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Found 7 results

  1. Looking for any advice/opinions about investing in Great Yarmouth and the coastal areas around it such as Gorleston- has anyone done this, and if so, what areas would you recommend, and how are you finding the rental market atm? This will be my 2nd BTL, my first is a one bed flat in Liverpool purchased through Property Hub. I'm a Norwich based investor, have looked into purchasing a BTL in Norwich and the returns just aren't as good as some coastal areas such as Yarmouth. As GY is known as a deprived area, I am of course concerned about the capital growth there, but there seems to be a lot of investment and regeneration happening in GY at the moment. This makes me wonder, is GY an up and coming town? Is it realistic to think these investments will result in a booming seaside town within the next 5-10 years, or would I be better off investing in the less deprived areas surrounding it such as Gorleston/ Bradwell etc? The regeneration projects currently planned for GY; A £120m bridge - the third river crossing - will link the town's marine and offshore industries with the A47 when it opens in 2023 The borough council's replacement £26m Golden Mile "anchor attraction", the Marina Centre leisure complex, is due to open next summer A £20.1m Town Funds grant will help create jobs and plans to turn the empty Palmers department store into a learning hub and university campus alongside the relocated Central Library Work should be completed in summer 2022 on an £18m operations and maintenance campus for the offshore renewables sector A £13.7m Future High Streets Fund will pay for the library move as well as a new heritage centre, more leisure venues and turn empty historic buildings into homes in the town centre The historic glass Winter Gardens has won a £10m lottery grant - part of a £16m restoration - and is due to reopen in 2026 as a heritage, arts and education venue The Market Place is undergoing a £4.6m revamp to help attract more shoppers A four-year £1.9m scheme to save the town centre's historic and at-risk buildings is also under way A new 'fire festival' this autumn has just been revealed in a bid to make the resort a year-round destination A London Eye-style wheel (pictured) is on a free summer loan, offering views for up to 10 miles Plans are under way to secure major festival slots next year for a film, titled Provisional Figures, shot in Great Yarmouth featuring Nuno Lopes
  2. Im an accountant who deals with a lot of individuals who are investing in BTL and those who have a property portfolio. Dealing with the tax compliance and advice. If anyone would like any advice please do not hesitate to contact me.
  3. Hello fellow investors, I am new to BTL (but have done 6 months of very solid research and am ready to invest!). I am interested mainly in Capital Growth (with positive cashflow of course...). Interested in simple BTL as I do not have time for HMO or short lets. I am planning on investing (via Ltd) in Sheffield and/or Leeds area but am based in London. I am also personally buying property in Poland (for yield and also for tax reasons) Currently I work in London and my work brings me to Sheffield quite often and I know that city. In the future I want to build Capital Growth focused simple BTL portfolio of between 5 and 10 houses in the UK and 2-3 properties in Poland (I have a dual citizenship and know both markets well) I am strong with analysis, numbers, money raising and research. Happy to speak to anyone who is also looking at Sheffield / Leeds investment to exchange ideas or even work together. kind regards, Michal H.
  4. So looks like the ball has started rolling on the expected tax grab needed to pay for this pandemic mess. Sunak has clearly voiced property transactions as an area that escapes CGT when compared against income tax brackets. He has clearly called our second home owners. Now in my view this is going to massively effect the plans of those that are coming towards their investment journey / looking to sell up. For those who are planning on being in the market for the next 20years and potentially beyond - is it fair to say that you shouldn’t base your long term investment decisions based on today’s CGT rules as surely these will change and evolve over time anyway?
  5. Hello all, I've been looking at buying in Manchester and have typically been looking for a house within 1 mile from the city centre. My thought is that a house within close proximity of the centre could be of high value in the long run once the centre starts to expand out. Most prime areas are very expensive for houses but Hulme is one of the few areas where prices are still very low. I'm not from Manchester and not that familiar with all the areas but from all the discussion around Manchester it has got me interested. I would be grateful for your thoughts on the area of Hulme and its prospects for growth. Or maybe you guys have insights to the reasons why it hasn't had the level of growth compared to other areas close to the centre.
  6. Hi, A bit of a random question but do you think much about the appearance of a property before purchasing? This is in the context of mainly aiming to buy BTL properties which increase in value. I understand the points about picking up and coming areas, transport links etc. but I was wondering- would you still invest in an ugly 1960's ex-council flat for example (if it was in the right place), or do you think more attractive properties do better with capital gains? My gut instinct is to aim for more attractive places, if you are hoping for an area to go up in value it makes sense to pick properties which look desirable, but I'm not sure if that is me getting too carried away with home design rather than thinking like an investor. What are people's experiences?
  7. Hello, I am very new to property investment I am 40 and currently working. I have read a couple of books from Rob D already and I was thinking to implement one of the strategies in his book. Basically I want to start investing by buying 1 property (1 or 2 bed flat in say London) every 1.5 years. I will keep working during those 15 years and I will have the deposit coming from savings I made while working. After 15 years, I will end up with 10 properties and assume that property doubles in price every 9-10 years in London (and this is the big if), on average all 10 properties would have doubled in price (some will be less others more depending when they were bought). I can pay out all of the mortgages by selling just 5 properties and now I end up with 5 properties which I completely own. Now it is time to retire and live exclusively on the rental income of those 5 properties (if in London each 1-2 bedroom flat should rent for more or less £1300, which is a comfortable gross £6500/month income). My question now, does this seem like a reasonable strategy, have I missed something? and most importantly, the whole strategy relies on the fact that property prices will double (in London) in the next 10 years. Is this reasonable to assume and what is the chance for it happening? If not, how can hedge against this risk or what should I add to my strategy to make it more robust to such risks? Thank you for your advice, David
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