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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I moved into a downstairs flat last year, and noticed after decorating that there’s a wet patch on the wall in the bedroom where the chimney breast is (it’s boarded up) I constantly leave the windows open in the bedroom as if I don’t it stinks of damp. After mentioning this to my landlord he keeps telling me that it’s the upstairs homeowners responsibility to have the roof and chimney looked at in case there’s water coming in and causing damp upstairs. However after speaking to my upstairs neighbour he’s had someone out to look at the roof and he said he wouldn’t touch the chimney as it’s my landlords responsibility. I’m really confused as to who is responsible to fix this, as I shouldn’t really have to live in a flat which is damp, not sure what I can do as a tenant, and don’t want to upset anybody either but I don’t want to put my health at risk. can anybody point me in the right direction or give me some information so I know who is responsible etc? thanks so much :)
  2. HI, I was hoping to get some advice. I am very close the exchange of contracts and my surveyor has picked up a discrepancy on the flat versus the plans. Basically the the Victorian home was converted into 3 flats about 10 years ago. there is building control approval for this however the plans for the approval show that 2 chimneys have been retained whilst the surveyor has pointed out they are in fact removed. The current owner says he has not done anything to the flat since he bought it just after they were converted into flats. My question is this, 1. is this something very serious? My surveyor has mentioned it might be an issue when it comes to reselling? 2. would it be reasonable/feasible to ask the seller to get new plans drawn up and building approval? 3. Would you negotiate down the price if he refuses to dp point # 2? I do not want to enter something from the get go that might create problems down route best regards Chris
  3. Just trying to get people thoughts on what is considered best to do with chimney stacks? Our house has 2 chimney stacks for 4 fireplaces but none of them are working and we don't intend on ever using them. So we want to stop the draft that they are allowing in and have 2 options. 1-cap the tops and block the fireplaces proudly 2-remove the chimney stacks and tile over roof Removing the stacks would mean a much simpler roof, absolutely no draft or risk or leaks and never having to worry about them blowing over. However we worry people in the future may want working chimneys. So do you think the people of 8 or so years time would like a chimney in a end terrace Victorian type town house or would they rather the no worry and hard work done of the chimney stacks been removed. Thanks for your help
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