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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all, I'm in the process of planning a new venture in property development. Over the past few months I've visited properties, built myself a comprehensive budgeting spreadsheet (that factors in all purchase, finance, holding and remortgaging costs), and gathered enough data to be able to run a simulation of my intended BRR strategy. The result has been discouraging! It would appear that given my starting capital of £100k, I'll run out of funds by my third purchase. Would an experienced developer sanity-check my simulation and confirm this? If this is indeed true, what would you suggest as a more realistic strategy to build a portfolio? A mix of BRR and flips? The BRR Simulation (this is based on figures from an actual property visited, costed, estate agents approached and comparables found) I have starting capital of £100k I buy Property A (a two bed terrace) for £120k. I use a 70% mortgage of £84K, and I put in £36k Purchase, renovation and holding costs for 6 months are a further £36K Hence, my total investment is £72k I have £28k left in the bank The house is remortaged after 6 months redevelopment for £190k The 70% mortgage releases £133k ·After paying back the first mortgage there is £49k equity released I own one property and have £77k capital left in the bank I use the money to complete Property B, which is identical, buying for £120k, again investing £72k I have £5k left in the bank The house is remortaged after 6 months redevelopment for £190k The 70% mortgage releases £133k After paying back the first mortgage there is £49k released I now have two properties, but only £54k capital remaining in the bank, which is insufficient to buy Property C BTS Conversely, if I were to use a Buy to Sell strategy, this 'model' property would make £23k after sales costs and corporation tax on my business, so things are viable. However, my goal was to build a portfolio as quickly as possible, not to flip, as this is intended to be my pension. What would you advise in terms of strategy? Flip for a while to build more capital, then revert to BRR, or to alternate between the two? Many thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I would be interested in any advice or tips, or just opinions on spending 40K budget on buy to sell property. The budget is solely for the auction purchase, not including the refurb. Very small budget, so obviously limiting in options and locations. Mainly I am interested in tips on best locations. I am obviously looking north as the property prices are low and I would be able to get something there. I have been looking at Newcastle area, North and South Shields, Leeds area and also Glasgow in Scotland. I will be all in soon, in coming months and it will be my first project, so I would be happy to hear from experienced property guys about what they think would be the best areas to go for. Appreciate any replies. Thanks!
  3. Dear Hubbers, my partner and I are in dire need of help! our longterm goal is to have portfolio generating a cashflow of +5K of rental income from single lets, that will provide us with a pool fund to do the occassional BTS as and when we see an opportunity. we are both full time professionals and do not want to take out any money as we do not need it initially but would want to create a healthy portfolio that in time would give us to option to either develop the company furhter or continue working being happy with what we have on the side. We have starting capital of 100K approx - how do we give ourselves the best start ? Lars & Zena
  4. Hi, My name is Matt and i'm very new to property investment with all manner of questions and confusions... But very interested and excited about the future of property investment. I am a home owner with equity tied up in my residential home that i would like to use to start my investment portfolio. Would love to hear anyones advice on getting started in the property investment world. Matt
  5. Hi James Kelly of York here. I am currently looking for bridging finance brokers - preferably in the north but not essential - tradesmen & letting agents in these areas, if you are one or know any please get in touch. I have been religiously following all things Property Hub related for the last 18 months whilst planning my first steps. Began whilst looking to buy my first house with my wife. We have now bought and refurbed our own home and are looking to invest in BTL in Leeds, Sheffield, York, Hull area whilst also doing other flip projects to recycle our initial capital. I work in sales and have been able to use my negotiating and project management skills to complete our refurb on budget and time, I intend to maximise this in future projects. I am of course happy to help in anyway I can in return. Best James
  6. OK so I know a perfect area will never exist but I’m interested to hear what factors people would consider when choosing an area to flip properties. My thoughts are: an area with the lowest amount of investors so there’s less competition for deals therefore a higher % owner occupiers to buy your property at the end enough of the usual fundamentals (jobs, transport etc) to make the area desirable and also to have the rent out back up option Reasonable turnover of houses and not too many new builds in the area Or is the area not actually that important and it's all about what price you can get the property at? What does everyone else think?
  7. Hi all! My names Harley Wilson, I am a Brighton based Property developer working on several schemes down in Brighton. I also have a broad network in London and other locations in the South. I'm looking to meet other developers, and investors interested in working with us on future development projects in the South. Lets connect!
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