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  1. Hello, I apologise if this has been asked before. I have a property (owned personally) which is currently on a BTL mortgage which is to be refinanced. The tenant is moving out but I wish to now start a service accommodation business through a limited company. Can I use a commercial lease to rent this property from myself? If so, what mortgage do I need, would a BTL mortgage suffice with a guaranteed rent from the (my) limited company? Any tips would be appreciated and welcome! Yvonne
  2. Hello All. I am a part time landlord with 2 HMO's as well as my home. I am interested in buying a commercial property which will come up for auction soon. It is a doctors surgery on a lease where the tenants maintains the property etc. The yield seems attractive (around 5%) and the land has potential for development in the future. Ideally I wish to convert mine and my wife's pensions into SIPP's, together with cash to purchase it. However since it is being sold at auction, preparing the SIPP will take too long and I would have to purchase it another way first. I am budgeting around 9
  3. Hi all, I have come across an HMO which is being leased to a social housing group. i would be buying the freehold as the lease has been sold at a premium for 999 years. there is a separate lease for 5 yrs which details the rent to be paid by the social housing group. i am not aware of any potential issues in this transaction, should i wish to buy it, can you let me know areas i should pay additional attention to? do i have the option of changing the tenant (social housing association) to some one else or am i locked into 1 tenant for as long as i decide to hold on to t
  4. A small office lease in the West Midlands that I'm considering is £6500 per annum / £10 sq/ft. What price do you think is reasonable to offer in light of covid and presumably lower demand? My conditions would likely be a 12 month initial term with a 6 month break clause, though I would be happy to sign for 24 months. I appreciate that this is a niche question, I don't know that much about commercial property leases as I'm principally involved in residential. Many thanks. James.
  5. So I'm looking at a potential commercial unit investment (Class A1 - Shops) which is currently vacant and in need of a facelift (ceiling & wall plastering, re-flooring, wiring etc). I'm keen to know what the 'minimum standard' is for refurbing commercial units of this sort before bringing them to market? E.g. is it similar to residential: flooring, walls, plumbing, electrics, etc all done- or is there more that would be expected from a potential commercial tenant (e.g. outside shutters, alarm systems, aisles, counters, etc)? Any knowledge resources/articles would be most welcome!
  6. Hi,I'm looking for commercial agent/surveyor recommendations please. I'm planning to invest in a commercial unit (ideally mixed use) for my next purchase- but struggling to find any websites/ portals/ etc that aren't auction houses.Any recommendations?
  7. Hello everyone, Am I obliged to hand over reports and surveys to the new owner of a property? We got Prior Approval for change of use under the permitted development regulations, to convert a small, run-down commercial site into residential, and then sold it via auction recently. We assume the new owners will want to submit a full planning application to knock the current buildings down and develop flats from scratch. As part of the PD process we paid for various plans, surveys, reports etc. My question is: which, if any, of these plans, surveys etc are we obliged to
  8. Hi Property Hubbers, My wife and I are looking at doing commercial to residential conversions using prior approval. There aren't many large office buildings where we live, but another b1 use class is 'light industrial'. Does anyone have any experience with b1 - c3 conversions? and what exactly is meant by 'light industrial? Or any other nice little ways you can change to residential using prior approval? Thanks a lot! Durian
  9. Hi Hubbers, i have found a great property with a great price in a good area, and I ask myself why! This property is on the market for £205K and has 1 x 2BD apt and 3 x 1BD apts. Two of the apts have their own separate entrances from the main entrance. Each apt will fetch approx £500 pcm. I have no idea how much money is needed to upgrade the property but it's mostly cosmetic so I'm guessing approximately £25K. I have spoke to a local property HMO mortgage expert who says due to no. 1 N. Ireland having less options anyway and no. 2 the property
  10. Dear helpful community Me and my business partner are in negotiations to buy a vacant commercial property - small office block with separate workshops near Edinburgh. We are planning to buy cash with investor funds / bridging or a mix of both. I need to organise our exit strategy to refinance onto typical commercial lending. At the moment we only have experience in residential BTL / Holiday Let, Ltd company bridging, Ltd company holiday let but are novices when it comes to lending for a commercial property. The key areas I'd initially like some advice on are: Minimum t
  11. I ask this question because multi family properties are valued differently from single family therefore I would assume the cycle for multi family is based on a raise in rents ,by the landlord, increasing the value and not a raise in the value or number of comparable properties being sold as it is in the single family market. Basically, I am just wondering what the cycle looks like and is based on for multi family property?
  12. Hello everyone, Has anyone got any tips, opinions or comments on the best way to market and sell our small site? We’ve had some rough valuations and been told we can expect offers of over £350k. Any comments on any of these points would be appreciated! • Perhaps most importantly, auction? Or invite closed offers in a set (maybe 1 month?) timeframe? Which is likely to get us the best price for this sort of site in the current market? • If auction – any suggestions for the best firm, or any other tips? What sort of fees should we expect? • If closed offers – advertise it and deal wit
  13. I've been investing in single lets and now looking at moving into commercial to residential. It would be great to be able to get some advice from someone who does this to understand whats required and if its a suitable for me. I have some experience of converting houses into various configurations so it does seem this is the next step.
  14. Hello I am look for advice on mortgages which appears to be a fairly tricky area! I am looking to invest in a property through a limited company to run as a serviced apartment. Does anyone have any experience of this and willing to share their knowledge or recommend a broker for advice? I am wondering how possible it is going to be, being a new business; If there is a minimum they will lend; are lenders likely to do a portfolio loan. Any help would be gratefully appreciated! Many thanks Cara
  15. Good Morning, Hope anyone reading this had a great Christmas. I have recently seen a large property with 10 bedrooms plus, with a C2 planning classification and is classed as a commercial property. I have the following questions if I was to purchase this property and convert to 3, 2 bed apartments which will rented once complete. 1. Is it an easy exercise to change a C2 class to a C3 class? 2. If the aim is to turn the property to 3, 2 bed flats, how should the property be purchased. ie a) under a resi mortgage thus only needing 10% deposit and
  16. New Member 1 post Posted Saturday at 09:57 AM · Good morning folks. I'm new here and I've come to ask quite a complex question I think. So here we go...... I am in the process of sorting a mortgage AIP. I have decent credit and a 12% deposit so far. However... I've found the "perfect" property. It is a lovely old house (victorian ish) in dreadful condition! Perfect little doer upper. Decent price. Vendor will come down a bit. Splendid!!
  17. Good morning folks. I'm new here and I've come to ask quite a complex question I think. So here we go...... I am in the process of sorting a mortgage AIP. I have decent credit and a 12% deposit so far. However... I've found the "perfect" property. It is a lovely old house (victorian ish) in dreadful condition! Perfect little doer upper. Decent price. Vendor will come down a bit. Splendid!! Then I do a little digging. They have had offers on the property before, as it has been on since last year. But no applicants proceeded. Hmm..... It turns out that althou
  18. Hello all, I'm interested to know what particular challenges established, new and prospective property investors are facing and any solutions you may think would help. Thanks, Jo
  19. Hi All, I thought I would introduce myself. I am not a professional property developer but have a house in London that I am renting out - I am renting in Bristol so that I can get to know the area and where I would like to live...... However, I am looking at a mixed use commercial property to buy and set up my cookery school business. I am looking at a wreck at the moment and hoping to get some advice on the project as I have never renovated a property before....so I will be cruising the renovations and planning section Nice to meet you all..... Sam
  20. Hello, Tristan here from Brighton. I am a farmer from south east England , over the last 2 years I have become involved in commercial development and lettings having played a large part in the conversion and development of an old dairy farm. I now manage the current 32 workshop units which are let to individuals and small businesses. We hope to expand the site further in the future as we are experiencing very high demand for out of town affordable office and light industrial workshops. The learning experience of this process has been vast and I would be more than happ
  21. We have a property that is performing particularly well from a yield and cashflow point of view and would be interest to know if there are any lenders in the market place that will lend based on a gearing based on the cashflow from the investment, and not just the bricks and mortar? We bought the property for £90k and spent less than £10k on rennovations and have recently secured £1900 pm on 6 month AST's from 5 individuals (bills included).
  22. Good morning all, I'd like to hear from anyone who knows about title splitting concerning commercial properties that has residential on top. If an investor bought a freehold commercial unit with a flat then decided to sell each unit separately how you deal the title on the flat? I believe there are few options on how you deal with unit depending on whether you want to keep the freehold or not. In this scenario it would be if you want to sell all the units with the freeholds as well. The commercial unit would simply be sold as a freehold unit. Co
  23. Split residential/commercial property under LTD Company and living in premises This is a tricky one. My partner and I are looking at buying a three storey house in which the bottom floor is a commercial shop. Both need renovation and we would like to live there and possibly run a business, or rent out the commercial segment and live in the residential part. We know we need a commercial mortgage. My partner is in the higher tax bracket and would continue to work while I would complete renovations. My question's are if we buy under under a LTD company can
  24. Hi, I am looking into a property with a flat upstairs and unit downstairs selling furniture. Both have sitting tenants, down stairs have just signed a new lease for 3 years. Property yields just above 10%, Is 10% a good yield for this type of property and can anybody point me in the direction of a lender who covers both types of mortgage? Many thanks, Chris
  25. The following sounds a bit top good to be true... DESCRIPTION2 story and part single story building on the market for £99,950the property has 4 retail shops(one being empty) and a residential property providing a combined rent of 195pw (845pcm) so Gross Yeild is 10% No stamp duty payable I've spoken to the estate agent and they think that the rent for the lease for the commercial property is way undervalued as hasn't gone up in years and the property has just been passed down after a death in the family to a Son who wants to sell up. the businesses are long stan
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