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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have seen this detached house in Gorsgoch SA40 9TE on John Francis website for auction, and I have seen this house, my question is that I haven't bought a house in Wales before are there any different rules? I know they don't have stamp duty but have a cheaper land tax but apart from that are there any restrictions? The house has a new roof and plans for a loft conversion (2 extra beds and a bathroom). Any advice? Thanks JL https://www.johnfrancis.co.uk/pages/auction_property?lid=160083
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to this online forum but I just wanted to bring to peoples attention an area of huge potential growth with current affordable housing and great links into London. Believe it or not it's actually Swanley in Kent! OK I'll admit I'm a home owner and I have a lot to gain personally with my property jumping in price when Swanley improves but I am also a property developer with some personal industry knowledge and I've seen this coming for years and right now is the time in my opinion there is definitely something exciting happening here over the next few years. I've been chatting to various people from the council and local agents and someone that works for the company that owns the shops in the town centre etc so my info is based on what I have found out. Here's some key points that why in my opinion I believe Swanley is a great investment..... - Frequent fast trains Victoria (26 minute journey) and direct links also to London Blackfriars & St Pancras - Oyster Card extension now confirmed, possible zone 6 extension to include Swanley to be confirmed - Very cheap current property prices, studio flats from £100k, 1 bed flats £125k, 2 bed £175k, 2 bed houses from £260k, 3 bed houses from £325k - First of many new build modern flats now nearly complete (right next to the station) - Lots of key plots have been bought by the council for redevelopment and schemes are currently in place (Swanley and Hextable Masterplan, please read below) - The owner of the Town Shopping Centre (U+I Group) is completely on board with the councils plans and they are looking to regenerate the shopping centre - Approx 1 mile from the m25 so getting around London and beyond by car is very easy - Locality to Bluewater (approx 15 minutes drive away) which is arguably one of the top 5 Shopping centres in the south - Potential new Leisure Centre planned to be built - Potential new designated office space for business to be built There are lots more things I haven't covered, I mentioned earlier about the Swanley and Hextable Masterplan, this is not some made up hype this is real and in place by the council. Please go on this link and read for yourself. This is the councils website that explains the future plans and confirms Swanley has been earmarked for key investment because of the growth potential and great links into London. www.sevenoaks.gov.uk/swanley&hextable OK so it's not all great, the shopping centre is extremely outdated with far too many charity or empty shops but this isn't going to be forever. Plus points there is a Costa Coffee, Holland & Barratt, Boots, Superdrug a nice hairdressers etc and more shops along those lines will completely transform the area and if the people come because of the extra properties being built then the businesses will also. I'm under no impression that it's going to turn into the next Hampstead but it is going to improve for sure and the property prices will essentially rise and in my opinion significantly. Where else within the m25 can you get into London Victoria in 26 minutes where the property prices are so low? I think you my struggle to find any. There are also some current eyesores in the area like the working mans club however this is another site now owned by the council and will be redeveloped. Swanley just needs to be put on the map as commuter belt potential for professional families.... my honest opinion the potential is huge This is just my personal opinion as a resident but all I can say is I'm excited and elated by the councils plans as are all residents I've spoken to, I may have some facts wrong but please don't shoot me down for it, I'm just here to discuss and to make people aware of the growth potential where perhaps they have been priced out of London and are looking for more affordable areas, property developers looking for potential area growth for investment or business owners looking to expand or relocate Anyway feel free to chip in, good and bad but keep it constructive please
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