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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I am about to embark on my first property renovation (yay?!?). So far I have made a few offers, and missed all of them. I have a profit margin I hope to achieve of 15% minimum. In order to hope to meet this target, I imagine it pays to have a pretty accurate idea of what a property might cost. I have made attempts to try and price jobs up based on a variety of sources, but I don’t feel comfortable doing it since I have no idea whether my estimates are too high or too low, and I don’t know even whether some of the jobs I am allowing for need doing, or whether I haven’t accou
  2. The teams at RMP and Yellow have both grown in this past week. RMP have said hello to Julia and Christa, and Yellow have welcomed Donna and Nicole. So that's been a pretty busy week for us all round really! We've also been creating some more free courses this week. Check out the ones that are there already here, and look out for a brand new course in the next few weeks. The Spring Budget This is a mini-budget, if you will. We've had to dig pretty deep to find something to say on this as The Chancellor did not mention housing at all. Here's a brief summary of points you mig
  3. Hi all I am looking for a ‘bank account aggregator’ or budgeting app that links to my accounts that also allows me to categorise my cash spending and provides up to date remaining budget information instantly on my phone. I know a recent resource of the week was Toshl but I don’t believe this has the bank account link. I have been frustratingly trying to align all my spending in one place for the purpose of tracking spend and budgeting. I have used budget apps and basic spreadsheet apps to input spend made from cash withdrawals ‘on the go’. I also have a main spreadsheet where I co
  4. I saw this today and think there is no harm in trying to get out voice heard. Worth signing up to https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/104880 Plenty of others have written letters to their local MP's and maybe worth getting a template letter for people to send to theirs. This will effect us all so worth doing what we can.
  5. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/104880 I happen to be home late from work and was notified of the government's response to the petition following the budget by email. The response seems to be wholly misinformed in that the changes are supposedly aimed at the wealthiest of landlords and the majority will be unaffected - what complete tosh. I am new to this game (I have two jobs, work my butt off and am investing in property for the future) and I am already wondering whether starting out in BTL is going to be worthwhile having seen the amount my tax bill will go up every year thanks
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