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Found 3 results

  1. To set the scene, I am currently in my 2nd term having signed a 'renewal agreement' 1st of March 2022. I have given notice to my landlord to leave under the terms of the break clause in the renewal agreement, however they are claiming my notice is not valid and they are trying to say I must follow the break clause in the original contract. The original break clause: ''A minimum of two months written notice must be given, but that notice can only be given after a period of 6 months have elapsed.'' ie 8 months minimum. In the renewal agreement, the 'renewal clause' reads: ''The terms of the new tenancy shall be the same as those in the previous agreement between the Landlord and the Tenant dated 1st March 2021 relating to the property ***except for any changes in the terms mentioned in this document.”*** Then directly below the 'renewal clause' is the 'break clause' which has **changed!!** ''Either party may terminate this agreement after a period of 6 months by giving a minimum of 2 months advance written notice'' I am just over 3 months into my renewal term and i have just given notice (at least 2 months) to end my tenancy at the end of the 6th month. As far as I am aware, I have followed the rules of the renewal agreement. I have even stated to the landlord that the renewal clause states that whilst it says we are to follow the original terms in the contract, it then says ''except for any changes in terms mentioned in this document'' ie the break clause is now different and does allow us to in fact give notice to terminate the agreement after 6 months. Am I right or am I right??? Landlord thinks not. I've attached our renewal agreement.
  2. Hi, I am a tenant and I have an assured short hold tenancy agreement due for renewal (12 months). Can someone please help me to understand this break clause? I cannot make sense of it. I would appreciate any help, thank you
  3. I have tenants moving in on a 12 month tenancy and I asked for a break clause to be put in. Would you please kindly review the break clause that has been included in the AST to see if it’s water tight enough? Their tenancy will start today, 2nd Feb 18. “The Landlord and Tenant agree that after 6 months of tenancy, on the 2ndAugust 2018, notice can be given by either party to end the tenancy. The Landlord is required to give 2 months notice and The Tenant is required to give 1 months notice. This notice must be served on the date of the 2nd August 2018; should notice not be served on this day the tenancy will continue as per the term of one year less a day.” Many thanks! Jordan
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