint mortgages (1 btl and 1 residential which my mum resides in, mortgage term ends in 6years). Sold another property in 2013 (didn't reinvest). I am currently renting where I live now in London (2 bed maisonette) and in Sept would renew the rental contract, I approached the managing agent to ask if the landlord would be interested in selling or proposed a rent to buy option over the next 1-2 years. The next day the agent called and came over to do a valuation of the property, so it would seem the landlord is interested in selling. I'm currently waiting for the valuation (agent came this evening). A property Sold on this road in Feb for 350k, it was much more modernised, this one needs some work. The Landlady bought in 1999 for 70k, she has a current court dispute with my neighbour prior to me moving in last year, so I think she would be keen to sell, especially as her response was so quick. (I have no issues with said neighbour). So my situation is that I don't yet have a deposit, but would definitely like to buy this place. My aim is to buy BMV and make a 3rd bedroom, new kitchen and new bathroom, there is also scope for an extension at the back. I would like to reside here as my children are happy here, but if necessary I would let it (current rental 1500 for 3 bed). The options I have considered are: 1) remortgage my property with my mum to release equity (159,000) and use what I need as deposit as well as to invest in buy to sell out of London in ltd company 2) My aunt has sold her SE London property a few months ago and has money in the bank (unknown amount gaining little interest), do I approach her to invest so I can buy? And how do I get all the money back out of the property once revalued, so she gets her ROI and I can continue to invest? I'd still be remortgage above property with my mum. 3) find an investor/s to buy property in cash BMV? Then mortgage it to get ROI?? (Is that what I would need to do?) 4) rent to buy contract if I am unable to get the deposit, remortgage home with my mum and invest in order to raise deposit in the next year or 2. Am I on the right track on my thinking? Which strategy is the most viable? Are there other options you would decided to do? Just to add I'm buying on my own, I am self employed and have 2 years of accounts. I'm reading as much as I can, and have listened to all rob and rob podcasts, and others and I am going to meet ups. I want to invest full time and leave my day job. The getting started bit is overwhelming. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Carmelle
  23. Some people think that Rob D isn’t a new builds kinda guy, this isn’t true. New builds are great for hands off investors, but you need to be aware of key points to be successful. Learn all about what you need to be mindful of on this week's podcast. Do you go for new builds or do you tend to avoid them?
  24. Hi guys, I recently moved back from New Zealand, and I’m just starting to build my portfolio in Scotland. I would greatly appreciate someone reviewing my plan and poking holes in it. My strategy is to buy at a discount, renovate, and then refinance after 6 months (pulling most of my cash out). My goal is to reach £2000 in passive income in 2 years. I drew a picture of my plan as it probably provides a better explanation than my ramblings below. I have a starting pot of £160k from the profit of selling my BTL portfolio I built in New Zealand. I will be purchasing property in Scotland, and on average I’ll need £30k for each property purchase (25% deposit, refurb, legal fees, stamp duty). I just picked up my first property today that leaves £9,810 in the deal and produces £223.78 / month after refinancing – I’m not a maths whizz, but I’m handy with a spreadsheet. I reckon I can find plenty more properties that only leave a max of £10k in the deal and would produce £200 / month after all expenses. So, unless I’m missing something hugely obvious, simple maths states that I will need another 9 of these types of properties to achieve my goal. My strategy seems way too simple, and I’m wondering if I’m missing anything out? Can any experienced investors reveal what I’m not considering or any roadblocks I’ll encounter, or is building a 10 property portfolio producing £2000 / month really this easy? Cheers, Jamie
  25. Hi! I'm very new to this but excited nonetheless! So my current strategy is sourcing bmv properties and selling straight to investors HOWEVER ... I have not done it before and would really appreciate any help/advice that you may have! In particular I want to establish a small investor list of 3-5, but have no idea where to start/network or even how to present myself Help! Thank you
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