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Found 3 results

  1. I've not had a great experience with a solicitor for my first purchase of a leasehold flat with a share of freehold. I have had issues with the lack of attention to detail, passive approach to following up on items and "finding out very late" that things haven't been done by the sellers solicitor, and I have had poor clarity of advice being given given (often verbal) and not in writing. I also the solicitor choose the "easy" path rather than the "right path" i.e. I have to rely on pre-contract replies to omissions on the lease rather than correct draft mistakes in the lease, it appears there is lack of "clout" and a reluctance to point our errors and see them through to resolution and a reluctance to validate status of issues being resolved. When I selected my solicitor, I selected them being because the conveyancing firm had strong and recent evidence of positive responses as an individual and a company on Trust Pilot. I didn't choose the cheapest solicitor and I could see they have had over 7 years of post qualification experience on the Law Society website. I also spoke to the "consultant" solicitor and was pleased to know there was secretarial support for the conveyancer. Nonetheless, I have found it hard to contact her subsequently on the phone to get updates and I also get updates other than "we are waiting for the sellers solicitor". I didn't have any personal recommendations. So what could I do differently next time I purchase a property - any different approaches?
  2. Afternoon everyone, I've been meaning to say hello on here for a while and a puzzling email from our recommended solicitors has prompted a question. My brother and I, after a few months of looking have found a suitable refurb and let property in crewe which we are happy works for us. For ourselves the company purchase route is the most tax efficient option as things stand. However we have had an email this morning to inform us that because we have opted to use Paragon as a lender for our company purchase we will need to both instruct separate solicitors to act for us as independent directors guaranteeing the loan. If this is standard practice then so be it but if not heard of 2 solicitors acting on behalf of the purchasers before. If anyone can shed some light on our situation or any advise, it would be most appreciated. Thanks for any help Ben White
  3. Hello Guys, Firstly I am really thankful for the information got from the site. it is really nformative and helpful. What should one think about when choosing a conveyancing Solicitor? And about what pricing? Does anyboy have any recomendations for good conveyancing Solicitors? Any help highly appreciated.
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