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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, everyone - I'm hoping for a bit of advice. I'm currently doing some further checks on a property I've found in Southsea, Portsmouth. The property is currently only listed as commercial use (offices) but I'd like to apply to Portsmouth City Council for a change of use to residential. Does anyone have experience in this area? The estate agent has confirmed that one of the reasons the owner is selling the development property is because he's been unable to submit a planning application due to a freeze by the council as a result of increased nitrogen in the water supply. Apparently, this freeze has now lifted and part of the application requires that mitigations are in place to support Portsmouth's strategy to reduce the amount of nitrogen in the water. From what I can tell, this involves demonstrating an equal number or lower occupancy to what is currently at the property and putting in place things like a shower and dual cistern flush toilet. Along with a potential slowdown in getting planning applications through with the "recent unfreeze" of applications, I'm unsure if the risk is too high to proceed with an offer as the owner wants to sell regardless of the planning permission. I will be proceeding with a bridging loan (6 months) to get the work done and I'm not sure if this leaves enough time to figure out what's required and to pass the planning process. When I rung the council, they had no number to contact and discuss this but pointed me to their website. Potentially submitting a pre-planning application would reveal this information? Any experience or advice would be greatly appreciated as I've not had to apply for planning permission before, and also not in this area, on previous projects. Many thanks, Josh
  2. Hi Everyone, I am a Planning Officer for a local authority in London so I thought I would offer my services...for free! Please feel free to ask me any planning related questions you have and I will do my best to answer them. If you're not quite sure what to ask, as a rough guide I can offer advice on the following things to name a few: Permitted development rights (also known as PD); Extensions (including basements); Sub-division of residential properties; Changes of use (Office to residential for instance); Things to look out for in terms of impacts on neighbours; General procedural queries. Look forward to your questions! Thanks, Ian
  3. Hello everyone, Am I obliged to hand over reports and surveys to the new owner of a property? We got Prior Approval for change of use under the permitted development regulations, to convert a small, run-down commercial site into residential, and then sold it via auction recently. We assume the new owners will want to submit a full planning application to knock the current buildings down and develop flats from scratch. As part of the PD process we paid for various plans, surveys, reports etc. My question is: which, if any, of these plans, surveys etc are we obliged to hand over to the new owners? Or are we entitled to negotiate a fair price with them for any they want? This is my parents’ retirement money so if we can recoup some of the thousands we paid then I feel we should. Many of the reports were submitted to the council as part of the PD application and the council published them on their website along with our application form, their decision notice etc. Are there specific documents which have to be publicly available? I can’t find a list or details anywhere. I’ve emailed the council to ask them to remove any non-essential ones, no reply yet. The entry in the auction catalogue only referred to Prior Approval being granted, not to any specific reports etc, so I assume there’s no issue there. The buyer would have been sent the legal pack (contract etc) when registering interest before the auction so I assume that would’ve included everything which was legally required at that point. Thanks for your help! Lee
  4. Hello everyone, We've just been granted Prior Approval for change of use from B1(c) to residential, to turn 2 former car workshop buildings into 4 small ground floor 1 bed apartments, of awkward sizes & shapes due to the shape of the current buildings. This would leave a large yard area of the site under-utilised, just for 3 or 4 parking spaces and some landscaping, bin & bike storage etc. We'd previously looked at submitting a full application to make the best use of the whole site; 3 much nicer, larger 2 bed apartments with private outdoor space and still room for 3 parking spaces etc. Due to overlooking constraints etc we couldn't use much more of the space for buildings so they'd still largely be on the same footprint, but two storey. However the council indicated at the pre-application stage that they'd have issues re: change of use due loss of employment, even though the site's run-down and all other formerly commercial sites around it have already been converted to residential. So we went for Prior Approval (Permitted Devlopment regulations) instead. It's been granted on the basis of just outlines of the apartments, so theoretically the next stage is to submit a full planning application to detail how we'd turn the current buildings into accommodation. My question is - now that the council can't prevent the site becoming residential, can we ask them to be pragmatic and allow the best use of the site, i.e. something similar to our original plans? Obiously this would mean submitting a new full planning application. Surely this makes more sense than them insisisting we build the smaller, uglier scheme which would house less people? What are the regulations / guidelines? How would we go about this, has anyone experienced a similar situation? Thanks for your help! Lee For reference this was my previous thread (March 2017) re: different queries about the same property: https://thepropertyhub.net/forum/topic/5836-how-much-should-i-expect-to-pay-for-a-planning-and-change-of-use-application/?tab=comments#comment-23299
  5. Hello everyone! I wonder if anyone has any experience or knowledge about my situation: I'm currently in the process of applying to our freeholder for permission to change the use of a very small (21 sq M) commercial unit into a residential studio flat. Its zone 2, London. He is asking for 15% of the uplift value in exchange for granting permission. Calculation: End value of new residential studio minus original value of commercial unit plus refurb costs. 15% of that total. We will be aiming for as high spec as possible (appropriate to size) to gain maximum valuation for re-financing. Currently our figures predict 15% will be around 10K plus additional legal fees for both parties. So my question is: Does this seem a lot/ average/ not much in others' experience? It seems high to me but reasonable to the freeholder (I imagine!). Apparently this is what our neighbour paid to convert a larger unit next door. They probably know that there is no plan B to keep it as a retail space. Any info or experience to share relevant to this situation would be much appreciated. Thanks so much in advance! Nat
  6. Hi all on the Residential landlords association website it says you can change from C3 use to C4 use without planning and it says this also applies to flats. i contacted my local planning authority and they said they didn't know, as flats don't have the same permitted development rights as houses. Planning portal doesn't specify flats in any of the categories just 'dwellinghouses'. The local authority wants me to pay £172 for pre planning advice so they can decide if it's okay or not, if not I would need to submit a planning application at further cost. Surely this is something that's been done before or they should know which category a flat falls into !? There are quite a few of them in the UK... can a flat be changed from c3 to c4 use without planning? There is no article 4 on the property. Has anyone else had this issue or know any further details on the topic before I spend any money? Many thanks Jen
  7. Hi everyone, I own (along with 2 co-owners) a site in Catford (South East London) which is currently commercial. We want to get planning permission to make the site residential, increasing its value, and then sell to a developer. So we'd like to engage a company to draw up plans and deal with the planning process. Having never dealt with a project like this I'd be grateful for any advice or comments - should we engage an architect, or a chartered town planner? What would the difference be in practice and are there any other options? Roughly how much should we expect to pay? The site's a slightly awkward shape, having a fairly narrow entrance from the street and widening to the rear, roughly forming a truncated triangle. The approximate dimensions are: entrance 6.4m, 2 sides 30.2m and 27.2m and rear 13.4m. On 2 sides are end-of-terrace houses and at the rear is a fairly new low-rise block of flats, on a site which was previously commercial. Several other commercial sites in the area have also been converted to residential fairly recently; there are now no other commmercial properties remaining in the immediate area. So we realise there'll be issues re: daylight etc, and that various surveys will be required - again any comments re: what these will be and how much we should expect to pay would be appreciated. Many thanks for your help! Lee
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