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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Hoping to find a Derby based Property Hub member who might be able to give me a recommendation for the following trades.... locksmith electrician plumber gas engineer Looking for recommendations from people that have actually used the person / company they are recommending - not just the ‘he’s a mate and reliable’. Name, website, phone numbers would be great. Thanks in advance, Matt
  2. Hey PH Team, My wife and I have recently settled on Coventry as our investment area (after running the numbers on a lot of locations). We would love to meet any other property investors in Coventry for coffees/drinks, and are also looking for recommendations on contractors. Any help would be hugely appreciated and hopefully meet some of you soon! Joe
  3. Hi Everyone I have one property in Manchester and looking to buy two more this summer. Ahead of this i am trying to build up a list of tradesman for any tasks that come up e.g. plumbers, gas engineers, plasterers, handymen, builders, roofers, joiners etc. I have a list for Edinburgh where i have two other properties if anyone wants it i am happy to PM. All the tradesman i have on there i trust and have used before. Thanks for all the help! Regards Sam
  4. Morning all, I was wondering if there are any legal complications of a tenant refusing to allow repair works to be done such as re-plastering due to damp (not condensation) from faulty concrete gutters. I have found myself in this situation where my bedroom wall paper has peeled off and the plaster cracked due to damp, which was not helped by the windows being jammed shut. Black mould formed and my landlord refused to do anything about it for 6 months which ran through the cold winter period. They have eventually said they would repair the gutters (I think they just cleared some le
  5. Hey PH team My name's Joe and I'm a movie obsessed designer living in London with my wife Rachel, and we're both eager to really get going in property. Why I'm writing this post Over the past few weeks we've been crunching the numbers and building spreadsheets to assess the areas we'd like to invest in and so far Coventry is feeling right for us. It's around the right price we can afford and isn't *too* far from London. We're aiming to visit in the next few weeks to get a feel for the place and maybe visit some properties and would love to grab c
  6. Hi all, Although we are new to property investment we are looking at a number of projects in the Colchester area. The type of projects we are looking at include refurbs, commercial to residential developments and new build residential. However to offer some level of comfort we would like to build a team of trusted builders / tradesman that we can turn to. We would appreciate it if anyone could recommend any local trusted builders / tradesman in Colchester / Braintree / Ipswich areas. Thanks in advance. David Walker
  7. Hi, I have recently purchased a 3 bed mid terrace in Crewe centre. I would be grateful for details of any surveyors who would be happy to do a full survey on the property as it is turn of the (last) century old. Many thanks Chris Hergenhahn
  8. Hey PH Team, Can anyone recommend any contractors in the Coventry area? We're going to be specifically looking for builders, electricians, plumbers etc to help us refurb properties we intend to flip Thanks in advance! Joe
  9. I'm looking for recommended contractors in the Wolverhampton and London areas. Plumbers, electricians, general handymen, carpenters etc.. If you have had a great experience recently with a contractor in these areas I've love to get in contact with them. Thank you
  10. Hi I have just brought my first property. It is a repossessed property based in Woolwich Arsenal (London). I'm researching reputable builders and plumbers. I understand one way of finding reputable builders and plumbers is via word of mouth. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can advice me where to look or can make recommendations. Thanks
  11. Hello There, I have had an offer accepted on a house in Scotland which will be lovely. Currently it is very much in a state of need. Is there a really good way to get like for like quotes? Do I have to stipulate exactly what I want doing? How much of a lead do I need to give. - Obviously I need to say where and how many sockets I need in the re- wire but for the roof work?? How will I know if contractors are adding things which others don't feel is necessary. How will I know who is right?? (scary) If I cant be there every day, how will I know they are doing what I want
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