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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, has anyone worked with an individual or company who sources properties that need renovation (i.e. to flip) in any of the following areas?: - Northamptonshire - Cambridgeshire - Bedfordshire I'm struggling to find a sourcer who works with people looking to flip properties rather than BTL. Thanks in advance, Abby
  2. Hi all, My name is Peter I am a 25 year old ex estate agent with passion for properties. I am a co-owner of property inventory business in Cambridgeshire with the hunger to become a property developer and landlord. I ended up here through "100 property investment tips" which I am currently in the middle of, I am looking to expand my knowledge as well as meet new people. Regards, Peter W.
  3. Hello all, I'm Mark and I'm almost completely new to the idea of property investment but having stumbled across the wonderful Property Pod-cast at the beginning of the year; I've since listened to all of them, some more than once and I've almost completed Rob Dix's latest book 'The Complete Guide to Property Investment' which I found very inspiring and super helpful. I'm keen to get going in buy to let investments and aim to have my first one up and running in the first quarter of 2017. Being relatively new to Cambridgeshire having spent much of my 36 years travelling and working overseas. (as I currently still do) I'd love to hear from investors around my neck of the woods who would be willing to share their experiences and perhaps steer me towards areas that are great to invest in and those that I might be better steering clear of or if they have any sound advice that would help me get the show on the road. I have family in St Ives which is a reason for considering that part of the UK but I'm completely open to investing anywhere the numbers stack up! Just as a side note, I have been working towards buying my first ever property for the past few years. It's a joint venture with my twin brother. We've been saving hard and dreaming of owning a home in Spain for a number of years now without having a mortgage to worry about. Well now we're almost in a position to make a cash purchase but knowing all I've learnt from Rob & Rob about leverage and cash flow has thrown a massive spanner in the works and we're now left wondering if chasing a heavily discounted Spanish property (It'll be our own residential property) whilst the going is good is the right thing to do. Would we be better using that cash as deposits on a number of UK properties and perhaps renting a home in Spain. Anybody who's following Spanish property news will know that prices are increasing, demand has risen and they are beginning to build new properties again, the first since the last big crash. We feel that we may miss out on an opportunity but in all honesty, we don't know what the Spanish market will do in the coming months/years. Any words of wisdom, thoughts from you guys will be well received Kind Regards Mark
  4. had a change of circumstances and i think i now need to buy at auction keep hearing about the modern method of auction and the way ahead is to check online for the properties available then make an offer rather than bid BUT all the properties i see listed are durham/keighley/notts/liverpool and i was hoping to buy in peterborough. i did a random search online a few weeks ago and could see lots of bargains in peterborough and now they've either disappeared or i'm looking at the wrong areas my question is what's the best way to look for a flip that may become a buy to let? i am looking in peterborough and surrounding areas any help would be appreciated
  5. There has been a buzz surrounding Peterborough for some time, following announcements of various development plans taking shape in and around the city. Peterborough, which was previously best known for having good transport links to bigger and brighter nearby cities, is undergoing a huge period of regeneration with a recent announcement made by Peterborough City Council declaring that UK and overseas investors are backing an impressive £130million regeneration plan. Read more at the BBC here; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-26229020 The redevelopment plan will see several key areas of the city centre set to be rejuvenated which will undoubtedly deliver new jobs, homes and outlooks for people living in Peterborough and generate interest from outsiders hoping to take advantage of our 45 minute commute to central London. Another boost for the cities image was being crowned the fastest growing city in the UK, followed closely by Milton Keynes, which has helped to enhance the confidence of local, national and overseas investors in the cities potential to deliver. Based on figures collected last year, and as reported by the BBC, the annual change in house prices in Peterborough is up 10.8% compared to national average of 6.84%. When this growth is coupled with house prices which are below the national average and a strong demand for rental properties, Peterborough offers profitable buy to let solutions. With all of these exciting plans and projects in the pipeline and to take advantage of a city on the up, I believe that now is the time to invest in Peterborough! For an informal discussion to learn more about potential returns, property selection and areas to invest, please get in touch Emma
  6. Hi Everyone Does anyone have any experience of using letting agents in Ely (Cambridgeshire) to manage your property? I would be very interested in any recommendations or thoughts (good and bad). Thanks! Fiona
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