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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am looking at Cardiff as a potential investment area. The fundamentals are strong and i am trying to find the best areas within the city to invest in. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge they wish to share/discuss relating to Cardiff as an investment? Thanks, JT
  2. I will be moving to Wales in next 6 months. My plan is to stay for 4 to 5 years in Cardiff and then after that i will be moving out of UK. I am wondering if getting a mortgage in Wales would be a good idea and then letting it after 4 or 5 years? I am a first time buyer and need your kind advice as to whether issues of 1) Coverting to buy2let later would be economically feasible? 2) Would the benefits be worth the hassle of managing tenents, considering i wouldn't be in UK myself? 3) What would be more reasonable in this situation a flat or house? I know its a lot of questions, but these things are constantly on my mind and being a newbie I don't have much knowledge of mortgages etc so i would be grateful for your advice about this
  3. Hi All, Not sure if this post is in the right place however..... I am new to the forums and relatively new to the podcast also. My girlfriend and I will be attending our first Cardiff meet next week, looking forward to meeting everyone in the South Wales area! I'm sure we'll be able to get plenty of advice then but we're just trying to get a bit of a head start. A bit of history. I currently own my own apartment and to purchase this apartment I made use of the governments help to buy scheme. However, my girlfriend and I have now decided we are moving in together (into her apartment which she owns). Therefore I will potentially be holding onto an empty property. It it is my intention to now remortgage for the full amount of the property and convert over to a buy to let mortgage and therefore pay back the equity part of the loan from the government. Of course to do this I am looking for some recommendations for mortgage brokers in the Cardiff area ideally one with some experience with help to buy and the steps needed to pay back the equity loan. Any recommendations would be great! Many thanks in advance! Ieuan
  4. Hi all, I’m Drew, I’m introducing myself as a newbie here. I’ve been listening to all the podcasts, reading the magazines and looking forward to attending the meet ups. I’m living in SE London and am a landlady with a small portfolio of single lets in Cardiff. I’ve also just completed a 3 bed 2 bath refurb which I’m selling to buy my own home in S/SE London. I used to own and manage a portfolio of properties with my ex-husband and we had efficient systems in place with no void periods and increasing rents. We had lots of happy tenants - integrity, good quality homes and tenant satisfaction are all really important to me! The plan is to increase monthly cashflow with the R2R strategy which would then finance refurb projects in Cardiff or London (along with JV and bridging finance) next year. I’ve been running the figures in my spreadsheets (thanks Rob & Rob) and the stats look pretty good although obviously there is some initial investment required with furniture, redecorating the properties, HMO regs, insurance, licence etc. I’m looking to pair up with someone who wants to join me in the S/SE (maybe E) of London e.g. Tulse Hill, Brixton, Streatham, etc. as I think that 2 heads would be better than one and sometimes working on your own in property can be hard going! It would be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off and tackle sales, dealing with agents, viewings, financials/legals etc. I have another business that I dedicate about 10 hours a week to so my schedule is pretty flexible and I'm raring to go. If anyone is interested, please drop me a message! Thanks, Drew
  5. Evening all, I'm Tom, living in Cardiff and along with my Dad I am looking to get into property investment. My initial plan is to look at flipping a few properties up the road from Cardiff in Rhondda Cynon Taff. Once I have some experience and some extra cash in the bank I will start to look to do the same in Cardiff a possibly keep some of the properties to build a moderate sized portfolio. I am actually qualified as a mortgage adviser although I have continued exams further into the finance industry but I work for a company that deal with a large volume of mortgages (commercial and residential), bridging and all other aspects of finance. We deal with a lot of investors especially in London and therefore I have a lot of experience in the mortgage process and various other aspect of property investment. What I could do with is some help/advice on areas of South Wales to invest in, areas to avoid etc. I do have good contacts within the certain areas of the valleys but these are estate agents so I would also like some advice from people that may have done it them selves or are still making a good living from developing property around my area. Look forward to some responses hopefully.
  6. Hi all, I've only just found the podcast. I'm up to episode 44 in about a week so by mid June I should be up to date with it all! I'm a teacher from Cardiff looking to initially invest in Cardiff but have a crazy long term goal of being financially independent. Is that crazy? I've been an accidental landlord once before and I've bought a couple of primary residences so I'm not a complete noob to buying property but have a bit more of an idea about investing since starting the podcast but would very much like any tips going on analysing the numbers on deals. Peace out,
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