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Found 4 results

  1. We spoke to a tax advisor today as we are in the process of setting up a ltd company with our children as part shareholders. We can't find anything online about the advice we were given so I'm testing it out here if that's ok. Our children have received ~£150k from grandparents that is currently not doing anything in a bank account and we can show it having come from grandparents and not parents. Ideally the children would loan this money to the company to invest. My husband and I will also invest a director's loan and the company will invest in property and hopefully grow well (we already have 2 properties and are looking to grow). The children would be paid a commercial rate of interest on their loan of £150k (HMRC rate of 2.25%). Their money is currently in an account rather than a trust so there aren't trustees but given the rate of interest they receive in the bank account is less than 2.25% and they will also be shareholders benefiting from the growth of the investment, it would appear to be a good investment for them. We have been advised that they can be paid the interest on the loan without being taxed as parents as the money came from grandparents and not us. Has anyone got any experience of this? Does the tax advice we have been given make sense? Is it legal for children to loan money? Thanks in advance for any advice Toni
  2. Evening all, I have set up a LTD co with myself as only director and shareholder at the moment as it was easy to do by myself and should satisfy everything from a Lenders perspective looking at my earnings etc. I have no properties purchased through this SPV yet but want to crack on soon. I have a wife and 2 infant children. I would like to eventually pass on on the wealth created to my children when I pass away so my questions are?: whats the best way to do this? can I set them up as shareholders at this early age or wait until they're older? Would it be a massive issue to change the structure once properties have been purchased? If anyone could give me any recommendations or point me in the direction of someone who can that would be greatly appreciated Many thanks
  3. Hi there, I have a good one to get the hive mind thinking. I potentially want to buy a house for my child. This isn't an IHT dodge or anything like that. It's actually just for personal reasons. She's a minor and would live in the house with her mother. In fact, my daughter doesn't even have to own it. She just has to live there with her mother. I'm trying to work out the most cost effective way (in the short / medium term) to make that work. Long term is probably less of an issue because it would be her main residence. I could buy it for her but she's too young to own it legally. And if it's in a trust, how does it work because I'll be paying the mortgage. It would have to be fairly heavily leveraged. I can put it in a trust but seems overly complicated. If I own it myself, I'll have to pay the additional Stamp and they pay CGT when she takes it. Thoughts? Kieron
  4. Hi Everyone, So this is a side topic, off my SMART goal. Which if you have read one of my earlier topics, is to gain income from properties so that I can be "comfortable" living off the monthly ROI. So one of mine and my wife's hobbies is Travel and are planning for this to be an integral part of our goal, however there is one thing in our life (currently) which complicates it slightly, its not baggage, but just something we are looking for guidance/experience/input. So... what am I talking about... as in the title, its regarding our baby boy, currently he is 1, and the goal is hoping to be ready to implement in around 10 years, so when he is around 11years old. I'm looking to see if anyone has "upped and moved" for any long period of time, say 6 months, to a different location, with kids and for instance home schooled. We would be looking to be moving in definitely (until we get sick of it) but maybe staying in one place for 6 months + depending if we like the experience, and if we get a taste for the language. What's your experience, do you have any tips? What would we need to seriously think about before doing this, and the positive (-) minus's as well as the (+) plus's? I have read that places like Thailand you can live reasonably well for between £500-£700 per month (see link), all included, so we would probably split our time between these uber cheap places and other more western uber expensive places. Looks forward to your chats. Chris
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