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Found 8 results

  1. If a property HAD C4 status and a certificate of lawful use, and was then rented out as a family let and so now HAS C3 status. Does this mean planning permission will have to be applied for again to return to C4 status even with the CLU? (This is in reference to a property I am thinking about acquiring) Thanks for any help
  2. I am a real estate investor who has a particularly keen interest in Liverpool. I like the city and its culture. So, I want to invest somewhere around 60k-150k pounds on a property. What are the best areas to invest in depending on the crime rate and expected yield percentage per year. I want to invest around the city centre. Which are the L1-L8 areas I believe. What are the best areas that I could invest in?
  3. Hi, Please can you help I am in need of some advice around mortgages. I currently have a ltd company and I want to purchase a house that needs renovating with a friend, to sell on (not BTL). My friend doesnt have a ltd company but we will need a joint mortgage, is this possible? Thanks in advance Simon
  4. Hi I am from Reading and currently going through the Goliath Sourcing Academy training. I have learned alot about property over the last month. I am in the process of putting together my goals formally. My end goal is to build a buy to let portfolio with the aim of earning atleast 7,000pcm after tax. My chosen strategy is BRRR or BR and flip. However I do not have enough capital to source. So my strategy will be to Co source deals with a deal sourcer, use that money to start my own deal sourcing business, use the money from the business to implement my strategy. Therefore if anyone if anyone is happy to assist me even look over some of the deals I have have to point me to the right direction, I would really appreciate it. Thanks all Yvette
  5. Hello all I hope you are all well. I have a dilemma and not a bad one I guess. I have a three bed flat in South London which I rent out. It makes a decent yield but not as good as my properties in Birmingham. My dilemma is, do I keep my south London flat and wait for the next boom or continue to rent out. Or sell now and buy two properties in Birmingham which will more than double my income compared to the south London one. The thing is, the London property will always rent well and have good captial growth but I feel Birimingham is also. Any advice on this would be fantastic and greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Lee
  6. Me and my partner are desperate to move out of my mums house but also I want to save up for a deposit for a flat. What's the best way to go about this?
  7. Hi All, New to this. I am 23 from Northern Ireland, live and work in Dubai and recently bought an off-plan city center property in Birmingham. After graduating from University i secured my self a job in Dubai and have been here for 1 year. I have always been passionate about property and educated my self a lot about this industry (which i work in also) Can i just have your thoughts on this investment and future predictions of the Birmingham market: 1 Bed apartment - 550sf Fully furnished to a high spec Build completion - Q4 2017 Rental Package - guaranteed 5 years of rental income Cost - £120,000 (due to it being off plan this price is already 20% under current market value and not Q4 2017 market value) Rent per month - £750 Management fee - 8% Payment scheme - 30% deposit is covered over the build period through monthly payments by me. Mortgage (after build is complete) 70% - £350/month (predicted) Thanks, Eamon
  8. Guest

    Buy this tax year or next???

    Hi all, We're about to exchange (tomorrow) on our first BTL and wanted to ask if anyone knew whether there was any value in delaying completion until the next tax year? Is there any point, and if so what? Thanks for any thoughts Stuart
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