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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All I noticed that The Complete Guide to Property Investment book shows that it has been updated for 2019 on Amazon is this the case for the audiobook? I am about to subscribe to Audible but want the most recent version for obvious reasons :-) Thanks Hubbers
  2. Hi all Not sure if this is the right place for this. Buy anywho. I have a question regarding chapter 5 of Rob Dixs' book 'The Complete Guide to Property Investment'. I am confused, how the 'flipper' in the case study ends up with a 20k profit at the end of their first flip. My calculations, and understanding are as follows. They buy for £90,000 They put in a £27,000 deposit for a £63,000 mortgage with bridging finance They spend £30,000 on refurbishing, legal fees stamp duty etc. They sell for £140,000 They have a profit of £50,000 plus their original deposit of £27,000 = total in the bank £77,000 They repay the upfront refurbishing, legal fees stamp duty etc. of £30,000 from the £77,000. Leaving them with £47,000 in the bank. Considering they have spent £30,000 and put in a £27,000 deposit, totalling £57,000 costs this is actually a £10,000 loss? Rather than the £20,000 profit that is reported in the book... Can anyone shed any light on this ? I expect I have missed something fundamental and will be very embarrassed. But cannot seem to pick it up anywhere. Cheers Ed
  3. Hi all, I'm looking to start expanding my portfolio after being an accidental landlord for the last few years, but am struggling with sourcing purchases. Have gone through through the training on thepropertyhub and propertygeek websites, which both have been really useful, but am still wondering if the properties I'm finding are good choices and what I should be paying for them. I came across Susannah Cole's website thegoodpropertycompany after listening to her interview on the propertygeek podcast (which I really enjoyed and can happily recommend btw) and have seen that she does a workshop in Bristol entitled "Sourcing Discounted Deals". I wondered if anyone has attended that and whether they would recommend it? Or if people have any other workshops, books, podcasts or even general advice on how to improve my sourcing skills I'd be grateful to hear from them. I appreciate it is probably just fear that is holding me back, but I am hoping with a bit more education and guidance I can overcome that and take those first few steps. Thanks all, Nick
  4. Hi everyone, As I'm sure most of you are, I'm incredibly interested in the principle of the 18-year cycle in which booms and busts seem to repeatedly recur throughout history with amazing consistency. I am very interested to learn as much as I can about this topic as I find it so fascinating. Does anybody know if there are any dedicated books on this topic? Ideally the deeper and more technical the better! I want to get stuck right into this one if at all possible. Cheers Tom
  5. We're very excited to announce that Rob D's new book came out yesterday and we may be biased, but we think it is his best yet. In this week's special episode of The Property Podcast, we are going to discuss 'How to be a landlord', with tips from the book, and from all sorts of other places. Also, we have Meetups next week. The evening's are lighter so there's no excuse not to join your nearest get together. Find all the details here. Listen to the full episode right here.
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