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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I’ve been reading up about mortgage brokers, how some specialise in residential mortgages and others in buy-to-let, and how you should choose the right broker depending on what kind of mortgage you want to take out. I’m looking at remortgaging my residential property so that I can get a buy-to-let. I don’t know whether to go with a residential mortgage broker or one who specialises in buy-to-let. The process involves 2 mortgages (my residential and my eventual buy-to-let). Any suggestions?
  2. Hi all, Completing on a refurb mid-end of November and want to get on the front foot with re-financing options. Can anyone recommend a good btl broker in the East Midlands? To be fair location can be anywhere but my conveyancer will be Nottingham based. thanks
  3. Hello everyone, I hope you're well! I'm not sure if I'm in the right place for questions about my own home mortgage, if not I can remove the post. It's my first time remortgaging and I have a few questions. When we purchased the property 5 years ago we completely gutted the house back to bare brick, re-plastered, fitted new bathrooms, new kitchen, all new fixings, and gave it a fresh coat of paint. When remortgaging for when the 5-year fixed term ends should we pay to have the place valued in the hope that we've increased its value to get a better LTV ratio on the new mortgage product? Which mortgage broker would you recommend for the remortgage? When we purchased the property we used London & Country but I've since heard it's better to go with a broker that I paying rather than a fee-free broker like L&C, is this true? I've recently heard of Habito online mortgage broker, would you recommend them? Sorry for the newbie questions and thank you as always for such a great community! Cheers, Ryan
  4. Hi, new to the exciting world of property. We have set a company up but need some adcice on accountants and brokers any suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Hubbers First post- happy to be an official Hubber :-) Can anyone recommend any good independant BTL mortgage advisors in Scotland? Thanks Duncan
  6. Good afternoon all, I hope that you are well. So we have recently had an offer on a studio apartment accepted which we are looking to buy for cash. All was looking great, below market value with a view to add some good value to then refinance...that is until I checked with my broker. He mentioned that the minimum square footage needs to be 30sqr meters. Using the agents measurements on the particulars the square footage is 27-29 based on whether we take out a cupboard. I have made an appoint to take my own measurements to double check. I just wanted to ask if anyone has ever had experience of this and if its been an issue that you have managed to overcome? Thanks in advance, Stu
  7. Hey Hubbers, What are your thoughts on seeing a broker in person compared to one online - Having found various sites out there during my research? I'm teetering on the edge of jumping in and getting started and will obviously need the advice of a broker to see what's do-able. Do you think it's best to go see one face to face, or is the online market just as good these days as I'm guessing any good independent broker will have access to the products that are out there where ever they are. I must admit I would prefer "seeing" someone as over time you'll get to know each other and build that network, but then that may mean I'll miss out on better online offers which could be cheaper? Like I say still a nervous-newbie here, and feel I may just have answered my own question, but any advice from those further down the path would be great Thanks in advance PAUL
  8. Good afternoon hubbers, I'm new to property having arrived back in the UK in August after working overseas for close to eight years, and currently trying to absorb all I can - including getting through as many of the podcasts and streams of posts on this forum! Initially I'm looking to flip, build my knowledge and expertise, and gradually move to the 'recycle cash' approach. Starting point is the South Wales area. In setting up, would really appreciate recommendations for the following: an accountant in/around the Cardiff area with expertise in property who can provide tax and company set up advice; and local solicitors and mortgage brokers. Also, thoughts on whether it is better/more efficient if the above (accountant, solicitors, broker etc.) are in close proximity to where you are based or not? Or whether the key is the quality of the advisers and with email, phone, Skype etc., you can work around any distance. Thanks in advance, and look forward to your thoughts, Helen
  9. Hi All, I am hoping for some recommendations for a Ltd company mortgage broker in the Cardiff or Caerphilly area (if anyone has any)? Thank you!
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