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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I'm currently seperating from my partner of 25 years. He is planning to buy me out of the family home (which he owns and I invested my money in) and I'm planning to buy a 25% share of a shared ownership house with cash (so no mortgage). I then need to pay the rent on the remaining 75% and obviously general bill's etc... What I'd like to know though, is if anyone else has done this without being employed (I have MS), using benefits to support themselves and pay their rent? I've never applied for benefits before (with the exception of PIP that I've received for the last 5 years, and will be
  2. I have a property but partner rents, can i give him money from my house sale to buy a property so we both own 1 property. (I know there are risk but just want advice on the way to proceed).
  3. My mother owns her own home outright which is worth about 110K. We are looking to invest in BTL together and have 60K capital between us; how do we go about releasing the equity in my mother's home so we can use the capital to cash-purchase a BTL property? Any advice greatly appreciated!
  4. We've come across a great opportunity on a repossession property in North London that having done the research looks like we can make money on it by refurbishing and then selling on. There is an extremely tight deadline though [ a few days ] and the vendors have said the purchase must be cash. We are selling a more expensive flat in West London with £400k equity and a mortgage agreed. We have the money to refurb the property if a purchase were to go ahead, my partner is an architect and able to do a high spec refurb in keeping with what people would expect in the area; this could b
  5. Hello, I am after some advice in relation to mortgaging a property I am buying for cash. I am due to complete on a flat in March and the terms of the purchase require me to buy in cash. I want to get a BTL mortgage for 75% of the value as soon as possible after the purchase. When should I apply and are there any potential pitfulls with doing this that people may have experienced? Many thanks
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